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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    How do I toggle off the ability to right-mouse click a sign and edit it.

    I have a mod that you can right mouse click on signs to sell items. I believe its called SignShops, now when I right mouse click on the signs, they try to edit, then go into 3 rows of single "!?".
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    Hum.. I have singleplayer mod from and it looks like very good unfortunately It just support singleplayer, I said it great because it has much quest and it fun not like a quest for make you spent times without fun... After you done a ton of quest we can have perm to build castle :D, The castle looks like perfect i want make thousand castle and put the map at my server (If the developers dosen't want make it work with SMP, Simply i just put the map but if he want make it work with SMP i will add it too because the npc was great too :D)
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    Hi, So i've installed the plugin for craftbukkit and i also installed the jukebukkit plugin, but when i try to craft anything, all i get is flint, any help?
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    What version of the plugin and client?

    I am sure a plugin could be made to enforce what you are looking for. You could simply call the function in Spout to see if they are running the Spoutcraft client or not. The gravity could be set per world too I am sure. One of the other guys could give you more details on how to do this though. I know @olloth has been utilizing gravity for his moon plugin.

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    Gravity is as simple as iterating through online players + setting it on login and world change.
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    Spout is awesome, keep up the good work guys. =)

    I would donate if I had any money xD
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    Been away a few days, so only just got a chance to answer :)

    Yes - setLayout() only matters when automatic layout is enabled - and it's only enabled if there is an explicit height *and* width set. If nesting containers only the outer container needs to have a size set.

    Setting the position of a child is relative to the screen (automatic layout will reset it obviously) - if you want to set it relative to the container you either only call shiftXpos() and shiftYpos() once (or setX and setY before adding it to the container). The children are moved relative to the container when added - and moved when the container is moved.

    If you try to force more children then a container has space for then it will appear that the container has grown for them (via setMinWidth or setFixed etc) - this isn't really happening, just that there's no way to clip on the server ;-)

    Placing widgets off-screen is ok, they simply won't be seen ;-P

    Don't forget that Labels and Buttons have setResize() which will automatically set the min-width and min-height to match the text contents. If you also use setFixed() then it will set the actual width and height, and not just the minimum...

    Hope that helped ;-)
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    So much for that..... :p
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    uuhh, sorry for my extreme noobishness, but, all that was in the plugin description, I really don't understand. can somebody give me a brief description of what this plugin does?
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    Did you look on the BukkitDev pages? There are a lot more details there...

    There will be one soon. :p

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    For those who are having problems logging into your spoutcraft server, ie you get null pointer exceptions regarding networking in your server log file, I discovered that if you stop your server, delete the spout plugin folder, then restart your server, then all is GOOD and you can login again!!!! So I suspect something is going wrong with cacheing system.

    The problem I experienced is that all was working, then next time someone tried to get into my server, their client would time out/lock up/white screen etc, both for minecraft and spoutcraft clients. This then continued for everyone trying to get in!!! Rolling back backups made no difference whatsosoever (my plugins folder is persistent). Given the persistency of my plugins folder, I figured it had to be something in their, as older backups should have fixed the problem. The only plugin I had which dealt with networking was spout!!!! Hence my idea to delete it, and let it recreate it's config folder next time the server started up.

    Sorry if this has been posted before.
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    SUGGESTION INBOUND! Maby make it so it corects your chat in spout :D thatd help derps like me a lot :p
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    This plugin is very good, good work ! But does not support Water Shader Effect.
    Good Luck, Good Jobs, Good Plugin !
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    Interestingly enough, I've been working on a similar project. Although I've been using various tricks to achieve it, rather than building a plugin. Contact me at dogstar (at) taw (dot) net and ill white list you and give you access, so you can see my solution.
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    An addon or plugin could be made to fix your poor grammar and spelling. :p
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    Ok i ges ile have to convince my host to get some plugin out there that douse it lol. In the mean time ile just Derp around with my awful speling XD
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    why not just learn how to type if your so bothered by this?
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    lol dood i no how to type but i compulsively spell badly
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    Still no new RB available. :p
    Too many :p lmfao
    They say patience is a virtue, but I am very virtuous.... at all.
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    There is a bug with stone placement. The player doesn't perform the placement animation, however, the stone block appears correctly. Can you fix this? If it is fixed in dev builds, do I get the server dev build and it works, or do every one of my players have to get the Spoutcraft dev build?
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    You could try a dev build and see. I think it has been fixed, but I am not 100% sure. If you run a dev build on the server, the players would also need to be running a compatible dev build of the client.
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    Spout aint Working i join a server and it Sais Spoutcraft (Not Responding) :(
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    Wulfspider auth servers are down right now and have been on and off for the past couple days. If you are trying to connect to any online-mode server, then you will have issues. offline-mode servers work fine though.
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    Try getting in touch with the server admin and if you're lucky they might be able to put the server in offline mode until is stable again.
    But on a public server I imagine a lot of admins won't like the idea of allowing hacked clients into their server so good luck.
    I highly recommend finding a private server that you or someone you know can run as you will have greater say over what plugins you want and how things happen on the server.
    I run a private server for myself and some friends and 99.9% of the time they only use my server.
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    I'm at the Spout test server and it's raining but I cannot see the rain, I hear the sounds, lightning etc but I cannot see the rain. Are you testing something?
    If I'm bothering you with something unimportant, please, just ignore me :p
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    umm what if its a MODDED bukkit server can i mod my spout craft JUST like normal minecraft?
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    If it's a modded CraftBukkit server, then Spout is likely to break. Same applies to the client because you'd likely be modifying crucial parts that Spout/Spoutcraft needs.
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    Why does SpoutLauncher seems to stop at 22-23% downloading its update 5 out of 6 times?

    I have to kill SpoutLauncher and try like 3-7 times each time there is an update before the update actually downloads.
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    Sounds like a poor connection to the mirror, but I thought Afforess implemented resuming of some sort. Could you post your logs?
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    I have been running a Bukkit server for about 8 months now, and using LogBlock, which uses Spout for inventory access items, for about 4. Over the weekend I installed BuildCraft, which required a few mods to be added to the Server, such as Forge, and ModLoaderMP for Bukkit. There is a conflict between Spout and Buildcraft when accessing the inventories of the new items, like the engines. Any possibility of adding support for that mod?
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