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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    lol so many people seem to make that mistake.
    I don't understand how, seeing as it's said 2450935 times all over posts.
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    Nono, this is obviously how it goes: bukkit -> spout -> sprout! It is simply the next logical step
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    Mathew Alden

    Dear Spout developers... There's this feature of Spout that's really getting on my nerves. I'm using Spout to run a plug-in that assigns custom texture packs to different portions of the game. It is purely for Anesthetic purposes. I want to have the default water, because I like it better. The problem is, when using custom texture packs to make Minecraft look better, the water graphics are simplified which makes it worse. This makes Spout not worth using (for me.) Also, I've done a lot of research and no one has made a PNG version of the original water.

    So, this is what I'm suggesting. Make Spout so it doesn't decrease the water and lava textures unless you have custom_water.png (and those others) in the texture pack. (If you have custom water, it uses it; if not, it uses the high quality Minecraft version.)

    I would really appreciate if you guys did this. (And... it should just be a simple if/then statement right?) So please consider this.
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    I'm not a texture pack expert, but the textures of all blocks should be in terrain.png, including water and lava. Texture packs almost always replace this file, which is why your water and lava is replaced.

    Ah, I see that you are both correct. I will attempt to correct it.

    Hm, it seems to be already using the custom animations files correctly. Don't take my word for it:

    It's a 16x16 texture pack, except that it has 128x128 custom lava and custom water. It works perfectly.

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    I kick for that word on IRC
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    Well, time to start development on sprout! There must be something it can do...
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    GUI plant control with spout?
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    Mathew Alden

    I've done some research and water and lava are actually different. There are two versions of water and lava in the game. There is one in the terrain.png. This is the simplified version. There is another hardcoded into the game. This is the complex version I want to see. Because Spoutcraft supports custom water, it automatically disables the complex version when using a texture pack. Then, if the texture pack doesn't have a custom water, it falls back not on the complex version, but on the simple .png file version. I want it to fall back on the hardcoded version. (All of this applies with lava too.)

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    ok, what mathew was try to say is that there are texturepacks that have a file called custom_lava_flowing.png for example and if the texturepack doesn't have it, it uses the water/lava animation from the terrain.png, but i think this is actualy a feature introduced by mcpatcher and taken over by optifine.

    for the textures on blocks, there are 2 methods:
    first one is in the terrain.png, wich is very limited, there are mods to extend this.
    second one is to store every texture for a block in a extra file and overwrite a free spot in the terrain.png while loading the client (dynamic process) thats how modloader does it
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    So, let me get this straight, if I get this, I would be able to load single player mods into my bukkit server, and all of my players will be seeing them? Say, if I use a simple mod that adds say a new sword to the game, the players in my server can use that sword correct?
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    Eventually yes. We're not that far yet.

    All of your players would need to be running Spoutcraft too, but any custom client mods for your server would download as needed.
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    I've some questions about Spout and Spoutcraft. I hope they are not to stupid. Our server-community thougt about to switch complete to Spoutcraft when his 1.8 compatible version comes out.

    Spoutcraft API?

    Clientside modifications...?! That means users can install Mods again? I like the idea more that the servers send the functionality over plugins to the player. So it's possible to make cheating more complicated for the most players. But if really a Mod API comes to Spoutcraft, it's possbile for servers to disable client side Spoutcraft Modifications? So that the server can be sure, that only users can use the functions and modifications, what the server allows them?​

    Only connect with Spoutcraft

    I found out how to force Spoutcraft as client only. But can Spout check when a user modificated his Spoutcraft client? (i mean the old way, with putting class files into the jar) I think this can be awesome, if this is possible or already planned.​

    Why i interested into this? At the moment many players are seduced to cheat, if they see that a server don't run Anti-Cheat-Engines. The Anti-Cheat-Plugins logging often to many events or want to added deeper in the code. Thats annoying, self for bigger servers.​

    I know cheating can't be disabled for 100%, but if Spout can kick modified clients and deactivate Mods, it can save many time and resources.​
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    If you have the clairvoyance to think that far ahead, they can't possibly be stupid. :p
    Yes...and No.

    When it comes to Multiplayer, we are of the philosophy that the server should be in complete control.

    There will be 2 types of mods for Spoutcraft, SP and MP. SP mods will not be loaded when you login to a MP server, and the server will send you the links to download the MP mods, and load them after they have been downloaded (or load them if they were previously downloaded and the hash check from the files matched).

    As for SP, there will be a mod browser. You will be able to easily open up and drag and drop jars in for mods, but we will be recommending an online official list of mods where you just select the mod, read the descriptions, and download it. These will be linked to your SP worlds, and as said previously, won't interact with MP worlds.

    At the moment, I know of no hacked Spoutcraft clients in the wild. But that doesn't mean they aren't possible.

    We will never be able to create a secure client because someone could re-engineer it in such a way to "correctly" report that it is A-okay, when in fact, it has various exploits running.
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    As i looked for Minimap and Flight Plugins for Spoutcraft, i read about some users who simply added the class files into the spoutcraft.jar and using the mods then. Thanks CFBanner and AdminsCanFly now really our Admins can only fly. Today i read while google-searching about Spoutcraft packages who has ZombeMods, XRay Mod and ZansMinimap included. So... at the moment it is possible, so long they not are conflict anywhere in the source.

    I understand that it will never be able, to create a full secure client. But if a server can check the hash, the most players who try to modify his clients or modifying them wrong, will be see that the server can recognize it. This only can be enough so such players who want to try it out are warned and will stop his trying. (psychology)
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    is spoutcraft prevents cheat itself?

    because I want allow some cheats on my server(especially, SuperJump),

    but cant cheating with spoutcraft(works fine with original mc)

    It seems there is no options for cheat..

    what should I do?
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    You can cheat as admin with spoutcraft too. So long the cheats comes from the server (plugin) and not from your client. To flight, use Spoutflight. To Bypass Admins use AdminsCanFly, and to disallow FlyMods on normal MC-Clients, use CFBanner. For ToManyItems use SPITEMS.
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    No. I dont wanna fly or items.

    I just want use this (

    but spout-craft block this somehow.

    only admin can jump properly.

    with original mc, all players can jump properly.
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    how can i prohibit that other Spout users (on server = normal Player) don't touch the weather option and others? It should be grey-outmarked, but it isn't :(

    hm yes now the fields are grey marked. But i won't disable "VisualCheats", because the players would be unhappy because no coordinates with F3.

    Do you think the settings will be more preciser and more in the next time? I think it would be better.

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    Don Redhorse

    which options do you mean? in the client... they are for single player only I would think

    any forum for requesting spout plugins?
    mainly Zans Minimap and WorldEdit Regions come to my mind atm

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    no i mean this:

    with this they can change /time day-night etc similar option and others :/

    I would it very appreciate if the spoutconfig has MORE configs for the spoutcraft client
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    its like i said, the feature was introduced by mcpatcher and taken over by optifine, and since you included optifine, you have all features of hd-textures already inside
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    Spout can't control a vanilla/regular client's settings. You'd have to force them to use the Spoutcraft client to be able to control what they can do in their options.

    Edit: I guess I understood you wrong. :p
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    Set "visualcheats" to false in the server configuration for Spout.

    I'd wager that Spoutcraft already stops the 99% of "griefers" who only know how to drag and drop class files into jars. The 1% who know java and how to decompile can't really be stopped.

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    I think the ones who know java are enough mature not to grief.

    When will there be an update?
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    When the MCP is available for 1.8

    Based on Jeb's new tweet, there is a render bug with 1.8 and he is done with it for the weekend. Seeing as ONLY Jeb has been working on the biggest update in MC history this week (this seriously needs a facepalm....) then tbh who knows when it will be released.

    So, if they don't work on MC on the weekends then they will take another stab at it on Monday (hopefully Notch wants to work on his own game by then).

    tl;dr 1.8 hits (who knows when now) -> MCP needs to be updated (1 day->1 week) -> Spout updates (could be a few hours or days)
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    thanks for the detailed answer :)
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    Too bad they are not if you google correctly you can find hacks for spout by now =(
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    Spout, the server plugin will likely be updated within 24-48 hours of CraftBukkit being updated.

    As for the client, it will be within 24-48 hours after we receive up to date copies of MCP or 1.8 pure source code.
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    well, ty, can't wait for it :)
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    I always tie Spout and Spoutcraft together as one. I meant Spoutcraft in my post above XD
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