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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Sushi, Oct 15, 2012.

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    Hey, Sushi here. I, like many of you folks I'm sure, have used various server management panels like Multicraft McMyAdmin, and SpaceBukkit.

    These panels are very nice pieces of software, but something they lack is simplicity.

    That's why I'm working on a free Minecraft server panel called Servr. It tries to be different from the other 3 by being minimalist. It doesn't have the same features, but it will have most of the core features of a Minecraft management panel, like a server options editor, console, server installation manager, auto-updating, and basic stop/start controls.

    For the web panel design I'm aiming for a minimalist, typography based interface similar to Metro or svbtle.

    Similar to McMyAdmin, Servr is a standalone application that has an embedded web server and acts as a wrapper for a Minecraft server. However, it doesn't have dependencies on the .NET or Mono runtime and it has a focus on being small.

    Similar to Multicraft, Servr tries to have a clean interface (but even cleaner). However, it tries to have a painless installation.

    Similar to SpaceBukkit, Servr is free. That's about the only similarity. Oh, I remember. SpaceBukkit is built on CakePHP. CakePHP is an extremely slow PHP framework. Servr isn't slow. Servr is built in Go, which is 7 times faster than PHP.

    Servr isn't designed to replace any of these three excellent software applications. Hell, I'm not even telling you to use it. However, there are cases where it might be useful, for example if you host a small Minecraft server off your home computer and you can't afford McMyAdmin, but you don't have a web server to put SpaceBukkit on, or don't want to go through the tedious process of installing a web server stack/configuring Apache.

    Servr is written in Go. The source code is here. If you've read through all this, you're probably interested in contributing, and I would love your help.
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    Screenshots? :D

    EDIT: (Or concepts)
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    Interested in some screenshots
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    Here's a quick screen of the Servr shell. Unlike McMyAdmin, it has a little more focus on the CLI part than the Web Panel part, so you could say it has a little of a ABM too.

    This screenshot is on Linux but it can compile onto any platform. If any designer wants to make a concept or mockup of a web ui, it would be a help. (I need assistance with the web panel design)

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    Awesome, when is it ready ?
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    When it's done. (tm)
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