[Dev Needed] Plugin to Combine Best Aspects of Factions and Towny

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  1. Suggested Name: (No idea yet. Up to the dev maybe? :p)

    What I want: Hey everyone! I'm looking for anyone who is willing to help me tackle a project that I had in mind. I want to make my server stand out from the rest, but be easy enough for new players to understand. Most survival servers run either Factions or Towny. Both are good plugins in their own way. Factions is great for raiding and having "wars" and Towny is good for teamwork and cooperation. I want a plugin that can bridge the gap between these two awesome plugins to create an experience that no Minecraft player has ever had before :) It will have the feel of both Factions and Towny, but unique in its own way. If anyone is interested, feel free to reply :) I made a Google Doc that lists everything the plugin should have (thought it'd be easier than listing it on here). https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MHFzdoQhF5ODmFXEsh7hTT2nFB44QveQ-aSVclKjt50/pub

    Ideas for commands: Not entirely sure yet, however they should be based on Factions & Towny commands to make it easy for the player :)

    When I'd like it by: I don't want to rush this. Take your time and make a good plugin :)

    I'll update the post whenever I get more ideas for it :)

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    The Gaming Grunts It is useful if we know what you want to combine with the plugin
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    The Gaming Grunts
    Use both plugins :p. And a permissions plugin if you don't want people to do some things.
  4. I'm working on putting together a Google Doc that lists everything I've though of so far. Its almost done and I'll link it here :)

    The Google doc is done. I linked it in the main post :)

    The problem with that is:
    1. It is very resource intensive. I pay to host my server and it is expensive enough for the RAM I have. It is barely good enough to have Factions, along with everything else I have. Adding Towny as well, another intensive plugin, will kill the server and make me spend more money.
    2. There are good and bad things about each plugin. My goal with this is to take those, along with other cool ideas that we can come up with and make a single good plugin that will create a good experience for players.

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  6. Well... now I did :p I can assist a bit with this. I have a decent understanding of Java and how to make simple plugins. I don't have the skills required to make something like this. With help this can become a really cool project :)
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  8. I need more than help. That's why I made this post :p I need a developer who is capable of doing this. I do not have the capabilities to make something on this level. By saying I can help, I mean that I can assist with some of the code with small suggestions and optimizations. I don't want the full weight of this on the dev's shoulders :)
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    "I want to make my server stand out from the rest" so is this a plugin available to the public via bukkitdev, or is this exclusive to yourself?
    A) if this is exclusive to yourself, wrong section and get your wallet ready...
    B) If not, then ignore this post.
  10. I want people to experience this and have fun. Probably should be available for everyone to have, in my opinion. I will also ask the dev what they want to do, since they are going to be putting a significant amount of time into this :)
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    It's already been done, Precious Stones with SimpleClans 2.
  12. That's an interesting plugin, but too complex for the average Factions/Towny user, in my opinion. The goal of the plugin that I have in mind is supposed to be easy for the average Faction/Towny user to transition to. That plugin has way more than what I have in mind and a lot of unnecessary things. The core of plugin that I have in mind will be based on the best parts of Factions and Towny, along with anything else that either I or the dev can come up with :)
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    Hi The Gaming Grunts I'm from the Towny team and went through your google docs, as of now there's only 2 minor things that towny cannot do:

    -Ability to add offline players to the group (send a notification to them that they can read next time they come online).

    -The “group” power can be based off of the amount to people in the group and how much land and money the group has. (towny only does it based off the online players.)

    You might need to think up something more unique if you want someone to code a whole new plugin.
  14. I know. Those are the basics that I thought of right now (which were actually based off of a Towny setup video that I saw. ) That is the basic "combination" of both Factions and Towny. Over the next day or 2 we are going to come up with more unique ideas, based off of input from our server members. We are going to put those changes in the "Updates" area on the Google Doc. Btw its really cool to speak to a Towny dev :)

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