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    Update September: its been too long since i updated the op! lol right now two devs gamerguy14 and j_selby are working hard! the world gen section is almost finished and the econ and protection are in progress!

    I'm also going to update some of the descriptions so look again if you've read through it before!


    Hello all,

    This plugin (or multiple) will require a large time commitment as well as a large range of skills with development. I realize it is a large request, and I will offer compensation upon request for the Dev who decides to take this on. Also recommendations from the community are greatly appreciated and the whole project will be open for all to see. Now on to the request.

    Basic requirements: (Asterisk denotes absolutely required)

    1. Custom world generator* (almost done)
    2. Land management system (including protections)* (in progress)
    3. Chat based HUD
    4. Player spawning/management system*
    5. Compatible with many plugins (or replace them)
    6. Alliance system*
    7. Navigation system
    8. *NEW* Adventure island!

    Detailed explanations:

    The idea of the map is an infinite ocean with med sized islands that are very similar in size and layout but not identical. Each island will be surrounded by coastal waters and maybe a few very small islands. Outside of these coastal waters are international waters that is water from sea level to bedrock. The islands should be laid out like this: Mountain biome in the center, surrounded by jungle biome. Then between the jungle biome and shore are the rest: plains, forest, desert, and swamp. The shore should be sandy, or gravely. edit: (this has been changed per discussion with each island featuring a biome (to force coop and trading) with mountains in the middle and jungle)

    Edit: I would also like each island to have a village.

    When a player joins for the first time they are given a island that is theirs. Other players can only enter the coastal waters of another's island if that player is logged on. However they can go "over" the entire island (to be explained later). If player A goes to player B's island, but player B logs out while player A is still on the island, player A can stay, but once they leave the coastal waters player A cannot come back until player B logs back on. Now the tricky part. When two players ally together their islands are moved next to each other and there is not international waters between them, just coastal waters right next to coastal waters.

    The HUD tells the player when another enters his coastal waters and from what direction, as well as showing the total number of players currently at the island.

    This has been mostly explained above. When a player joins for the first time they are given a new island, they will spawn on the shore somewhere and that will be their new spawn. They can place their own custom home somewhere on their island. If a player has not been active for 2 weeks their island becomes abandoned and anyone can enter at any time. after another 2 weeks the island is reset and can be given to a new player.

    This is where the ocean theme gets extrapolated on. This server will have the Autocraft plugin, and Cannons plugin as well as many other but not as important plugins. Autocraft allows you to build and fly airships (this is why players are allowed to fly over any island once they reach cruising altitude. And cannons, well allows you to make cannons to defend your island from pirates.

    Edit: Also the UsefulVillagers plugin which adds a kind of colonialist plantation kind of theme to it, which is why there has to be a village on each island.

    Edit to the edit!: I think I'm actually going to use hero stronghold which is a bit easier to use and also more effective

    The alliance system has mostly been explained already, any two players can agree to be allies. These allies work effectively like a loose confederation. If a player A and player B are allies, and the player A and player C become allies then player B and player C are also allies. All of the allies islands are put next to each other, but the allies can choose whether or not to let allies go to their islands when they are offline.

    This is fairly simple. A player can use a command and type in coordinates, or a player name, and any compass they hold will point in that direction. Then they can clear it so it will point back to their spawn point.

    I believe that is everything, I will edit if I think of anything else. If you have any questions or ideas feel free to post here or pm me.

    Every once in awhile a public island will spawn that is a minigame adventure island! at the center of the island will be a portal that sends you to an adventure map, it may be made by the community or just one I find on mcf that I really like ;) they will be teleported to the map and once they complete it they will get some kind of reward.


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    I think this project could be interesting. I'm willing to try to code some of these things, if not all.

    The moving islands could prove difficult. Maybe moving wouldn't be the best idea, but rather building a bridge of some sort?

    Although i suppose this could cause problems as enemies could drop onto the bridge and walk to other bases. Hmmm
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    Yes defiantly the hardest part of this request. I was thinking it might be possible to integrate it through world edit someway? Maybe instead of moving one to the other you just move them both to a new area? I'm not sure. Or, perhaps the international waters are a separate world? I'm not sure if that would get unwieldy. I wouldn't want to make each island separate, but maybe once you leave coastal you are teleported to international waters and if you try to enter an island it checks if the player is on and if so you get teleported to the edge of their coastal waters? Idk just my ideas.

    Thank you soo much for your interest and response it is greatly appreciated

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    I think that while seperate worlds is possible, it's probably not a good idea. This could put stress on the server because of all the worlds that would be required. I think the whole idea of moving islands could only really be possible if you have a good server. From your previous posts it seems that the islands are at least 100x100. If you have multiple people becomming allied at once, the server could lag because of all the moving.
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    ok how about this. If the server does a restart every night could all the moving be done then? it wouldn't really matter how long it took, and it could use all the resources it needs, or it could restart twice a day or whatever really.


  6. Why don't you just create some sort of portal to the other island, that would be a lot easier:p
    greetz blackwolf12333
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    because I kinda want them to be like one archipelago when they are allied. im not sure, ig a portal system could work


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    I would be interested in helping with this too. For the islands, moving wouldn't be the hardest part. An object could store information about each island like the owner, the location, and the set of blocks in it. Then all that would have to be done is change blocks in each spot. The world generation would just create the international waters. The world can be divided into zones where an island can be put. The islands don't have to be generated until it is being assigned to someone. Also what would be an ideal size for an island including costal waters? Try to make it a number that can be part of base 2 i.e. 2^2, 2^11, 2^ x so 2,4,8,16,32 for length and width.
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    Maybe instead of moving at all, (gameguy14 it might not be the hardest part, but it could still induce lag, as he's talking about islands 100+ in size.), there could be some sort of boat that would appear on the shore, and the owner could step on it and instantly be tped to an allied island.
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    It couldn't create too much lag though. In single player, there are 441 chunks generated. With an island that is 128x128, there are 8x8 chunk so 64 chunks. That is just the copying of an array into other places so there is less math and fewer chunks, meaning far fewer commands.
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    True, but say he has 10 people online. And they all want to be allies at the same time. Then it has to do the same thing, but ten times.
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    But they have to do it one command at a time so the whole thing would have passed through before they do the next one.

    Dunsuro, are you working on this? Have you started yet? Do you want any help?

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    gamerguy14 Yes i am going to work on this. I haven't started yet, and won't be able to until this afternoon. Thanks for offering your help, and i'll be sure to PM or post here if i can't figure something out :)

    mikeyagoto Should there be some sort of system for making certain players an enemy?
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    Ohh gosh I'm a bit late to this party it seems, Dunsuro umm yeh sure I'm not sure what else it should do besides just labeling them as enemy, I have a few other ideas that ill post when I get home (on my phone now) but they may meed to be in a separate plugin.

    Edit:Here are my new ideas. Edit: I dont want to use Guns+ but i do want muskets /:Edit First I want to use Guns+ or a similar plugin to make muskets and pistols, but I want the player to be forced to stand still for the musket to reload. Im not sure if I can do that with guns+... humm

    But! the thing that would probably need to be made as i know of no plugins that do this. It could maybe be an add-on to the alliance plugin. Basically it would track who the player kills and under what circumstances. And then labels them as Pirate, Neutral, or Merchant. Then you have some vague idea of who it is just entered your island and if you should be very alarmed. How it would work: Each time a player initiates combat with another player that they are not enemies with they drift over to pirate. I am also going to be using the Trade plugin, so whenever a player completes a successful trade they drift slightly towards merchant. If a player gets attack first and then wins they would not drift towards pirate, or if they attack someone who is label as a enemy they would not drift towards pirate (this gives a reason to have the enemy label besides just calling them enemy.)

    Edit: I forgot to respond! lol gamerguy14 Are those number in chunks or blocks? I mean I don't have an exact size in mind... Just big enough to house a mountain biome in the middle surrounded by jungle and a little bit of the rest around. I give the Devs some wiggle room on this one. And will that number include coastal waters? or just the landmass? I want the coastal waters to be pretty big to allow battles within the island, but also give the player time to react if someone enters his waters.
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    It was in blocks. Since chunks are 16x16 then a multiple of 16 would be useful to be able to manipulate just chunks instead of blocks. I was thinking that it would be a good idea to make the world divided into groups of chunks and then put a few chunks of international waters between them, so it would include costal waters. It is just always easiest to work with grids.
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    This sounds like a fantastic thing. There ARE plugins that do this, but i see no reason why it can't be added into the plugin for simplicity.

    EDIT: Maybe, The pirate and Merchant ranks could also have some sort of warning on entry that also includes just how bad of a pirate/good of a merchant they are.

    For example: "Pirate Bob just entered your island!" "He is infamous amoung the seas"

    There could be configurable messages that would replace He is infamous amoung the seas, depending on their kill amount/trade amount.

    EDIT: Maybe there could even be a seperate amount for each player called Reputation. If a pirate gets a kill his rep could go up. If a merchant makes a trade his rep could go up. Etc...
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    That sounds like exactly what I want haha, I'm not sure exactly what size you were thinking it really doesnt matter to me, just big enough but not to big ;)

    I think you literally read my mind on this one. That was exactly my plan with this one, so you know what kind of person you are dealing with when someone pays a visit haha

    Thank you both

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    I've got another idea. Maybe two allies want to share some land on eachothers islands. Let's say Dan wants to give his friend sue a 5x5 plot on his island. Dan could select this area somehow (maybe section off the area with fences?) and sue would then take a piece of paper (land deed) and right click the ground to claim it. If dan ever want's to evict her, all he has to do is right click the land with his own paper.

    Now say a pirate comes up and sees this land that sue has claimed. He wants it, so he takes his own paper and claims it. Maybe this pirate is extremely high in reputation. Because of this, he can take the land from sue. In order for sue to get it back she needs to find a merchant (counteracts the pirate) to claim it from the pirate and then to give it to sue.

    What do you guys think about this idea?
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    I do really like the idea. It gives me an idea actually, I think when the owner creates the deed it is stuck to that piece of paper and is then trade-able, so like if you right click on the paper it will print out the coords of the plot and whatever you decide to name it, and then a pirate can steal the deed and then he owns the plot, and high level merchants can null an old deed and make a new one for the original owner of the island. This would also kinda make a market for plots of land. And to evict someone they would have to reset the deed with a high level merchant. Probably for a fee ;) haha

    I don't know, I really like the idea and it gives a player an actual incentive to be good? lol just my ramblings

    Edit: i really like the section with fence idea btw

    Second Edit: actually i think either a merchant or a pirate should be able to reset the deed, they just have to be a higher level than the person who holds the deed now.


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    Sounds great. I think it would not only add "an incentive to be good" as you said, but it could also open up the possibility of shared islands and such.

    In other news, I'm starting work on the actual world generation portion right now.

    EDIT: Had an idea, I noticed while going over my code that there was a way to add in a name of the island. Do you think it'd be cool if I included some sort of list of possible names (it would need to be large) and then on each new island generation it was given a unique name?

    EDIT: This could even add a possibility for island owners to go and buy a "Name permit" from a high reputation merchant. This name permit would allow them to right click their island, and they would be able to rename it. Name permits could be stolen by pirates as well.

    EDIT: Also had an idea that would add some incentive to actually want land on another island. Maybe, all the islands could generate differently. This would make some large forests, some deserts, etc...
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    Awesome! yes that would be great! do we need a super brainstorming session to think of names? lol I think ive got an idea for different islands, have the mountain in the middle and then 4 types of islands: desert islands (perk is lots of sand), Jungle islands (perk lots of wood and such), Plain island (perk lots of villages easy farming and such), Mountain/Volcano island (perk lots of resources). I don't think a forest island is necessary but eh idk, maybe a birch forest?

    That is just my thoughts on the matter.

    Ohh and p.s. sand will be super important bc I'm gonna make gunpowder (necessary for cannons and such) craftable with coal and sand


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    Sounds good. I've actually got a name generator so i'll be good on that part. I'm thinking of a massive list (500 names possibly) so that most players will never see an island that is named the same as another. (players can rename with the deed thing).
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    That sounds awesome! if you need anything else post here or pm me, ive got this thread watched so I should see it pretty quick.
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    I really need to come up with a name for the server that will be using this plugin,

    Any ideas anyone?

    Heres what i got so far:


    Crafters of the Carribean


    Yarrcraft (thank you colony88)
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    Maybe Yarrcraft?
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    Haha i like it! ill add to the list
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    Came up with another idea! I'd put it in a second plugin just to keep code clean. TikiBukkit!
    Say player bob mines a diamond ore (defined in the config as a trigger action). Because he did, a tiki statue will appear on the beach somewhere, and since he's accomplished something big (an Achievement) a new piece of land appears near the tiki statue. This land could vary in biome, but would mostly match the color of the tiki statue. For instance, a sandy colored tiki statue would imply beach, or a tiki statue made out of mossy stone bricks may imply a swamp.

    What do you think of the idea?
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    i think thats a very good idea! that would reward players for being active on their island and give them more land/biome variation. Im thinking about useing the herostronghold plugin instead of usefulvillagers to make the plantation-esque theme. will the islands be generated similar to that of vanilla minecraft? because clay would be important for how i have the plugin configured now.

    Thank you!

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    Yeah i'm trying to get it as close to the real thing as I can. Hopefully I will be succesfull
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    ok awesome! thanks!

    Ive been busy configuring and testing the other plugins so if anyone wants to test with me we can do some air battles and ship to fort battles and such to test out the configs and whatnot




    I would like to have a testing session for all who are interested.

    It would be some scenario game play testing out the configuration of my airships, cannons, and strongholds.

    any who would like to help pm me or post here, I will be posting more information as it comes available.



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