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    There is many plugins that using mysql. And EACH using OWN config and connection to db. I suggest this plugin, which connection can use any other plugin.
    sample use:
    import me.tabr.mysqldbconnection.MDBCMain;
    MDBCMain mdbc = (MDBCMain)this.getServer().getPluginManager().getPlugin("mdbc");
    mdbc.Test();//to test =)
    Statement s = mdbc.getStmt();
    //and use statement as always =)
    there is ping mysql implementation (not best way, i know, but works) - if u know better way, please, suggest.
    in attach plugin and source
    PS: don't forget to add 'depend: [mdbc]' to your 'plugin.yml'
    PPS: sorry for my english
    plugin: mdbc.zip
    source: MDBCMain.zip

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    added attach

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