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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Xon, Feb 24, 2011.

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    I've got Minecraft Overviewer rendering my personal server's map. The issue is I want to get thing's like player locations/last login times, signs and server in-game time out of Minecraft and display it on a google-map view of my server's map.

    I'm planning on writing a plugin which listens on a TCP port for what amounts to json-rpc, and responds with a list of changed events given an initial timestamp and a list of interesting events (signs, players, server time). Conceptually very similar to Minequery but designed on populating a map with changing stuff.

    The next task after that is to writing a thin php page which produces a javascript file on pageload and then json for periodic updates to integrate into Minecraft Overviewer to provide new markers and moving existing ones.

    MapMarker's pushes player location to a json file which while easy to read, generates a lot of writes when no one cares and the code which was picked up from the thread which loads the player markers after page-load is buggy and sometimes doesn't fire. The idea is to only generate the data when asked, and then cache until it is invalid.

    Signs are tricky because onBlockPlace is current bugged and doesn't trigger when dealing with signs or doors correctly. Scanning for all the signs is something Minecraft Overviewer will do for me, so I just need to pickup new ones between re-renders. I'm also thinking of tagging active portals since I have a nether portal mod installed.
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