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Are you interested in an update of SimpleClans?

  1. Yes, definitely!

  2. I don't care, already found an alternative.

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  1. I can do documentation or web development work, and I'd also be interested in helping with development where I can, although I am less experienced there. I'd also love to see Bungee support, which would allow clans (or societies) to span over multiple servers, which is becoming a common trend.
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    I agree, Bungee support would be really nice! The only question is what should be shared across servers? Ofc the societies, also requests like an invite or a kick request should work across servers. Just let me know what you think should be supported!

    Atm, it's not clear which platform we'll use to document everything, any recommendations?

    Update on Bungee support:

    Just had a talk on their IRC and we'll have to use the "The Bungee & Bukkit Plugin Messaging Channel API":


    IRC converstation:
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  3. Probably chat, invites, roster (and online status), lookup info. This isn't exhaustive, just what I could think of at the moment.
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    Hi! I've tested your latest build from Jenkins -- it works perfectly on my 1.7.9 server! No bugs no crashes, it's true that this wonderfull plugin comes alive. Thanks for it :3

    And I suggest to add one more feature: advanced admin commands.
    Sometimes this function is important, for example in situation, when someone joined the server with leader's account, gave another player a leader status and after that kicked himself. Banning a new dishonest leader is not an appropriate solution, 'cause after performing that action the clan won't have any leader at all and we will have a clan with lots of members and 0 leaders.

    So, the idea of some administration commands is:
    /clan promote [tag] %username%
    /clan demote [tag] %username%
    /clan kick [tag] %username%
    (and maybe trust/untrust commands)
    Each of the commands should have a permission (for example: simpleclans.administration.*) and by default should be availible for ops only.

    What do you think of it?^^
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    So this thread is about the revival of SimpleClans which will be named Societies. Also there is no official support for the builds from the jenkins.

    More admin commands will definitly be a feature of the new societies. Hopefully !everything! will be configurable for admins :D
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    p000ison An idea I had for giving admins more ability to configure stuff was dynamic permissions. The idea basically was that the admin defines what permission he wants the command to use in the config, and that value was read when the permission check was done for that command (should probably be cached to have better performance)
    Perhaps you could experiment with this if it interests you?
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    The bukkit permissions already allow you to define aliases for permissions. What do you mean by dynamic permission exactly?
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    p000ison You have a command, and then in your config, you have a section that defines what permission that command uses.
    Could end up something like this (this being pseudo-code)
    private String permission;
    public void onEnable(){
      permission = getConfig().getString("path.to.perm");
    public boolean onCommand(CommandSender s, Command cmd, String label, String[] args){
        s.sendMessage("You don't have permission");
    or even just
    public void onEnable(){
    String perm = getConfig().getString("path", "default.perm");
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    How can I update my existing DB from SQLite to MySQL?
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    If you need help developing, I would love to help out
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    If I am not too late I can help, I am somewhat new to java but I think I know enough to help :)
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    The new revive isn't even finished. A converter will be available when Societies has reached a stable state

    Will contact you when the time has come :D

    First project I'm developing in public so I'm not very sure what's the best way to have as many developers working on this project as possible.

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    Definitely GitHub if you want open source - SVN is awful in comparison to Git.
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    Also I would recommend using maven instead if importing your own jar files. :p Probably already knew that though.
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    How were you testing it before?
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    Hey just wanted to say, I've run a server for 2+ years with SimpleClans and it's always been an important part of our server. Thank you for bringing it back and keeping it updated.

    Only thing I have to say is, If you add claiming support, to make it optional. Myself and I'm sure a lot of others really appreciate the no-claiming on SimpleClans. It's a great alternative to Factions for those who don't like land claiming.

    Once again, thank you very much.
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    Ran it in a sandbox-like environment :D

    Already up: https://github.com/Catharos/Societies
    Yeye, maven is a must :D A maven repository will be available as well:


    Ye, claiming will be optional, also it will take some time until I'll implement it.
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    Could you link me to your Jenkins page? I can't seem to find it.
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    It's currently down, but I have very good news :D JetBrains sponsored a free version of TeamCity, my personal favorite CI! Going to set it up asap :D

    Aaand sorry for the delay, setup my new computer and had a lot to do with setting up my linux and windows and messing around with uefi and gtp :D But everything works now and my arch installation is running perfectly :D
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    Sooooo, set the new build server up: http://build.frederik-schmitt.de/
    Just click "Login as guest" or something like that :D

    The repository is also up:

    You already could try it but there is one problem. Bukkit still forces you to use guava version 10 or 9 or something, but societies depends on one of the latest versions (guava 17), which also contains some performance optimisations. One way would be to use maven shading, but it also has some downsides :/
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    p000ison If you're worried about conflicts with other guava versions the shader plugin has a cool way of dealing with it. You can relocate packages. For example, I'm using it here:
    Example (open)

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    Yup, going to use this, the only problem is, when you're coding locally and want to compile your plugin in your IDE it won't work and will cause problems for other developers. One solution is to redeploy a shaded version of guava and use this in your project. An other solution would be to "override" the guava version of bukkit by altering the classpath. Going to put up a example how to do this.
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    Possible CrackShot Support? :)
    Right now it dos'nt register kills from projectiles such as snowballs and eggs.
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    Your new jenkins is down aswell;( Need a working 1.7.10 version of your great plugin!
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    SimpleClans does work with 1.7.10, I'm using it now.

    Repo is down as well, as others have mentioned.
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    You made a mistake "
    Planned Freatures:
    " it shoud be "
    Planned Features:
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    Sorry, but the server provider is having problems atm

    But I'm releasing a alpha tomorrow
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    May I ask, is there going to be an option for land claiming? I'm sick of Factions, and SC literally has every feature we need except land claiming. I'm aware that there is Residence and PreciousStones integration (if they even work anymore?), but just plain and simple land claiming would be really nice.
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    For now not really, as I want to impelment every original sc feature.

    Aaand here is a snapshot you can throw into bukkit and see what happens: http://build.frederik-schmitt.de/vi...uildTypeId=Societies_Societies&tab=artifacts#!

    It's not stable and requires a mysql setup atm! Not many features are included, but the apis and libraries behind it should be quiet stable.

    base command is /society atm.
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