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    SimpleClans has a long story and is almost 3 years old. For a long time now it wasn't activly maintained, mostly because of time issues. :D

    Finally I'm planning to revive SimpleClans, but with your help!
    The plan is to let the community around SimpleClans decide, what should be included and how it should be implementet. So I'm going to update this thread from time to time and provide the latest news. For now just let the community know, what you think about this and also let's do some public brainstorming!
    The future of SimpleClans is in your hands!

    If you have already some programming experience, just let me know.

    IRC: #SimpleClans @ irc.esper.net (I'm most of the time onine, from 11.00 to 22.00 CEST)

    Societies will be released under GNU General Public License Version 3

    Current phase:
    Brainstorming & Finding new name (to pervent naming conflicts)
    Also discuss some basic parts, not only new features that would be cool and new.

    Possible new names:
    Ultimate Clans (by EN7)
    SimpleGuilds (by Mathias Eklund)
    AdvancedClans (by Kotic)
    Societies (by 07fi123)

    Staff needed:
    Documentation writers​
    Planned Freatures:
    UUID support (database migration)
    Economy integration for all actions​
    Player stats​
    Diplomatic functions (also automatic)​
    Rewards for pvp​
    Maybe dynamic scriptable?​

    Claiming - requested by EN7
    Chat integration - requested by anthill1 & Axel13pl
    Most important: No restrictions!​
    Planned Extensions:
    CTP - Capture the Point - requested by shepdog2
    Possible Libraries:
    Possible contributors:
    None of the "jobs" are 100% decided. This only should give you an idea about this project.
    Player stats:
    • KDR - Maybe unlock stuff (requested by Grasty)
    • Switch between 1 and multiple leaders (requested by Grasty)
    • Hook bukkit permissions
    • Easy to manage
    • Auto-Claiming: Claim where you walk
    • Stealing features? (requested by Drehverschluss)
    • See Kotic's post here and here
    • Ability to siege an other clan
    • See Kotic's post here and here
    • See Grasty's post here
    System maintenance:
    • Automatic deletion of old clans AND/OR a command for this (requested by FearlessFrost)
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    Mathias Eklund

    Thats a brilliant idea :) This was a really good plugin.
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    If you are still looking for developers I would be happy to help!
    I will PM you with my skype.
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    k, I'll come back to you :D
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    Can we enable land protection without Precious Stones
    /clan claim - Claims chunk you are on
    /clan autoclaim <on/off> - Claims every chunk you walk on
    I think the plugin could be named Ultimate Clans
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    k claiming added to "Planned Features"
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    I'm afraid I have too many projects on my hands right to really help on another, but as a feature request, I have a plugin that would be an improvement over just PreciousStones:


    Using Flags instead of PreciousStones you get PreciousStones support... and WorldGuard, and a handful of other systems. Not all of them support "Ownable" land but you can determine that through the API. If I need to expand the API to support something you need, that can arranged.
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    p000ison You should make it Open Source and put it on Github so that people can help you with it there
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    Ofc, thats priority #1 :D
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    To the Claiming Idea.....I would also say not only claiming just for "your" Clan. If you wanna make clan Wars or want to robber somebodys clan or some you should integrate also the "unlcaiming or stealing" feature. How to we can talk about or let the comunity decide.
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    I would love to help testing and suggesting ideas. I already have a few I could mention.

    I'm currently building a server for a big community that already has a chain of servers. A well improved clan system would be a great find for me right now.

    Message me or reply and let me know if I could get in on this.
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    I had a suggestion, we could add Something called CTP, basically clans compete for something by holding a pressure plate down for a configurable amount of time, (or something cooler then a plate) then once you hold it down your whole can gets access to a warp or a portal or something, and then once the configurable time is up, the portal is back up for grabs again. Also i would be willing to help test if you wanted.

    I had a suggestion, we could add Something called CTP, basically clans compete for something by holding a pressure plate down for a configurable amount of time, (or something cooler then a plate) then once you hold it down your whole can gets access to a warp or a portal or something, and then once the configurable time is up, the portal is back up for grabs again. Also i would be willing to help test if you wanted. I mean this could be easily done by adding a clan permission, how clans have the "permission" section currently.

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    Hey p000ison,

    Very happy to see you again! I am about to open a server just based on your plugin. Maybe we can be the official clan server, who knows. I will give out more details if you are interested. Just PM me. I would love to see claiming like what EN7 said above. Also add a clan chat system inside the plugin instead of having to install a different plugin.

    Thanks for the awesome work!

    Also I would love to help out with testing.
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    When chat compatibility mode is true could you possible add an option to change the tag that you need to put in the chat format so that you can put for example %clan or -clan or <clan> instead of {clan}
    Something that lets you customize this thanks.

    Also if you need a server to fully test it on, I would be willing to help out.
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    Thanks, chat integration was added to the feature list :D

    Possible, but a CTP minigame would be out of scope at this point. But I added it to planned extensions :D

    Just throw your ideas in this thread and we'll see :D

    Keep in mind people, fill this thread with any idea coming to your mind! Even basic stuff like how invitations, clan management or ranks should be handled.

    And ofc a new name for this, as SimpleClans would confuse most people.

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    Mathias Eklund

    p000ison as for new name, maybe SimpleGuilds or something with guilds to do?
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    Thanks for finally giving this plugin some love! We use SimpleClans on our Factions World as an alternative to the Factions Plugin and we love it. We use PreciousStones for Protections, but we have not been able to get it to work right. PreciousStones is flagging c:clanname on the protections, but when a war is triggered or started, it doesnt unprotect their fields. Not sure why and neither PreciousStones or SimpleClans have been able to tell me why. We are unfortunately considering removing PreciousStones from our Factions world, because if it cant unprotect things on war, then it hurts our pvp battles.

    That aside, I would be willing to help you test your plugin. We can also offer you a Dev server/ftp access/console access to use for testing if you needed it. We very much would like to keep this plugin alive on our server, so anything we can do to help with that, please let us know

    My personal requests would be

    1. to get the PreciousStones functionality working
    2. it would be very helpful to have some kind of documentation as to what each setting in the config does ... Im still banging my head against the wall trying to figure out how strife is calculated.
    3. It would be awesome if KDR actually was meaningful. Whether it be perks that get unlocked at certain KDR levels or whatever. Currently KDR is the equiv of epeen ... it is there, doesnt do much of anything other than allow players to say Oh Yea!!!! Well my KDR is better than yours ... so there!!!!

    Silver Towers - mc.skgaming.net

    Just thought of another feature request.

    It would be nice to easily set up SimpleClans so that there is ONE Leader and all other leaders are Co-Leaders or Officers or whatever. And then anything that involves voting would only be up to the single leader. Cause the issue we are having now is one of the clans has 7 leaders. So if someone tries to declare war against them, all seven have to be on to respond which almost always results in a fail (even though the vote appears to succeed as soon as the first vote comes in ... maybe a bug). Maybe a toggle setting? to choose between having a single leader with officers or all leaders are equal?

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    If claiming is added, will it conflict with other land protection plugins? My server uses Residence for protection but my players love Simple Clans for PvP stuff.

    Also, would a option to disable the automatic deleting of inactive clans be possible? And maybe a command to remove clans after x amount of days inactive?

    I look forward to seeing the new Simple Clans, this is a fantastic plugin for people who like a rich PvP experience. Keep up the good work! :)
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    I think we won't really use PreciousStones directly anymore, as it should work for any "land management system".

    Yeah ... "Documentation", the part that all developers love :D I'll give my best :p

    Added to the feature list :D

    EDIT: btw If I missed to add something to the feature list, pm me best, so we keep this thread clean
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    Here is a list of suggestions and requests that will be detailed further in.

    New name!: AdvancedClans!

    Clan cities

    Possibly clan structures
    Capture Points


    Claiming should be in the precious stones styles as it gives more freedom to the player on exactly what they want claimed.

    Bindstones are the main block protector that sets your borders and sets your clan spawn point. (Idea is a lit beacon that must have open space above it and around it for spawning purposes and for the light emitting purposes)

    Setting can be enabled/disabled by server admins including but not limited to:

    allowing/disallowing tnt in claimed land
    allowing/disallowing fire in claimed land
    allowing/disallowing creeper damage/custom explosions in claimed land
    allowing/disallowing building/destroying in claimed land by enemies/allies
    allowing/disallowing pvp in claimed land
    allowing/disallowing maybe even reduced damage or buffs to friendlies in claimed land
    Either requiring or not requiring claimed land to be connected
    Economy support allowing/disallowing buying of bindstone.
    Changing the minimum distance required to place another bindstone from another
    Changing MAXIMUM distance to be able to place another bindstone after placing your first one, making it so your claims are somewhat in the same area of the map.
    Bindstone claims configurable distance in diameter around it either squared border or round border. Owning more bindstones gives more freedom of border control. So you can reduce a border of 1 city, but increase another.

    ex. you have 2 cities, both have 25 block radius borders. You perform an action on one to reduce the border radius to 10 block radius.

    You now have the freedom to use the extra 15 radius on the other 25 radius city making it a 40 radius city. This allow clans to show strength without necessarily having to have the biggest number of players. (More detail in siege section)

    Clan cities:

    Cities should be unique and not just everywhere. A clan city should cost a lot of resources/money to create/buy a bindstone. Your city is where you live, respawn, and control. Once you place a bindstone in a valid location, that is a city that shall be fought over for ages to come by many clans.

    examples of valid location are areas where there is no roof, to where the beam from beacon can go into the sky, possibly within a threshold of height. All can be set to be configurable by an admin.

    City structures are a possibility. Allowing the access to create structures with resources that can give you more claiming radius for that city, buffing your players in the city, buffing your players globally, providing utility such as teleportation between owned cities, ect. The limits are endless.

    Examples of structures and their rewards. Item rewards can be spawned in chests attached to the structure.

    Farm - Produces various foods/herbs/flowers every day/hour/ect

    Grove - Produces wood logs

    Quarry - Produces Stone/cobblestone

    Ore mine - Produces iron/gold/diamonds by % chance or maybe even based on city location

    Apollo Monument - Grants speed to clan members globally/locally

    Once again, choices are limitless.


    Clans can declare war and siege each others cities. This requires resources to wager. Attackers drop a siege stone(Structure) after declaring war and picking which city they want to siege. After 22 or 24 hours, the siege goes live. for the first hour, the attacks siege stone is vulnerable to get attacked and destroyed. After the first hour, the cities bindstone is vulnerable.Siege stone must be within a given distance of cities, but not too close either.

    Capturing can be done by tnt/explosion or just standing within proximity of the stone. Admins settings.

    If attackers win, they gain control of the city. If they lose, they lose whatever the wager is. (Plus w/e gear they lost on deaths, ect.)

    Capture Points

    Fortresses/housing villages/sea towers/crypts/temples or anything you can imagine can be a point of interest for capture.

    Clans can fight over points of interest kind of like cities, but without the sieging timers and without the access to live inside the place.

    Capturing a Point of interest can reward you with resources on an hourly basis, daily basis, ect. until the next capture.

    example. Sea Tower goes vulnerable every 3 days. On capture rewards are given, 1 day after capture, rewards, and 2nd day and final day, last stack of rewards are given.

    Rewards can be money, items, chance of gear, resources, ect.

    EDIT: Didn't fully read all the replies of other users until now. This is basically what Shepdog already mentioned. Seems I'm not the only one with some of these ideas ;D

    This is a quick summary of some suggestions and ideas not only to clans, but to combine multiple types of plugins into one. (instead of having to use various ones)

    Please send me a message directly and I'll gladly add you on skype, join or have you join a ventrilo, teampseak, GameVox, mumble server, ect.

    Would love to hear from you and would love to help create an awesome plugin that will help me create an awesome server.

    It could be also possible that I could have you and the dev team for this plugin as admins/creators of the server I'm making for the big community. Massive amounts of players could test it right away and we could find problems quick.

    ~SupremeGeneral Tyrant Kotic of GSO~
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    First of all, wow a really detailed report, thanks :p

    I only have a few questions:
    • Does a claimed area depend on a city?
    • Can you extend your claimed area by adding multiple Bindstones?
    • If 2 clans declare war, do both of them accept it and wager resources?
    • What benefits does a clan have if they set a Capture Point?
    • Should multiple "land protection systems" be supported?
    BTW: Again also discuss some basic parts, not only new features that would be cool.
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    Yes. Claimed land is a city basically. It's up to the admin how easy it is to aquire claimed land.

    Multiple bindstones could be a hassle when it comes to sieges. As I said in the long report it's best to have a minimum distance away from another bindstone/city to place one.

    Anyone can declare war on each other at any time, but initiating a siege is where the wager would come in. For simplicity purposes, only 2 clans can be officially part of a siege. Would be complicated to have 2 sieging clans on 1 city, BUT could be done.

    Capture points are predetermined by admins. Players don't create those. When clans capture them, as said before, various rewards can be rewarded on any set intervals.

    It is possible, but I fear it would interfere with the siege system/structure system. Using other claiming for maybe spawn/warzones would be fine, but Id advise against letting players claimed their land with multiple types of land protection.

    It does depend on your server though. If the admin doesnt want sieges/pvp/tnt to work in claimed land. Then it wouldn't really matter if they had 1 land protection or 5.

    Some more basics:

    Clan chat
    clan tags in chat
    ranks in clan that give permissions such at buying structures/dropping sieges/declaring wars
    If clans don't feel like creating a city with a lot of resources, they always have the option of just bunkering up in the wilderness and sieging a city.

    Need to go, can add more upon request.
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    A lot of the things people are bringing up are features that we wanted as well, we just found other plugins to be able to give us those things. So it would be great to see them in SimpleClans itself.

    Maybe for clarity it would help for me to outline how we are currently using SimpleClans (and some of the features other people listed above) so you can get a better idea of how they work or get some ideas for other features.

    We wanted to make a custom Factions experience without using the Factions Plugin, so we immediately started playing with SimpleClans instead. We were able to get most of what we wanted out of it with the help of some other plugins.

    SimpleClans - SimpleClans is our base clan system, we use it for the bulk of clan operations, Clan Homes, Inviting, etc.

    - Capture Points - CDSC (Castle Defense for Simple Clans)

    We have Capture Points on our server (two of them). We have a City and a Pirate Island. The way it works is that twice per day, each capture point goes live for 30 minutes. The Clans have to make their way to the capture points and break a block (Called the Core Block). That block has a configurable number of lives (currently set to 20). So whoever breaks the block the 20th time, claims the city for their clan. No other clan may enter the area (they are automatically bounced out). We use timed console commands to start and stop the arena (which the CDSC Developer was very nice and did for us, he is very receptive to feature requests). So every day at 1PM and 6PM, the City goes Live for 30 minutes. EVery day at 3PM and 8PM the Pirate Island goes live.

    The goal of this varies depending on whether you are attacking or defending.

    Attackers - The attackers are the people trying to claim the capture point, they are desperately trying to break the block and be the last one to kill the block

    Defenders - The defenders are the clan who previously owned the capture point. Their job is to prevent the attackers from breaking the block because if no clan has broken the block after 30 minutes, the defending clan gets to keep the capture point until the next battle.

    Then we filled the capture points with fun stuff like Quests (Using the Quests! Plugin) and we are considering adding loot chests (Using PhatLoots), and Admin Shops (Using ChestShop). That way if your clan has captured the city, you gain access to those items for your entire clan until the next battle.

    The other cool thing about CDSC is you can allow players to keep their items and respawn inside the city during the 30 minute capture period. So if i am defending the Castle and i get killed, I respawn right next to the arena with all my stuff so i can continue attacking.

    - Claiming Land - (PreciousStones)

    We made our Factions World a full grief world so we wanted to give clans an option to protect their bases. We were already using PreciousStones in our Survival World, so we added blocks just for SimpleClans. The major bonus that we liked about using PS is that it would unprotect fields when you were at war and would automatically add your entire clan to the field. Plus we could customize what we wanted to protect with PS. I could say i want to protect Blocks, Lava Flow, Water Flow, Doors, Trap Doors, Buttons, Pressure Plates .... but DONT protect Chests and Furnaces ... the possibilities were endless.

    However the war feature we were most excited about just didnt work .... so we are considering removing it. If SimpleClans had a built in protection feature that could give us some customization similar to PS (like protect chests and furnaces but not doors or whatever) then that would be ideal. Would also love to incorporate the war features that were supposed to work)

    - Sieges - (PreciousStones)

    This was supposed to be accomplished by PS, see the above section for how it was intended to work

    - Economy - (BoosCooldowns)

    We made our server with a rather dificult economy so we wanted to continue to charge people for certain actions. SimpleClans was rather limited as to what we could charge for. The only options were to charge for verification, invites, clan home, etc. and even then, you could only charge the clan and not the player. So we used BoosCooldowns to put cooldowns and prices on commands.

    For example, we made it so /accept costs $100 so when the player accepts a clan invite they have to pay an entrance fee. Likewise we made it so you can only leave your clan once a week. So if you type /clan resign ... you cant type it again for a week. We also made it so you can only set your Clan Home once every 3 days so clans couldnt move their base whenever they wanted (and potentially move their base to a capture point or whatever).

    We ended up turning off the /accept costs $100 though because when you declare war you also have to type /accept, and we dont want to charge for that. Maybe add into simpleclans the ability to charge the player or the clan when you are adding more economy support? maybe make it a configurable option in the config?

    One other feature request i thought of along the ranks side. Would it be possible to put into the config pre made ranks for each clan? So like every clan comes with a Officer Rank, a Banker Rank, etc. And they could have prebuilt permissions so Officers can invite players, access the bank, kick players from the clan, etc. And the Banker could access the bank. But only the leader can initiate war, initiate an alliance, move the clan home, disband the clan, etc? I think this would be helpful especially if you configure simpleclans to have 1 leader only. You can kinda do this now, but making ranks is kinda a pain.

    - More on Capture Points -

    One other thing we did in our Factions World was we made Outposts (We have a Farm Outpost, a Lumber Mill, a Quarry, etc). The thought was to use another plugin called FCP (Factions Control Points) that would allow clans to capture outposts at will. So unlike the City and Pirate Island Capture Points, you could capture these whenever you want. You would just go to the outpost and click a Sign (or stand on a pressure plate or whatever) and as long as you stayed in the area and didnt die for x amount of time, your clan would capture the area. But the clan that currently owns it just had to kill you or click the sign themselves to cancel your capture. Unfortunately FCP didnt have SimpleClans support yet so we couldnt add this, but we always wanted to.

    An added bonus would be if we could make a mine that replenished itself on a set time period. We tried hooking this into CDSC by enabling the "rollback damage on the end of the battle" setting, but it didnt quite work how we intended. But theoretically you could make a capture point and allow the clan that owns it to damage blocks and then when the next battle ends, those blocks would return. This would allow you to make a mine that restocks itself or a tree farm or a farm or whatever.

    Feel free to stop by if you want to see our setup (mc.skgaming.net) and Im willing to test anything you need, we have a separate test server from our main server and could make a separate server just for you to do testing (as i mentioned in my previous post).

    Sharrq27 aka Grasty

    EDIT: I can also help with documentation and such. I like to think i am good at writing and wording and such. I would just need an explanation of what each setting does and the setup and such.
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    Personally I think player driven guild plugins have lacked flexibility and features, when I saw simple clans I saw the open ended options that it was built in mind of. This being said I think that Simple Clans could excel where other plugins have failed. I think first and foremost the plugin needs to be renamed. "Advanced Clans" or "Ultimate Clans" sounds to harsh and overbearing It should be renamed to " Societies" to pay homage to the simplicity of "Simple Clans". Secondly This plugin could create a player experience up to the player. In short , it needs to be modular for the server admin to allow him to craft the user experience. What do I mean by that ?

    Well....Pause for ranty bullets.....
    • It should be easy to get a clan so you can hook your players to stay and build that clan.
    • It must enable the leader of the clan to manage his clan mates effectively regardless of the size of the clan or purpose.
    • It must facilitate common diplomatic functions.
    • It should be worth it to spend funds/capital on the clan, (Buildings [player or server created], weapons, armor ,etc)
    • Effective Land management (The flags idea sounds nice)
    • Enable players to do what they want , don't hamper them with restrictions that force them to do something they where not intending. (Fight battles just to clam land (Cough.. Cough....Factions), Or hamper them with player expansion caps (Cough...Caugh....Towny/Factions) Let them do what they want but give them systems that will encourage them on a goal ( Enemy Societies/Wars.... Someone is going to do it because everyone wants to expand ))
    • Put the player first make him responsible for his own destiny regardless of what he choses and enable him to do so.
    To sum up all my ranty bullets , You must make it so the player can chose his own destiny in whatever he wants to do , If its to build a thriving City , so be it ... If its to build a Religious cult... so be it .. If its to raid and pillage... so be it even to change between the lot of it .. so be it. Don't force them into a corner with the limitations of the plugin make it possible for them to make that happen within the boundaries of the plugin. I think that's something we all could use , a little sandbox to play in, a homage to the soul of Minecraft.

    Well thanks for reading I hope even if you don't like what my ranty bullets say , please consider the name I think it could be an Iconic fit.
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    I'm really amazed how much you guys write, never thought it would get this big. Thanks everyone so far! So CTP and Sieges, Wars will definitely included, but they probably will form an extensions to this.
    I'm off for today, but I'll put a summary up tomorrow.

    You're absolutely right, for example rage first time I used SimpleClans wasn't really for pvp, much more to team up and organize a Society :D

    And I think the name Societies would fit pretty good :D

    So Capture Points will be a feature, on which can be started when the basic clan plugin is finished. But I think this would improve the pvp gameplayer in a very positive way.

    About ranks and permissions: Do you have an idea how to manage them easily? I mean you could build it like the bukkit permissions, but I think it would be hard for users to set them ingame up.
    So maybe it would be possible to handle them with a chest gui. What do you guys think?

    The main problem is that handling many permissions is pretty hard and I'm not sure how to make it easy for a leader of a clan.

    Created a page to vote for a new name: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1u-zkz0AeWBDOsq26IJ-tftTYr0KCkZLgB53DfugvS8I/viewform?usp=send_form

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    Hey! I'd like to help with Documentation writing and possibly making an API with this? I'll PM you my Skype!
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    Maybe make them toggle settings? like if you do /clan ranks officer it would show you a list of all the settings and if they are on or off, and then you could toggle them with /clan ranks officer invite allow to allow inviting or /clan ranks officer invite deny to deny invites. Yea its a bit of a long command but you could see the status of all the settings (which may be a somewhat long list, idk). Or you could do /clan ranks officer invite to set the invite flag back to default (kinda like how worldguard works i suppose).

    I suppose you dont even need to make a list of all the settings. You could just do /clan ranks create officer, then do /clan ranks officer allow invite,war,rival,ally,bank-deposit,etc
    /clan ranks officer deny bank-withdrawl,disband,etc

    That way you could make it so new ranks can only do the equiv of a normal member until you add or deny things from them. So essentially each rank denies all leader functionality unless you specifically add it to that rank. Then you could create explicit denies just to give you that piece of mind of knowing that they cant do it. Then you can just publish or document all the flags on a wiki or something and leaders can figure out what they are, or you can even do a /clan ranks help or something to list all the flags.
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    I was thinking more like how Factions plugin has their leader/mod/normal ranks, but with a lot more options for the players and admin.

    Players could have (This is from an old game I played):


    Let the admin choose which are enabled, and how each rank is different through the config. Then let the players choose who is ranked what by simply using commands.

    ~SupremeGeneral Tyrant Kotic of GSO~

    Also, I would like to comment on your post.

    Although making a clan should be easy and fun to get into. Claiming land should NOT be easy as cake. It should cost a great amount of resources to create claimed areas, BUT you aren't limited. If you want to expand you either pvp for other claimed land and transfer that land radius to your main city, or you save for another bindstone and place it somewhere as a placeholder just so you can get more radius on your main city. You aren't limited by "power" or the amount of players you have. Only limited by how efficient you are at gathering.

    Although if wanted, admin could make price of bindstones cheap or nonexistent. I just feel it helps reduce clutter of random claims and random clans who don't even log in.(That's another thing, inactivity timers of clan disbands, configurable by admin)

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    When you are creating a clan, there should be a permissions which to allow players or not to add color to their tag. So we can have it has a donator perk or not.

    When the results are final for the clan name vote, will you be switching up the plugin to fit that name? Like if the name is Societies or SimpleGuilds, will you be removing /clan and putting in /guild or /societies? In my opinion, I think you should stay with the clan theme but the name can be whatever the results say.
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    The point is to make parts of the plugin configurable so you can tune it to your servers culture. All minecraft servers big or small can benefit from making themselves different than the other million servers out there. Letting the admin / owner chose what parts are useful will help diversify how gameplay works but we must also take into account the problems of adding to much clutter and options that it becomes unmanageable for the player and admin. I think the way to go is a modular system where you can chose how your land management works, how your clan ranks work , how
    your economy works etc.. Drawing up a plan for how the plugin works is the most vital. I'm glad p000ison is letting us do this.
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