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    Richard Lang

    GrimCraft 0.4

    GrimCraft is a framework that I've been working on for a while now, what this essentially allows is the creation and implementation of some RPG elements such as items, abilities and effects. GrimCraft utilizes additional classloading to load its assets during startup. As such, a developer can create assets for GrimCraft the same way they can create plugins for CraftBukkit.

    Condensed Feature List
    Items - A second inventory system, these items are not physical to minecraft.
    Abilities - Abilities that invoke effects when they are activated.
    Effects - Passive effects that listen for certain events.
    Modules - Miniature plugins for GrimCraft.

    Future Features
    Roles - The ability to create specialized roles that grant additional abilities and effects so long as you retain that role. ( Essentially class/guild system )
    GrimCraft Client - The second client featured in the video below.

    The current release version (0.4) of GrimCraft can be downloaded <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    The source code of the plugin can be viewed here.

    You can view the wiki page of the plugin at http://langricr.ca/grim.

    To put into perspective what GrimCraft is capable of, please refer to the following video. I'm still working on the GrimCraft Client for current iteration of GrimCraft.

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    Quintin Rose

    Secondary hosts are good to have also :p.
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    Ah, awesome, the website is back up and running now, will have a poke around there.
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    Quintin Rose

    Hope you can figure it out. i'd be interested as to what you can come up with for a module.
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    Well having no experience with Java outside of doing Uni coursework, I'm interested to see what I can come up with too X D

    I've poked around a bit so far, and will probably just start off small and create a more extensive interface, such as being able to generate items from scratch etc, and will probably experiment with different items. I'm thinking of making 'armour' which mitigates damage taken or something.

    Just messing around for now.
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    What might be interesting would be a passive effect, an enchantment maybe, that can be applied to a person's armour as a buff that activates on damage taken.
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    Aye that could be cool, and I guess sort of what I was thinking about:

    Having a separate equipment section from the standard in-game one, that separately effects damage taken. From my knowledge in-game armour is subtracted before HP is, or a portion of it is?

    Instead this would just directly affect HP lost, so instead of being hit for 3 damage you'd be hit for 2 for instance.

    You could just as easily call this an enchantment instead of a new piece of armour considering you can't see it anyway.

    Another cool feature could be an ability 'evasion' which reduces damage taken to 0 if you pass a dice roll or something. You could then have 'heavier' armour effect the evasion property, so you get to choose between chance and constant damage reduction.
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    I think the game listens for damage, and if the player takes some damage, a portion of it is taken away (which varies according to armour type - boots, helmet etc) which is accordingly taken from the armour condition.

    So if you intercept the damage event and negate it, then pass on the damage after any calculations, you could do what you wanted. Godmode may interfere with this, but I guess that would make sense.
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    I've got a bit of a problem atm exporting the .jar files. Because the module doesn't seem to be directly connected to GrimCraft itself, it refuses to export unless I recreate the buildpath. So if I do so, including bukkit and GrimCraft, when I try to load the new jar/class as a module it refuses to accept the classpath file.

    I can't see how you've managed to connect it and successfully export it with the supplied .jar files, as I can't even re-export them if I import them into my workspace.

    I can do a force export but it doesn't re-generate any class files so no changes are registered, making it pointless :p
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    Quintin Rose

    Don't forget to make it show up in the effects list when you type /ef. also add a way to monitor how it's used i.e. must have x amount of feathers or something.

    And for armor if you decrease run speed with each set i.e. diamond is best so it would decrease run speed by .5% or something.
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    Any news on when the Wiki will be up? :)
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    Quintin Rose

    there is a problem with one of his scripts for the wiki. he's been busy all weekend but i anticipate that the website will be back up before midweek at latest

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