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    Richard Lang

    GrimCraft 0.4

    GrimCraft is a framework that I've been working on for a while now, what this essentially allows is the creation and implementation of some RPG elements such as items, abilities and effects. GrimCraft utilizes additional classloading to load its assets during startup. As such, a developer can create assets for GrimCraft the same way they can create plugins for CraftBukkit.

    Condensed Feature List
    Items - A second inventory system, these items are not physical to minecraft.
    Abilities - Abilities that invoke effects when they are activated.
    Effects - Passive effects that listen for certain events.
    Modules - Miniature plugins for GrimCraft.

    Future Features
    Roles - The ability to create specialized roles that grant additional abilities and effects so long as you retain that role. ( Essentially class/guild system )
    GrimCraft Client - The second client featured in the video below.

    The current release version (0.4) of GrimCraft can be downloaded <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    The source code of the plugin can be viewed here.

    You can view the wiki page of the plugin at http://langricr.ca/grim.

    To put into perspective what GrimCraft is capable of, please refer to the following video. I'm still working on the GrimCraft Client for current iteration of GrimCraft.

    Nothing Yet

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    Very interesting indeed. Just seems a little bit clumsy to have to shift focus every time you want to do something though.

    Still, shows promise. Love the items idea, a simple and easy way to get around having to install cumbersome custom block IDs and client addons on the core JAR files.
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    Richard Lang

    The GrimCraft Client is not proprietary, at least not anymore. On the wiki is a link to a CLI module for GrimCraft that allows players to interface with their inventories, abilities and effects via commands.

    Developers are also able to create their own modules to interface with the engine in whatever way they see fit.
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    Ah, I see. I assumed the video was the most up-to-date demonstration, so I must admit I wasn't very impressed by the constant shifting of windows.
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    Richard Lang

    I see, I've changed the italicized text to say "current" in place of "new"
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    Very promising indeed, if you can get some people behind this and making plugins. Keep us posted!
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    Richard Lang

    Thats why I've released it in it's presently bare and empty state, I'd appreciate requests as to what would be an interesting addition. But this is also designed to make it easier for developers to create their own items, effects, etc.
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    the post header has to be done it text (hosting the image can go down)
    you are missing the plugin version in post header
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    Well, I hate to say it (because it's the first thing people always say) but have you considered permissions and whatnot? Or does GrimCraft have its own system, or is it not required (i.e. non-exploitable)?

    Is it possible to procedurally generate "items" with variable properties, Diablo-loot-style? That would be interesting.

    I'm not really sure how general (or low-level) you're looking for requests to be...
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    Richard Lang

    The image isn't going down unless the server hosting it currently sitting beside me goes down, but I've moved the image in either case.

    Interfacing with plugins like Permissions or iConomy is the responsibility of the developer that makes the module or item.

    If you refer to this you can see a module that creates a global item shop that takes iConomy currency.

    As per the diablo-style comment, I'm currently working on allowing chests to store items as well, after that it would be possible to make a module that places random items in chests
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    Ah, so it's not completely seperate from Bukkit. Is this more of a direct extension to Bukkit, offering non-game items and abilities that are more flexible than in-game ones, then?

    How would that work? Since they're not really in the game, wouldn't you have to load custom items in anyway?
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    Richard Lang

    GrimCraft can support logically existing items that are foreign to minecraft or its modules can deal with minecraft objects in the traditional manner.

    If I don't hardcode supports for chests, there could be a module in place that keeps track of block coordinates as being chests, when the player attempts to open the chest they'll instead be prompted that it contains GrimCraft items instead.
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    hmm.. i dont get the mod XD should make it more understandeble for dumb people like me.
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    Richard Lang

    Its a framework for developing special items and abilities
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    I would expect that a container system that ties into a function to check if a block is a chest would be more versatile. You could then have non-chest containers that activate on events other than right-clicking.
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    Richard Lang

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    Very interesting, I really like the idea of this. One question, does it come hard coded with abilities? Or do the developers decide what they wish to add?
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    i.e. In a story-based dungeon, you could give players items when they reach specific points, or create a loot room full of treasure... and that would benefit from the flexibility of not having to have a chest whenever items needed storage.
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    How can we know if you're not saving our Usernames and Passwords when entering it in that popubar/login bar?

    Sorry, didnt understand the video, nvm ^^,
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    Richard Lang

    I'm currently thinking of a way to have items on the ground and you can use something like a look command to view items nearby you.
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    Quintin Rose

    Seems like a nice plugin. I might be able to check it out later this evening. Maybe adding a simple quest system. I will look at source when i get time see if i can give you any ideas :)

    Also, in regards to items on ground instead of making it a command why not make it register from a keyboard input? such as sneak.

    A list of Default abilites/items etc would be nice
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    to be honest with you, i want to like this plugin. but what does it actually do? i looked at the videos on youtube for it and they explain absolutely NOTHING. please, at least psot a video EXPLAINING all of the features for this plugin!;)
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    until a video exists run a test server, thats what i do, its pretty simple.
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    Quintin Rose

    This is a Framework. Defined by Wikipedia. Software framework, a reusable set of libraries or classes for a software system (or subsystem).

    Sorry about Spelling in video.

    Here is a short video of the plugins to Grimcraft that langricr has made himself and can be downloaded from the information site.

    I'm hoping that some previous developers that have created. oh i don't know... maybe MCMMO or Stats and Achievements, those a re a few taht i hope would be tied into this plugin. If UQuest could be added in or similar questing plugin that is highly customizable i would be estatic.
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    A /search command that lets you hit blocks to see if items are hidden there (perhaps with variable chance of success?) might be interesting.
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    It seems that the link to your website is down or something.

    Is it possible you could also create some user/programmer documentation, and is there anyone out there who would be willing to share their modules for this?
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    Quintin Rose

    They have to be developed and would most likely be posted as another plugin on bukkit just like how IConomy has it. When his site is up there are a couple sample plugins to the framework that you can download when his site goes back up.

    Developers design them.

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    I'm sort of curious as to the difficulty of developing 'modules' for plugins like this. I have some knowledge of Java through university but I'm not quite sure if that would be enough.

    That's also why I'd be interested in some Programmer Documentation.
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    Quintin Rose

    That's something that Richard will have to post since i didn't develop it i don't know how he set up the API calls or how it loads the new modules from resource folder etc.

    Although i'm sure you could look at the source code for the CLI and the Sample.jar from his website.
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    Richard Lang

    The website should be back up, I'm having issues having the server run it's DNS update script.

    I'll be working on the JavaDocs to be added in 0.5

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