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    Build [200]
    What is Espo?
    Espo is a API that makes it easier for developers to create Plugins. This is less time consuming method; by easy access. From easy to use methods from a built in Item HashMap, to a bunch of Economy methods to create a Economy System and many more! ESPO is the way to go!​
    How do I use it?
    Just add ESPO to your Build Path and follow these classes begin!​
    Classes to Use (open)

    Classes to Use:
    public boolean onCommand(CommandSender sender, Command cmd, String cmdLabel, String[] args) {
    Player player (Player)sender;
    Server server = player.getServer();
    WriteClass.Write("doc.text", "This is a text File! Boo ya!");
    return true;
    As you can see in this I have used my Class "WriteClass" which Writes easy Files in ESPO's API
    Here is Another:
    if (cmdLabel.equalsIgnoreCase("god")){
    sender.sendMessage("God Mode Enabled!");
    } else {
    sender.sendMessage("God Mode Disabled!");
      return true;
    Here I have used the "PlayerClass" Class; which includes the method GodMode from PlayerInfo Class.
    *After you have created your plugin with ESPO, the User must have ESPO as one of their plugins!

    Updates will be based on "Builds", any updates will be posted here, BukkitDev, and or GitHub. Our ChangeLog will keep you knowledgeable on the new adds we have included in ESPO. Users who want to Help out and continue ESPO, Message us for more information on Developing ESPO.​
    Need Help?
    Feel free to Message and or comment on this thread.​
    If you have any Suggestions please Contact us at any time. If there is a Bug in ESPO, please leave a comment below!​
    Build [200]​
    • Added Methods for InetSocketAddress Functions
    • Added subtractExp Method
    • Added Methods for subtractHealth and addHealth
    • Added Vector & Velocity Methods
    • Added Economy HashMap for Developers who want to create a Eco System
    • Added Method for addTotalExperience and Subtract
    • Added Easy File Writer
    • Methods for giveItem
    • World Methods
    • Added Methods for addMoney, subtractMoney, Multiply and Divide
    • Final Build Cleanup
    Build [120]​
    • Added GodMode Method​
    • Easier SetSpawn Method​
    • Added Entity Counter​
    • Added getKills and sendKills methods​
    • Added PlayerInfo Class​
    • Added Counter Class​
    • Updated Build onCommand​
    Build [100]​
    • Public Release​
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    This to me, just seems like you're keeping new devs from learning how to do things the real way.
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    First of all dont say anything at all if you cant say something positive. Second, I really like your advanced plugins man..... First of all, who actually did teach you (ME) . 3rd Its also decreasing time on developing plugins. Bukkit made a API, Now go hard code that.... with out the API you wouldnt even know what to do!
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    It's nice, but I think I'm going to stick with the 'old skool',
    nice job.
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    I'm just saying.. Why do we need an API for an API?

    edit: And also, it was @V10lator who taught me the most ;)

    and coding with this api,
    a) is not the way to learn for beginners and
    b) not advanced enough for pros
    so who is this targeted to?

    It's for lazy people, that are so lazy, they force their users to get another plugin to prevent them from coding it right.

    Not mad, just the truth.

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  7. What? Really? Seems like you can't handle criticism... Well, I won't say anything at all then . :p
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    Looks good. might save me time to make my first plugin:D
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  9. If it matters, i think this is great. But do you really need an API for an API? i mean, good on you, but i think you should add more content.
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    I will try this out, but I got some negative feelings when I saw this plugin started with negatively comments, especially from the developer..
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    @MrMag518 @V10lator This plugin was for New Developers but It can be used by everyone. No matter who they are, or how good they are; this is for ANYONE. Just because some people"Dont like it" or feel there is No need for this, doesnt mean to shoot down the people willing to spend their time and help out the new ones. Never aim down, aim up and shoot always. That is the only way you will get high in life.
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    lol @ life lessons I learn on bukkit.
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    I thank you for your kind words, and I am adding more everyday. Just remember this was made in one day, and will continue on creating more and more. :)
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    I have a vision, of this thread derailing sometime soon.

    At least he's contributing to the community guys! :D
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    Jacob Marshall

    This is neat. Good job. However (creative criticism alert), your examples show the API to be extremely similar to the existing Bukkit API, im sure it did take a while, but it doesnt show anything "new" or unique that Bukkit API doesnt already have.

    All in all, good job and good luck!
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    Thank you, and actually very true in a way. But since we cannot "add on" Unless we used spout it, so its less competent. But we are adding a lot more next Update :]
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    Jacob Marshall

    Great, im sure this will come in handy with new developers anyway. Seriously, good job.
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  19. You don't even know what I wanted to say. But here it is (don't start to cry now, start learning accepting and handling (negative) criticism):
    Material type = Items.getMaterial(args[0]);
    from your API is exactly the same as:
    Material type = Material.getMaterial(args[0]);
    Also other functions I saw are very similar (if not identical) to functions of the bukkit API.
    So all this does is confuse new developers cause they'll end up mixing API functions. It would be way better to write tutorials on how to do the things your API does with the bukkit API.
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    I like it.
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    New Build! :]
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    Daniel Heppner

    Wait, so now we're going to encourage new developers to not develop or Bukkit, because that's WAY TOO HARD. Nah, instead we're supposed to encourage them to develop for your plugin. Also, how do you expect us to know what classes and methods there are if you're not even going to provide the source code? Seriously, at least make a Javadoc. And you seem to think that this is going to be a really big project considering that you made a new account for it. So why don't you have a bug tracker set up? Even a BukkitDev page would do, although I'd probably set up a redmine on a VPS.
    You really don't have nearly enough stuff in this for a public release. I guess it could work, but you really have to be careful not to copy Bukkit methods, otherwise it looks unprofessional. Pretty much every method you have right now can be done with only a few lines of code using Bukkit, so this feels really useless (setspawn? really?). Just add some advanced things to it that would normally require hundreds of lines of code, but make it only a few lines of code for the end user.


    Good luck.
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    Not offensive ment, but I won’t recommend anyone to use this, because this will one time get outdated in some way, and when that happens; you will need to learn the real bukkit API. But else, this is a very good work by you :)
    I'm not saying anything negative directly with it, but I'm negative to the way some users will learn to code with bukkit.
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    But, How do i use it?

    How could I use this to make a simple plugin? Maybe a youtube tut??

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    If you haven't programmed for bukkit before I wouldn't use this.
    Simply because you will get into habits.
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    HEY GUYS! I know what we should do! Let's make a plugin that's easier to develop with ESPO! Oh my god, this is going to be beautiful fellas. @V10lator
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    Lol he's the one who got the idea to say that, we're in skype [;
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    @Waffletastic I think it is really funny on how you rant on a project when 2/3 of yours are features already found in essentials.

    @EspoDev On the same line, I think you should offer something awesome in this plugin to make big servers want to download it (I have something you may want) and also include these APIs. The APIs you should have are elements that Essentials has, because I know it is a pain to get the current number of players online and such. Keep trying, and PM me if u need help :)
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