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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Afforess, May 21, 2011.

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    BukkitContrib is superseded by Spout, the new Bukkit/Client framework.
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    I forget which one is
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    Ah okay than I'll try it later.
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    So I'm getting some really bad view movement with the client mod installed. I installed using the auto installer (everything worked fine). I connect to single player works perfectly. I then connect to my server (running bukkitcontrib plugin) the view lags when I move (as in when I move the camera, my mouse, the movement is VERY jerky and near impossible to play with) If I don't move the camera the screen is fluid and fine. If I then go back into single player the camera keeps the error and lags horribly (telling me it has to be the client mod doing it (it is my only mod btw)). So is anyone else having this problem?
    Specs: Mac 10.6.8 2.66 GHz processor 8GB RAM
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    Yep, that's the one.


    That's the plan.

    I've identified a possible cause of slowdowns in 0.1.3, and removed it for the next release. You are free to grab a development build and see if it fixes your problems.

    That's interesting - mainly because the client mod makes the game faster than vanilla MC, due to the optimine performance additions.

    I'd recommend you check for any Java updates, it's a stretch, but it may fix it.

    If not, let me know some more specifics, Java version (e.g Java 5? Java 6?), RAM, etc.

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    ok I'll try that my cpu usage has sky rocketed with the latest version :)
    Edit: crud seems you only have dev builds of the plugin?

    well with the client mod I seem to be using 2 to 3 times the cpu to run minecraft and it carries over between multiplayer and singleplayer even while idel minecraft was using 50% (of one cpu(quad core i7))
    I'm running the most updated java for mac I believe 6
    Edit: Minecraft is using 600MB of Ram and 200% cpu in game T.T

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    If you use the dev client, you need the dev plugin on your server too.
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    I'll give it a go, thanks!
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    @MJE eagerly looking forward to your results. Love BukkitContrib and am hoping the dev build fixes the issue so I can turn it back on. :)
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    Ahhhh ok thanks for the help I'll try that now :)
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    Hmm, does anyone at all have v0.1.2? 0_o.
    It's crap not being able to use this just because of an update.
    If they do, pm me the link, and i'll find something to reward them with, i have no clue what... but, you know. :p
    It would be just as easy to post a link to the previous version here though. Would save a lot of trouble.
    Thanks :)
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    Update: so I got the latest dev builds and it all runs smoothly now :) only minor problems are that compass and watch don't show the moving parts (needle and day/night cycle images missing) Fire shows up as this and attempting to change texture packs causes minecraft to freeze then close. Hope that helps find the bugs, I'd be glad to give you more data if you wanted and I'll report any more bugs I find.
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    who have a client with an integrated plug-in. I can not install it to the client. After loading the network mode, black screen appears and the game freezes.:(
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    So far so good, will let you more later today!
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    What's the command to register KeyEvent please ?
    And then is there a possibility to add a client folder control in BukkitContrib, would be nice
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    How do I install it? I place it in the plugins folder, restart the server, but it pops up with those errors in the server box.
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    RB 953 MC 1.7.3 BC Unknown - plugin forces it on the server and it doesn't show in the log (assuming .1.3)

    No one else can log onto the server. It keeps kicking them for moving too fast. And this occurs as soon as they log onto the server.

    2011-07-15 12:18:05 [INFO] Tommy [/] logged in with entity id 81 at ([world] -292.1626894024536, 16.0, -23.633498313526776)
    2011-07-15 12:18:05 [WARNING] Tommy moved too quickly! Elapsed ticks: 1, Distance change: 2209.0

    This is what happens and they get kicked for supposedly hacking the server.

    This has made me have to stop using some of my plugins because the force your package onto my server and mess everything up
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    public void onCustomEvent(CustomEvent e){
        if(e instanceof KeyPressedEvent){
            KeyPressedEvent event = (KeyPressedEvent) e;
            // todo STUFF
    This works for me, for now
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    You Should add TexturePacks! for something like
    - Making a stick look like a MaGiCwAnD!!!!
    - Making a Invisible floor
    - Just for the sake of textures :)

    Also i thinks it is funny how the first 10-15 posts are all by plugin developers :p
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    I am probably missing something here because it looks like your code is right.

    Anyway, I can getting this sequence of byte when parsing the server to client link.

    ........ c3 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 10 0 0 0 16 0 4 0 6e 0 6f 0 6e 0 65 0 4 0 *6e* 0 6f 0 6e 0 65 c3 0 0 0 e 0 0 0 14 0 0 0 6c 0 0 5 dc 0 0 0 64 0 0 0
    Note: The log doesn't zero pad, so 0 = 00 and values are hex. *6e* is where the parser fails to parse.

    So, starting at c3, the next 4 bytes are an int. This is 2 which is the sub-packet id, giving a packet of PacketSkinURL.

    The next 4 bytes are 0, 0, 0, 10. This is equal to 16, which should be that payload length.

    If you skip 16 bytes after that, you land on the zero before the *6e* and that counts as a keep-alive 1 byte length packet. It then hits 6e and can't determine what kind of packet it is.

    The internal fields are

    int: entityId = 0016h = 22
    String: SkinURL = 0, 4 (length 4) 0, 6e, 0, 6f, 0, 6e, 0, 65 = "none"
    String: CloakURL = 0, 4 (length 4) 0, 6e, 0, 6f, 0, 6e, 0, 65 = "none"

    Total length = 4 + 10 + 10 = 24.

    However, the actual length given is 10h = 16.

    The length calculation is

    4 + PacketUtil.getNumBytes(skinURL) + PacketUtil.getNumBytes(cloakURL);
    and the num bytes calculation is 2 + 2*(string length) which is also right.

    I am using 1.3, so maybe the code has been fixed for the dev version.
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    What is the last version of BukkitContrib that works properly with v1.6.6 server and is there a dl link for these older versions?
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    Broken with CB 993.
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    Yup. Locked up my server.

    Fixed in CB #994. :)

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    Rule of thumb - I don't support non-RB's. However, grab the latest dev build of BukkitContrib and it will work with the latest dev of CraftBukkit.

    No, I don't give out old builds because it will cause confusion and introduce bugs I fixed in later releases. Sorry.

    Texture Pack support is already in 0.1.3

    That works, but I recommend you extend my InputListener class, and override onKeyPress or onKeyRelease

    Tough. Read the section on Modloader/ModloaderMP.

    I do not support other client modifications. Sorry.

    It works fine, but you must be using the latest recommended build, 953. Post errors if you see them.

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    does this not work after reload or is it just the BukkitContribEssentials that is broken? anyone have this issue?
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    I do not distribute links to old releases. If you are having trouble, use the latest build, or the latest dev build, or report a bug.

    This plugin works fine with /reload. If you are having trouble, it is likely to due to a different plugin.

    Thanks for the report! I will investigate and fix it for the release tomorrow.

    BukkitContrib does nothing to players for moving to fast. Could you be more specific as to what actual problems BukkitContrib is causing?

    You're not crazy. I only have fixed the server plugin calculations, the client calculations are still wrong. Expect a fix for that pushed in a few hours.

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    Then what is the version number of BukkitContrib - i.e. 0.0.8 or 0.1.0 or ? - that last worked with v1.6.6 (which, as far as I'm concerned, is the last version without any major game-breaking bugs)? I may have a copy in my server backups, before it decided to auto-update itself and prevent any clients from connecting to the server at all. We need this for chest logging with LWC.
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