Detecting obsidian + cobblestone generation

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by imxforce, May 8, 2020.

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  1. I am currently developing a 1.8 Duels plugin (my first actual game) and I'm trying to make it so that lava that gets turned into obsidian will disappear after 5 seconds. I have tried using BlockFormEvent (the suggested event for this action) but it doesn't actually get triggered at all when obsidian/cobblestone is formed. How can I detect said generation?
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    It should trigger, as the example you mentioned is listed
    1. Examples:
    3. Snow forming due to a snow storm.
    4. Ice forming in a snowy Biome like Taiga or Tundra.
    5. Obsidian / Cobblestone forming due to contact with water.
    6. Concrete forming due to mixing of concrete powder and water.

    Are you sure you registered the event?
  3. Yeah, I registered the event and I've also got @EventHandler above the event.
    Problem is the event is literally not getting called at all when obsidian/cobblestone forms.
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    Show us what you have so far
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