Desperate need of help with permissions??

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Tdaddysimi, Aug 3, 2012.

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    hey, I'm 20 from the usa. I used to have my own server a year ago, and i'm starting one up again. I've tried using essentials group manager for my plugins, and although the groups and stuff work, it will still let each group use the commands they are allowed, but nobody can build. Could someone PLEASE help?? A premade template, premade server file running on 1.3, or anything would be appreciated. I just wanna host the best server possible.
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    i can teach you permissionsex, but essentials, im not so sure.
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    I just need something that works. Tomorrow i'll have my server public. i dont care if i restart everthing. i would prefer it. I just need something working on 1.3 with some sort of permissions working.
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    i would not recommend launching a new server on a unstable build. i have been preparing my server for almost a month now and with the time the bukkit developers need to finish the stable build, you can work on the small things.

    if someone new joins and is turned off, they will most likely not come back.

    on the other hand if you told everyone it will be out tomorrow, you should tell them it will have to wait, this way you have a fighting chance of keeping members.
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    I've previously had one though, and i know what to do and expect. Permissions was just something that was always tricky with me. I desperately need some sort of permissions or tomorrow my server will be grief city. I need a way to control new users from griefing, but allowing the members i have to still build. Any suggestions??
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    do you have a skype or any way of instant messaging?

    i could teach you how to use it now? (but it's 12:30am where i am and i have work early tomorrow so get a move on it haha)
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    Add me on skype
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    you cant build because build is disabled by default for default. go groupmanager/worlds/world/groups.yml, change build: false to build: true. check my signature links for more info.
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    Problem Solved, Was on Skype With The Guy For 5 Hours And Got The Job Done.
    Rewrote and Taught Him How to Do permissionsex with essentials and found all problems.
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    Thank you!! my server works MINT
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    mark as solved plz
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