Problem/Bug Description: Loading NBT data /Please Help/

Discussion in 'General Help' started by Se7enito99, Aug 28, 2015.

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    Please Help! with this : My server Crash (When the server goes down a certain time.)

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    Update your server and Client side and it should fix it.
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    @Thepom360, I don't think that will fix it. To be perfectly honest, IDK what exactly would cause the stack he got. More likely to be an issue with a compressed file, which would lead me to believe the world file is corrupt.
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    I was only taking a wild guess :)
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    @Thepom360, wild guesses really don't help the person with the issue :). Whatever is causing this, it isn't something that's easily fixable.
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    @Tecno_Wizard It does when he posted this on Friday and today is Wednesday and No one Replied until I did, I was only trying to Help.
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    When its a server crash log with 63 people logged in at the time, there is an infinitesimal chance that it has anything to do with one user needing to update his client. And anyone running 1.5.2 minecraft is doing so for specific choice reason as well, so upgrading the server isn't really a typical option here;)

    The decompression issues and NBT data calls indicate a corruption in a map file. At least one chunk record is busted, and needs to be removed or replaced. A server your size likely has backups taken regularly... search for the tool "Region Fixer" - its fairly complex, and it is a stand-alone tool to run, not a plugin. You can run it in one of two modes - easiest mode, which will simply delete any corrupted chunks from the map and allow them to be regenerated to their initial nature state (goodbye to any buildings on that 16x16 x256 volume), harder mode is to set it up to extract the corresponding chunk from a backup as a transplant donor, but if its a legacy building like spawn area or arenas, and a couple chunks together are broken, you will regain more. Most of the time, losing one chunk isn't a huge setback when faced with losing the whole map, and having to rebuild a small corner of something isn't that much work...
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