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    'nuff said
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    How does this integrate? I see no documentation on this anywhere. Would love to set command costs.
    --- merged: Feb 19, 2011 1:22 AM ---
    also using /eco give or take will not display a notification unless it is to myself. but the "transaction" still goes through.
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    It doesnt work 100% good for me. Every item is worth 0 and when i try /sell every time i get "Error: 0"
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    Uncle XaM

    iMonster work ?
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    Integration is a work in progress. For now, it is a standalone plugin. The integration will be with the Essentials core, not the EEco extension. EEco just provides a frontend and a few shops to integrate with the core.
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    Any plans for iConomy integration?
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    How do i set prices of items for this?
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    I really like the sign stores, works like a charm.
    The only problem I have is I didn't see how to set permissions to use the /balance command.
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    Still need help please.
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    iConomy wrapper please!
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    Ok I just started using this plugin today, so I may have just not come across my answer yet. I am the "Blacksmith" of our server and the server admin (if it is a config error on my part), and I want to trade/sell picks, swords etc but it will only let me place 1 sword per there a way to do several per sign so my wall is not full of signs?
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    Is there a reason EssentialsEco cannot be downloaded on your wiki? It's not listed on the downloads page and is not included in the larger essentials pack. I only knew about it because it was mentioned on the commands page, and it took me a while to find this.
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    so i found a pretty major exploit bug i think when using the sign trading feature with this plugin, so what i did was i set up the sign for trading items, when someone made the trade with the sign and i being the creator went to collect my items that had been traded i was able to right click on the sign and recieve the item traded and could keep doing so indefinatly receiving as many of the item.
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    is there any way to set up local shops with this?
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    Any chance of editing how much money is given to players and the time interval between pays? This would be really helpful :D
    --- merged: Feb 27, 2011 8:24 PM ---
    Also, I don't think the giving money is working at all?
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    Hi there, I dumped iConomy for this, because it doesn't work with groupmanger, and this is supposed to have integrated shops :D.
    But, the /pay command doesnt work, it keeps giving an 'syntax correction' like: 'Usage: /pay [player] [money]'
    I tried it with different people, permissions and syntaxes like 1, $1 and swapping the amount and player , but it keeps giving the same responce, can you fix this? our economy is coming to a grinding halt.

    also, I like the pay for command thing, so I can let ppl pay to use warps.

    Also, can you give it version numbers so I can keep track if there is a fixed version?

    Ran iConomy 2.1 before, 3&4 dont work with groupmanager and it needs extra plugins for shops, it also uses the /pay command, I deleted the iConomy folder & .jar, but could there still be somekind of command conflict?
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    How can i set the price for an item?
    --- merged: Feb 28, 2011 4:50 PM ---
    ok, got it, had to delete the config file
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    Could you please explain what exactly did you do to configure the worth of items?
    I don't see any option nor is it documented anywhere...
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    Yes, that was my problem as well, that i didnt find any documentation about how to configure the prices (or what are the new settings).
    But there is two way to fix this:
    1. The developer usually put some examples in the config file, but you can only see these new settings if you backup your old config file then delete it and let the plugin generate a new config file for you, then you will see some new settings with examples if there is some new..
    2. If you know the new settings/commands, then add those to your config file.

    Here are the examples for the new settings:
    "worth-4:1" - Where the '4' is the item ID and the '1' is the price etc...

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    I'm very happy with this plugin, iConomy is currently a mess due recend updates and slow plugin devs who use it as a base for their shop plugins etc., this one has all included and works great with groupmanager. However, I still have a few issues/wishes
    - functional /pay command, it doesnt work keeps giving the same error (see my first post)
    - ingame item/block pricing and listing
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    Hi , So i downloaded the full essentials pack and in the Config this part doesn't seem to be working or either i understood the content wrong.

    # Defines the cost to use the given commands PER USE
    kit toolsdiam: 25000
    kit toolsir: 9000
    kit armorle: 230
    kit armorir: 7000
    kit armordiam: 22500
    kit armorgold: 9500
    # /example costs $1000 PER USE
    #example: 1000
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    Is possible to setup it with MySQL ?

    Edit : Or where is stocked the data ?
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    Dl link isnt working for me atm.
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    Great ideas but sell/buy signs not working for members just for op-s.
    Groupmanage is on and live but they cant use it. :(
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    I had that to, make sure you give them the permission (for trade signs), signs.sell.use, and permissions
    Users should only have the option, not the buy and sell since those two allow for infinite cheap items.

    Doesn anyone else have trouble with the /pay command? what CB versions do you use? any other plugins?
    I use most of the essentials suite, worldedit, worldguard, and groupmanager, on 432.
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    Ive fix the sign problem.
    Dont use Essentials.groupmanneger.
    Use the original Groupe manegger and it will work.

    /pay not working for me op or as member too :(
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    (Also posted under LWC)

    Hello, I'm fairly new to running a server (3 days online), but I think I've encountered an unintended effect while using LWC in conjunction with EssentialsEco.

    Basically, what is happening is:
    - I set up a [Trade] sign via EssentialsEco, and lock it with LWC
    - When someone attempts to destroy the sign that doesn't have permission, the sign reappears after they destroy it. Effectively the sign is properly protected in that way.
    -However, though the inventory of the sign remains intact (I tested a trade sign that bought dirt for cash -- as in, I receive the 10 dirt that the sign traded with a player, giving them cash), the player that bashed the sign in also receives the stored inventory of the sign. Basically, it allows whomever bashes the sign to repeatedly do so and clone the inventory stored inside the sign-shop for themselves.
    -I've tested this on chests to make sure it isn't cloning the inventory of chests, which it isn't. It just seems to be with sign-shops with a stored inventory.

    Any thoughts on how to fix this? Or should I be looking at a different economy system? I'm running the server at, which doesn't allow locally hosted SQL databases, though self-contained sqlite seems to work fine.

    At the moment, I'm running the following plugins:
    Permissions 2.5.1 Phoenix
    LWC 1.57
    Appletree plugin...

    Response I received from LWC dev...
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    I may be missing something obvious here, but I installed the plugin and made some sell signs, but I get the following error when I try to sell something (via sign):

    Error: com.earth2me.essentials.User.giveMoney(D)V

    Is there something else that I need to activate?
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    I notice the revision/build number isn't changing, also I have a load of complaining users about the one stack shop limit.
    Is there any chance that in the near future we have:
    - a working /pay command
    - a chest-shop or sign-shop with chest size hold? and direct account updating + sign updating
    especially the last one, or else I'll just hop back to iConomy+Idontknowyet-shop

    I rather keep using eco because it allows me to let users pay for commands (/home :D) and its easy for me to set up a bank with those buy&sell signs. But ofcourse my user <-> user trade has priority (large hold, direct account updating)

    Please reply so we have any idea anything will happen

    Edit: I saw on your wiki & change log you are on version ~800 now, in this list your listed in the 200 range, you might want to update your threads, and actually tell ppl their problems are fixed or that your working on them.
    Atm essentials have a very outdated look while in fact you are very up to date...
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    where is stored the information about players money?

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