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    This thread is not to incite a flame or to render any discomfort to anyone. I am merely requesting a reason for my blacklist of the #bukkit IRC. I am a long standing member of Bukkit and Hmod and would think that this was just some sort of mix-up.

    Several weeks ago, I was in #Bukkitdev - someone started talking about an apparently "taboo" topic and I was banned with the reason "you know better", not PM was set or further explanation. I was not warned, I feel I was not being outrageous.

    Thinking that this was a mistake or that it was just a temp ban, later that week I joined #bukkitdev on my home connection.. I was then promptly rebanned for "ban evasion"

    Now, today - I got on after about a week of being "banned" to find that I was still considered armed and dangerous and banned again for "second ban evasion"

    Just wanting to know why I am blacklisted and if this can be reversed.
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    TnT Retired Staff

    Not sure why you asked here, you've been told multiple times that you have been banned, by EvilSeph, for repeatedly bringing up topics you were told not to discuss, such as your DDoS issue. This is why you are banned.

    Logging in from another address is ban evasion.

    You know who you need to talk to.

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