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Discussion in 'Resources' started by Pezmc, Jan 14, 2011.

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    This is the old thread, please see:
    This mini-program does a part of copy/paste work you need to do to develop java plugin for bukkit. It makes starting a project easier. It supports OSX, Linux and Windows.

    - Download from
    - Read the README
    - Either
    - Osx/Linux
    - Run create from inside a shell (terminal) with ./create
    - Windows
    - Run create.bat from windows explorer
    - Answer the questions
    - Done

    If you have problems please submit issues via github:
    Happy to accept pull requests!

    Many thanks to sli for the original, as well as Juntalis and 14mRh4X0r for some massive improvements (see github) and tomsik68 for the original windows version.
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    Mildly useful, but to be honest I find it better to just create a blank eclipse project with Bukkit on the classpath and placeholder source files and packages. All you need to do then is copy and paste and refactor the name(s), and away you go.
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