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    Plugin category: Mining

    Minecraft version: 1.12-1.19.3

    Suggested name:

    What I want: I would like it to have placeable blocks that start off as black wool, that when mined has the chance to spawn into: iron ore, gold ore, emerald ore, diamond ore, lapis ore. redstone ore, coal ore or black wool. That would have the chance everytime the block is mined. I would like there to be a command to get the block that i can place that users can mine to get random ores. There will be a bunch in a cluster of the blocks.

    Chances for Each Ore: Iron Ore: 75% Gold Ore: 55% Coal Ore: 85% Diamond Ore: 30% Emerald Ore: 22% Lapis Ore: 66% Ancient Debris: 0.5% Redstone Ore: 66% Copper Ore: 52% Nether Quartz Ore: 48% Nether Gold Ore: 48%

    Ideas for commands:
    - /getmine
    - /minereload
    - /deepmine help

    Ideas for permissions:
    - deepmine.reload
    - deepmine.getMine

    When I'd like it by: March 31st 2023
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    It does not sadly... I need 1 block that i can place that will randomly spawn a random ore by chance from the list provided and only work in a specific region name using worldguard and worldedit that I can define in a config file
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    anyone able to get this done?
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    I kinda need this plugin asap at this point.
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    Hey, what do you mean by "spawn into"? Just dropping the item on the ground or replacing the block? Also, once the block is placed, do you want it to regenerate?
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    Replacing the block, and I do want the block to regenerate.
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    if you need anything else for this lmk
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    Any Update yet?

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