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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Rmarmorstein, Dec 15, 2012.

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    Ok, Heres my dilemma, I want to make NPC's of My staff to put on thrones. But i cannot find a decent npc plugin out there that works.

    I tried citizens, and it flat out does not work.

    I tried NPCwearhouse and the heads look the wrong way, even when lookat is set on.

    I am looking for something that i can make an NPC that will look at people when they are near it, or not look in a ridiculous direction.

    If anyone has suggestions of a plugin, or something that would be greatly appreciated!
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    Mate, try citizens Learn to set it up watch videos it works on my server, if you cant set it up you must be doing something wrong cuz it not that hard. Try citizens2
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    Using the default everything, the plugin is broken, the plugin folder does not genarate, nor a config, i know what i am talking about, Mate.
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    Mate, First off don't make fun on how I talk, Second off you must be dumb as hell, Third off What craftbukkit do you have and What version of citizens or citizens2 build you using?
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    Codex Arcanum

    This isn't going to help.
    Seems unlikely to me. Have you tried asking for help on the citizens thread?
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    I agree. But if your editing you citizen folder make sure the server off then reload.
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    I have tried everything. I am using the latest recommended build of craftbukkit, and all i did was drag in the .jar and reload. Nothing. I have tried troubleshooting and asking for help. Nothing.

    Also, I really do not appreciate getting called dumb.
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    I dont appreciate getting made fun of.mate
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    Wow, That is what i was looking for, Thanks a Lot! Thanks for answering my question! [diamond]< Diamonds For you :p

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