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    Plugin category: AdminTools

    Suggested name: AdminDeathSpawn

    What I want: I want /admin, puts you in game mode 1, puts you invisible not the potion also it will say "Your now in ADMIN mode". Doing /admin again will put you in game mode 0 and you will be visible again, it will also say "You are now in PLAY mode". Also I want it to have /vis and /invis. What /vis does is makes you visible and what /invis does is makes you invisible. I also want it to when you die and press the ReSpawn button you will be teleported to the exact place you died Admin mode on or without admin mode. Also When your in /admin you can't pick up blocks. But if you do /vis you can.

    Ideas for commands: /Admin /vis /invis

    Ideas for permissions: Admin.mode Admin.vis Admin.invis Admin.respawn
    When I'd like it: A week, 3 days or so :p
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    To be sure what you want:

    /admin - toggle GameMode to ADVENTURE and make player invisible or to GameMode SURVIVAL and make player visible
    /invis - make player invisible, even if he is not in ADMIN mode
    /vis - make player visible again

    When "invisible", the player should never pick up blocks, right? Or only not when in ADMIN mode AND invisible?

    When in ADMIN mode, the current location is saved and later restored upon respawn.
    Is this right?

    If yes, here you go: (Build against Bukkit 1.7.9.
    But should work with 1.7.xx. Needs Java 7)

    If not, I need a more detailed explanation.
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