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    Plugin category: Mechanics

    Suggested name: cDeathbans

    What I want: A deathban system that allows advanced features. These features include:
    • Deathbans that are only active or exempt in certain areas. (i.e. WorldGuard region)
    • Ban times that differ in length depending on your area (i.e. WorldGuard region)
    • Adjustable length of ban time based per-permissions group.
    • Adjustable length of ban base on how long the player has survived in that session.
    • Ability to enable or disable based on the world.
    • Add clickable links into the "You have been deathbanned" message. (May not be possible)
    • Ability to increase/decrease a deathban time each time a player dies.

    Credits can be assigned to a player by an administrator or anyone with the appropriate permission node in order to give them another chance when they die.

    Ideas for commands:
    /deathbanplus or /dbp...

    enable: enable the plugin
    disable: disable the plugin
    unban <player>: unban the specified player
    reset <player>: reset the players current ban time to default
    resetall: globally reset all ban times
    unbanall: unban all players
    message <message>: set the death message

    Ideas for permissions:

    dbp.exempt - player will not be affected by Deathban+
    dbp.admin - player can enable, disable, and configure Deathban+

    (Credit to Exoaria )
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