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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by MoejoeAw44, Mar 15, 2015.

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    Plugin category: ...

    Suggested name: pDeathban

    What I want: Before I start this off, I want to say that all the deathban plugins I've used don't work for my needs.
    I'm basically looking for a plugin like "Hardcore Deathbans", but listen to why I don't want to use it. If you instal this plugin, with a server that runs 50+ people average, people dying a lot, logging in, etc. I've done timing reports and this plugin is using 111% of my CPU, meaning this plugin is using my WHOLE CPU for just this 1 plugin, as well as the fact that it drops TPS hella much. Please keep in mind, I've tried reporting the errors and lag spikes to the creator, but no use. :(

    This is what I'm looking for in this plugin:
    * Custom ban system (apart from essentials [/db unban <name>])
    * Credits / Lives system (If you have lives, [/lives give <name> <#>], then when you die you simply respawn without being death banned
    * Permissions creatable in the configuration to allow shorter death bans with different permissions.

    Ideas for commands:
    /db - main command
    /db ban <name> - Bans player for the death ban time based on their permission.
    /db unban <name> - Unbans the death banned player
    /credits - (Alias /lives) Shows the amount of lives you have, 0 being the minimum.
    /credits send <name> - Sends the user some of your credits.

    Ideas for permissions: deathban.credits - deathban.credits.send - deathban.* - deathban.ban - deathban.unban

    When I'd like it by: ASAP Please and thankyou!
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    So you want a plugin, that when someone dies, based on their group their ban will be set to whatever you want?
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    @Laxer21117 I dont believe he means that. I think he means that you can give a person lives not based on their group but with a command like he stated above in his post. I know this isn't allowed but it is just an example: Someone buys a life from lets say buycraft (i know this isn't allowed just an example to show what i mean please don't delete this post lol) it would do /credits send (player) 2, then they would have 2 lives instead of just 0 so when they die they respond instead of just being deathbanned for set amount of time.
  4. I as well think that as well, but I also think that he wants it so you could set groups deathban times using like deathban.donator blahblah, shortening the time for the deathban for what rank you are.


    Say for example, someone is a normal user rank and has died, he has to wait 2 hours before going on the server again or until hes unbanned, and say that a high donator just died, he would have to wait 45 minutes to go back on the server instead for waiting for 2 hours, it shortens for the rank or group he has.
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    @GravedigginSearchBar Can't believe i missed that part. i was all focused in the lives system lol. Anyways yes I would think that also :)
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    @MoejoeAw44 Can't you just use Hardcore Deathbans plugin?
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    Did you read the threat at all?
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    What would the default amount of lives be? 0? 1? Would there be a '/lives add {player} {#}' command so you could add lives to their current amount?
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    I may give this a shot, will help me get back into the groove.

    Sorry for the delay, here is the plugin:
    Name: pDeathBan
    Version: 1.0
    • DeathBan
      • Aliases: pDeathBan and DB
      • Permission: deathban.command.deathban or OP
      • Use: /db ban|unban <Playername>
    • Lives
      • Aliases: live, credit, credits
      • Permission: deathban.command.lives or anyone
      • Use: /db ban|unban <Playername>
    • any | deathban.command.deathban
    • op | deathban.command.deathban.ban
    • op | deathban.command.deathban.unban
    • any | deathban.command.lives
    • any | deathban.command.lives.send
    • op | deathban.command.lives.set
    • none|<groupname>
    Settings: #Auto generated by plugin
        DefaultLives: 1 #Default lives to start with
        DefaultTimeScale: Days #What time scale to use(Days, Weeks, Months, Hours, ext)
        DefaultTime: 2 #How many of the above they must wait
            VIP: #GroupName
                Lives: 1 #Lives this group starts with
                TimeScale: Days #time scale for banning
                Time: 1 #How long to ban
                Lives: 2
                TimeScale: Hours
                Time: 12
                Lives: 4
                TimeScale: Hours
                Time: 1
    Players: #Player storage section, Managed by Plugin
        becd87e2-8d57-4ca7-baf2-1e42c8961dc2: #Player UUID
            Name: Gamecube762 #Player Username
            Lives: 2 #Player's lives from when they log off
            BanTime: 0 #unban time(will be a long string of numbers)
    Features not yet finished:
    • Countdown timer for those trying to rejoin

    There may be a some small bugs, if you find any or want anything changed, let me know!
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