Dear Wesley Wolfe

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Mavhill, Sep 6, 2014.

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    We want bukkit back. You contributed to the project, which is more the fans then it is yours. Although we appreciate all the people who have worked on the project over the years, if you stand in the way of our mincraftness then you truly have lost the point altogether. So Please come to your senses and stop this ridiculous posturing and quit punishing all the fans.
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    I completely agree with you. He really does need to get off his high horse, quit the posturing and quit punishing all the fans. He's being a huge baby about all this. It seems kind of iffy how he waited until 1.8 was finally released, which just so happens to be one of the biggest updates to Minecraft in a long time, to pull this legal stuff on Bukkit, which is also affecting Spigot. It seems as if he strategically did this on purpose at the perfect time for the 1.8 release. Now, us, the players and server owners are stuck with old and boring 1.7.10, with no 1.8 Bukkit version in the foreseeable future.
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    flying sheep

    You all are aware that literally all of the 180 other contributors can step in and do exactly the same as him if he retracts his DMCA takedown?

    Craftbukkit has contributions of 181 people under the LGPL, which forbids closed source code in the same repository: Unless Mojang’s code is removed or put under the GPL/LGPL, they all can claim IP infringement and file a takedown notice.
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    I think the community should respect Wolf and his decision even if it inconveniences you.

    The ball is in Mojang's court they caused the explosion, let them sort it out.
    1. They can re code the parts that need re coding and in doing so remove Wolf's code and others.
    2. Purchase the said code from these developers if they agree.
    3. Comply with the license and release the said server under the license.
    4. Maybe give back control of Bukkit to Bukkit staff and give up their ownership of Bukkit which caused the DMCA.
    5. Release their own API / Platform.
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    Wolfe worked for 3 years on the project bukkit used in there file. For bukkit to take wolfe's project and use it for there own was not legal BECUASE he put copyrights on them. Just think you work on something for 3 years and have someone steal it. I would be pissed to.
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    Yes however Wolfe is currently the only one who CopyRighted it. It's a bit childish though, he is punishing the users, not Mojang or anyone else.

    It's understandable though, we use his work but why punish the users.
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    6. let wolfe kill bukkit and let wolfe take all the blame for betraying the community.
  10. Blowing up a community project, which while it exists can only benefit you in terms of "fame"?

    Pretty odd to contribute to a LGPL or GPL project for two years and then claim copyright on your code, using the GPL itself as an anchor of reasoning, in my opinion it's both against the purpose of the GPL and against the purpose of community projects.

    Yet again, apart from ethics/reason/law, a couple of corner stones are missing...
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