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    I'm sorry man, I wasn't intending to be insulting. I thought you were the guy who said he was going to "port" the MagicSpells plugin in the old hMod thread. My mistake.

    Do you have any idea when Permissions support and casting costs might be available?
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    Do prob- it's a common mistake, I didn't mean to snap on you :)

    I am actually not that guy- I had no intention of porting magic spells over here, originally... I had made the Wand in hMod and ported that to Bukkit, but then there wasn't really anything to do with it without MagicSpells and MagicTricks... so, there you have it. Really, the entire plugin was made because I missed blink. If I do say so myself, I've improved on it quite a bit...

    Anyway- Permissions support is far enough out on the timeline to not really be on the timeline right now. Granted, when I have free time to work on this, it moves very fast, so who knows.

    For the time being, I've decided not to use Permissions, there is a lot about the way it does things that don't fit with my long-term goals. However, my current plans could include one-way Permissions support, meaning you could set up groups and permissions in Permissions that would carry over to "my system"- effectively just managing your users and groups in Permissions.

    However, you'd lose advantage of a lot of what I'm hoping my Experience/Classes systems will provide, eventually- dynamic, real-time management in-game using the console, a web-based management utility, automatic configurable experienced-based leveling, plugin-driven class progression, etc.

    Ok, enough of my yammering.

    EDIT: Ooops, not quite. Spell costs- right. Those will hopefully be in much sooner. Once I have the configurable spell variant system working, reagents (including some sort of item-based "MP") will be the first thing I add to them.
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    This is actually EXACTLY what i'm looking for. I just need to be able to divvy up your spells to various groups I've made in Permissions that we're using as "Classes" on the server. Like miners get one set of spells, farmers another, etc.
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    Cauldrons will be in Craftbook, it's all good now :)
  5. Did not work for me :(
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    Wait til craftbook comes out (which should be soon :)) It has a nice cauldron.
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    ZOMG :D yaaay thank you :) Now just need Craftizens or at least NPC's to get quests and also Realms
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    Nathan, first off..you are an inspiration and a very helpful person. I do however have a request. Could you possibly make it so you can disable announcements? By that I mean the "time has been changed to day" Ect.. Reason I mention this is because when I get into build mode and someone is requesting something in chat I tend to miss it and get an earful after... If this has been addressed already then I apologize. I try to keep up with this thread except its extremely popular. In closing keep up the great work!!
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    There is a setting the properties file just for this- two actually! Search for "quiet" and "silent". Right now, they affect all users- but I plan on allowing per-user settings in the future.
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    Thanks. That was easy enough. Now for a more suitable request. :) How about a spell you cast on a block that makes it indestructible by anyone other than OP's obviously since players could completely abuse it. Hopefully i am not throwing out idea's already mentioned.
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    hello, it doesnt work for me.
    do you have team viewer? i would appreciate it if you would help me.
    best wishes,
    Speedy :)
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    I just thought of a potentially impossible, slightly ambitious idea.

    Would it be possible to give any blocks the qualities of other blocks, either temporarily or permanently?

    I was wondering for the idea of making something damage-on-touch like cacti. It'd be a trap, essentially.
    Similarly, for a trap, and I again have no clue if you could do this, but casting a spell that prevents sand from falling until someone steps on it perhaps?
    Or really making any block disappear if stepped on?
    Or explode like TNT-

    Really, I think one of the best parts of spells will be for the interesting combat, but sadly, fireball and arrow are pretty limited, so I'm trying to think of ways to expand that.

    How about a spell that makes the spot/block/person/monster/animal you're pointing at catch fire?

    I hope at least one of these ideas is salvageable. =D
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    I think that protection is better left in the realm of cuboid, WorldProtect, and other "adminy" plugins- though i want to make sure that Spells always "plays nice" with those plugins, once there's a mature communication framework for that.

    But... I'll think about it :)
    --- merged: Jan 29, 2011 8:58 PM ---
    I'm afraid that's not an option.

    I'm more than willing to help.

    Did you follow the instructions in the main post? Set yourself up as an admin? Read any of the posts above yours about how things are broken, try out the jars provided in those posts as solutions?

    What, if anything, shows up in server.log from Spells?

    Sorry things are such a mess right now. Will be better whenever I can make a new release.
    --- merged: Jan 29, 2011 9:01 PM ---
    I like the "traps" idea, that's interesting- I'll have to think about it. Kind of similar to the "hidden door" concept, implementation-wise.

    Have you tried using blast and then rewind to suffocate your opponent? Get creative with the spells!

    I do plan on adding a fire combat spell, and expanding frost to be good for combat, and potentially encase things/players in ice.

    I also am very interested in combat spells, I love the idea of wizard duels. When I get back to spell-making, I'm sure some more combat spells will get made.
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    Will the next release contain that basic Permissions support we talked about yesterday?
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    I just rolled back the versions linked to in the main post to an earlier version (again)- the ones posted above that worked for the last person having issues. If you're having trouble, please re-download and try again!

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    --- merged: Jan 29, 2011 9:31 PM ---
    Nope. To quote myself from yesterday:
    It's not really a priority right now, I'm afraid.

    EDIT: Well, I don't mean to sound so definite about it. I can't really commit to anything while I'm in the middle of what I'm working on right now. I don't want to re-invent the wheel, but I'm not happy with Permissions for certain things.

    It's great for admin-type groups, but it falls short when I want to start making a game with player classes and progression.

    I'm hoping to make a plugin that can sit on top of Permissions, to get the best of both worlds- but I'm not focused on permissions (in general) right at the moment.
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    Would it be possible/easy to change the config file so that similar settings are near each other so that we don't have to search for all of the related configurations?
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    I agree, it's quite annoying- right now, I'm using Java properties files, which aren't really sortable (easily) by client code. I may transition to something else soon, making it a moot point. I guess the Bukkit standard is to use YAML, but I'm really not a fan of that, and their interface doesn't insert defaults- so you just have to "know" the property keys, I guess.

    Anyway, it's kind of up in the air- like much of what I'm changing right now :)
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    Man, classes really just aren't well supported right now... I have a whole class system set up using Permissions and all I need is a couple of cool plugins (like this one and movecraft for example) to support Permissions and I'd be able to make it all work. I'm using the worldguard blacklist to configure which groups can use which items/blocks and I originally intending to divide up the spells into the different classes too. It would work but so many plugins just don't support Permissions :/
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    It's a shame that Bukkit has no built-in support for users and groups (other than ops.txt), but on the other hand if it did I'd be completely stuck with whatever they provided.

    It's hard to accept another developer's way of doing things unless you really have to- I imagine that's why not every plugin uses Permissions. That, and it's not that easy to set up, the instructions are not very clear, etc.

    I'm not really interested in "competing" with Permissions (or any other existing plugin), but I do intend to provide my own solution for managing classes and permissions. I'm hoping it can integrate with Permissions in some way, but that would probably require more than the usual level of plugin involvement, so I'm not sure that what I would really want to do would be supported by Permissions. At the very least, I eventually want to allow some sort of read-only pull of groups and permission assignments.

    I do plan on using the same sort of concept - hierarchical groups and hierarchical permission trees, but I don't want to use YAML to store and manage it all. That sort of complex relational structure should really be stored and managed in a database, which is basically what I'm working on right now.
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    Honestly Permissions has been super easy for me, that's why you see me praising it so much :D If you just added a set of strings like the Essentials plugin uses, one for each of your spells that would be perfect. For example, here are some of the ones from Essentials:
    • essentials.warp
    • essentials.setwarp
    • essentials.tp
    • essentials.tphere
    • essentials.item
    • essentials.give
    • essentials.list
    • essentials.home
    • essentials.sethome
    You can see how each commands has it's own string. If your spells each had one like this they would be quite easy to split up between groups.

    If you're really having a hard time figuring out how to work Permissions I'd be happy to help you out. Like I said I've found it to be pretty darn user friendly, minus support issues ;)
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    I understand Permissions, and how to use it, I just don't want to use it unless I can fit it into my overall design scheme. Incorporating it as my primary/only system for users, groups and permissions would really box me in- that's some extremely core functionality when you're talking about implementing a game framework.

    I'll see what I can do in the future, and I'll certainly announce it when I start looking into supporting it, but for now it's basically backburned.
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    Well I love this mod, but it's basically worthless to me as is :/ Guess I'll check in on it later.
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    Ha! I'm sorry that having to take the time to edit one extra text file makes this entire plugin "worthless" to you!
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    I'm not trying to be a jerk, but do you understand how confusing it gets when you have multiple people editing the files, and you have to edit a separate file for virtually every mod at this point because there's no standardized permissions system, and you have to edit all those files any time you add a new user or a user changes classes? It's not really a matter or "one more file" :/

    At the very least it would be nice to be able to set up a list of classes in your text file and be able to call that list from the user list in permissions. Then you'd only have to edit your spells file once, unless you decide to change the classes around later.
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    While it may be easier for the users to use Permissions with this plugin in order to have a set standard, it would require a deviation for the current plan, in order to implement a system that will be replaced in the near future anyway. It would be a waste of time to get this to work with Permissions now, time that could be spent adding new features and making the plugin even closer to the final product.
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    When i download the link at the top "Download Spells.jar here" I do not get a jar file or anything that works in my plugins folder, i am unsure of what to do.
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    Apparently, if you're using IE it may download it with a ".zip" extension. If you're on Windows, it may even be hiding the extension. You have to make sure it's a .jar file before dropping it in your plugins folder.

    To anyone who's had this issue: is it only with jars downloaded from me? Is my hosting provider doing something weird?

    If that's not the issue, let me know.
    --- merged: Jan 30, 2011 7:28 AM ---
    I couldn't have said it better myself :)

    Permissions integration will stay on the list until after I've got stuff working again, I'm pretty sure it'll be possible to at least import users and groups from Permissions.

    You'll probably have to then assign Spells-specific permissions to the groups through console commands, e.g. "/classes grant wizards spells.cast". This would be a one-time thing, though, and then you could go about managing your groups in Permissions, if that's what you want to do.

    I'd really like to integrate deep enough into Permissions to allow plugins that support Permissions to also be managed though my Classes system, but I'm not sure that's possible. Classes is going to be mainly oriented around gameplay, player levels, progression that sort of thing- so hopefully any plugins oriented toward that can and will take advantage of Classes directly, and it won't be as big of a deal.

    Again, I'm honestly not trying to make a competing system to Permissions, but for what I want to do, I can't resist the draw of a data-driven user/group/permission system. Here are some things I'm hoping to implement, some of the reasons why I'm doing what I'm doing:

    • Updating / inspecting users, groups and permissions (or any other plugin data) via the console, maybe a web UI
    • Modifying permissions or other settings on the fly from in-game
    • Setting up automatic experience-based progression trees
    • Never having to edit another text file, ever again!
    Other things this system could nicely support:
    • Teaching other players spells
    • Guilds, where initiation occurs in-game, and grants special rights
    • Learning spells from in-game objects, tomes, bookshelves, etc
    Anyhow, there's a lot I want do, so I'm going to take the reigns. We'll see if we can get it to play nice in a way that makes at least most everyone happy- I hope so.
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    Are you planning to make a version of the stonevision spell, that lets you see through smooth stone?
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    Please add Permissions support :) Pretty Please :)?

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