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    Strange about the version number... hm.

    map Requires an as-of-yet-unreleased version of dynmap to work. The next version of Spells is going to check for the right version of dynmap and remove map if it's not found.

    Or, since the next version of dynmap will also probably support full tile rendering, I may go the extra mile, remove map and just make any world-modification spells automatically notify dynmap. Assuming that doesn't start happening automatically, which I suppose it really should.
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    Any idea when you'll have Permissions compatability finished?
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    Weeeelll.... I'm not so sure I'm going to go that route anymore.

    I really don't like YAML, and Permissions doesn't currently allow plugins to modify users and groups, which would make it impossible for me to implement an Experience and auto-leveling system.

    I'm planning on making a Classes system that is data-driven. It will be administered through a basic console UI (or direct db access), but mostly there for driving Experience. I hope I don't regret this move, and I would like to have some sort of (at least one-way) integration with Permissions in the future, but it's fallen quite a bit lower on my list.

    My immediate plans are to try to use the built-in mcserver isOp, which I didn't know was there. If I make Ops able to cast any spell by default, I think that will eliminate 99% of my "why isn't it working" headache-inducing-posts, which is my main motivator at this point. [​IMG]
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    ok thanx, and I hope the full map rendering becomes an options, it would be nice to do it atleast once then let the blocks update on interaction.
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    I think that is FrozenCow's ultimate goal- it's actually already that way in github, we just need to wait for a release from him and a release from the Bukkit team. There will probably be a cleaner way for me to modify blocks that would automatically notify other plugins- if there isn't already, and I'm just not doing it right.
    --- merged: Jan 27, 2011 7:05 PM ---
    Updated to 0.73 :

    - Ops are now automatically Spells and Wand admins, and have access to all spells.

    If you use ops.txt, this means you no longer have to muck with spells-classes.txt, unless you want other users to be able to cast. I think this will save you (and me!) a ton of headaches.

    - I now use reflection to inspect the dynmap plugin and see if it's got what I need. The map spell should disappear for all you, is what this means, until dynmap gets updated.

    Let me know if you have any trouble with the new Ops functionality, or permissions in general.

    This requires a Wand update AND a Craftbukkit update (to a very recent version), due to some unrelated refactoring that I was doing when I suddenly decided I really needed to add Op support.

    So you may want to avoid updating for a bit. I'll add links to the previous versions if anyone gets stuck.
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    if i type: "/wand bind cast blink" it sais: Spell 'bind' unknown, Use /spells for spell list
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    i've had that problem too, just put the "spells.jar" in the main server folder and the plugin folder and restart your server 1 or 2 times. it workd for me :D
    Ps. sorry for my bad english( if it is really bad :p)
    Pss./PPs. or something :p I really like your plugin NathanWolf!! keep up the good work!
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    It looks like you're using the new Wand, it no longer works with the console like that. Please go over to that thread and check out the new UI- there is a 30-second instructional video that will show you how to use it.

    If you want the old one, check out the Wandmin plugin.

    Or, just use /cast blink if you're just trying to cast a spell :)
    --- merged: Jan 27, 2011 8:10 PM ---
    Thank you very much!
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    the shell spell makes a whole sphere would it be possible just to have a spell that does a semi-sphere ontop of a building?
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    If you make the building out of anything but stone (cobblestone is ok), dirt, sand or gravel it will not fill through the building. (Well, I guess it might fill some of the air inside... but, hey, not you've got a chandelier!

    The construction spells only fill air or natural earth materials. It won't even fill ore blocks. It's meant to be non-destructive, in the sense that it won't destroy anything you care about.

    Seriously, though, a semisphere variant (hmm .. dome, I think) wouldn't be too hard- I'll make a note of it :)
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    Yeah, what I'm trying to do is integrate some sort of grouping system for classes with the WorldGuard blacklist so I can control what classes use what blocks/items. Right now the only want to do it is to individually edit the users file of every single mod because none of them work together it seems. I just need one way to do it all and be able to add someone to a class in-game like you could with that dala plugin on hey0.
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    Sorry to be a bother, I believe I've installed both spells and wands properly, but I get an "Error: null" everytime I try to start my server. It doesn't interfer with anything, it just won't load or function.
    Any help would be great, thanks.
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    It's possible that the new version was more reliant on a new release of Bukkit than I thought. I was hoping it would fail more gracefully, but I'm not really sure why I thought that, in retrospect.

    I've rolled Spells and Wand back to a previous version. Please re-download and try again if you've been having issues with jars downloaded today. If it's working fine, then don't worry about it- there's nothing wrong, the new version is just incompatible with anything but the newest, most bleeding-edgest Craftbukkit.jar.

    The new functionality brought little to the table at present- I jumped the gun and started using the new Bukkit player_death event before it was even implemented in CraftBukkit- so it doesn't actually work yet anyway.

    I'm in the middle of some really major work, and I'm going to be refactoring Spells in a big way before I really add anything new, so I'd like the build available here to be stable as possible before I start tearing it up.
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    First let me say I registered here just to say how much I love spells/wands. It really changes the game's dynamic.

    Second, I do miss filling with air. I won't hunt you with a pitchfork for it, but it felt more fluid and controlled than the fill>transmute method.
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    Thank you very much! That's what I'm going for :)

    That's two votes for an erase spell, I think :) It'll be in a future release, for sure.

    Well... a near future release will actually allow you to create your own spell variants. So, you could create a variant of fill called midas that painted with gold, for instance. But, I will make erase one of the built-in variants. Seems handy :)
  17. Um I need help with enabling it for me o_o I'm the admin of the server, and for some reason, I can't use it... how does the grouping work? The text document is quite confusing to me...
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    Open spell-classes.txt, change YOURNAMEHERE to your username, save the file. That's really all there is to it :)

    Future versions will respect the ops.txt file.
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    when i try to cast blast is returns blasted 0blocks also mine returns cant mine iron_ore cant mine coal_ore. those are the only 2 materials i have tried.
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    Hm... that sounds very broken! Thank you for the error report... do you know if anything "odd" is showing up in your server logs?

    I need to move the properties files into the plugin data folder, where they're supposed to be - maybe there's a permissions issue reading/writing the properties... can you look for spells.properties? If it exists, open it up.

    Look for "spells-mine-mineable", or "spells-blast-destructible". Should be a list of numbers, I hope?
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    Here is the spells.properties file this is what the plugin generated automatically i haven't made any changes

    #Minecraft Properties File
    #Fri Jan 28 09:42:25 PST 2011

    I dont see anything in the console
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    Is there an onItemDrop hook? Throwbuild could return :p
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    Can you please try the following two jars? Just rename them and overwrite the ones already in your plugin folder:


    There are definitely a lot of properties missing from that file, which is really odd. I'm hoping I didn't put up a bad build or something- I tried to roll back to the last known good ones.

    Fortunately, I try to keep backups of each version...

    --- merged: Jan 28, 2011 7:04 PM ---
    I don't think there is a hook for that (yet), but I'm not entirely sure what you're suggesting, either :)
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    Basically there was a mod that allowed you to build by throwing the block allowing you to build from far distances, it was quite entertaining.
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    That seams to have fixed the issues thanks so much for your help.
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    Ahhhh.... that's a really cool idea! And, I understand "throwbuild could return!" now :). It sounded cryptic to me, but I was unfamiliar with throwbuild.

    It doesn't really fit in here, I think- it's a different mechanic- these spells are mainly made for Wand use.

    Once we get reagents, I'm also hoping to wedge an option in to make using a material automatically have X blocks of that material in the reagents list. Meaning you could set it up so that it consumes a block of gold to paint with a block of gold.

    So, the end result would be the same- just a different mechanic (the throwing blocks things sounds like a blast...) I hope it does make a return! :)

    --- merged: Jan 28, 2011 7:36 PM ---
    Great! Thanks for trying it out, glad it helped you.

    If anyone has issues with the posted jars, please go back yet another version to the ones in the links above.

    I'm hoping this weekend I'll get some time to work on the code, I've got a ways to go before I'm ready to make a new release.
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    I don't really like cushion, any chance of getting the old safefall back?

    Also, Permissions is a fantastic plugin. You should add support like you mentioned you might. I would personally find that extremely helpful. In fact, it's almost vital to my class system that you do add Permissions support haha ;P
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    I never used safefall, I don't even know what plugin it was from.

    Until the damage hooks are working, I can't make any spells that prevent damage.
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    Safefall was from the original MagicSpells plugin that you are porting. Basically all it did was make it so the next time you would have taken falling damage, you don't. Then you have to recast the spell to prevent future falling damage. 1 fall per cast.

    Also, that plugin the other guy was talking about that allows you to build at a distance is called VoxelSniper.
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    For the record, Spells is 100% my own code :) Normally, a "port" is when you take an existing code base and bring it into a new system. Under some circumstances, it could be a little insulting to call someone's original work a "port", but since MagicTricks and MagicSpells have provided a lot of inspiration for some of the more basic spells in here, I try to let it go...

    Just getting that out there!

    I had already planned to do this, once Bukkit damage hooks are working. There will also be a time-limited invincibility spell.

    I think he was talking about throwblocks, yeah? He said that was the name, anyway, in his post. I think VoxelSniper is more point and shoot, less "toss an item".

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