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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by NathanWolf, Jan 16, 2011.

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    I update pretty fast :)

    I just downloaded the jar using the link above and un-archived it, the yml file reports version 0.61.
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    I just installed the mod but it didn't create a spell-classes.txt when i ran it, even though it claims to have loaded the plugin. What can I do?
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    I'm honestly not sure! Did it create a properties file? Is anything able to create a file in your server root?
    --- merged: Jan 25, 2011 5:05 AM ---
    0.62 adds disintegrate, which destroys the target block.

    Great for fine-tuning a construction, building stairs, etc.

    I mainly made this because I find I still switch to the pickaxe or spade occasionally to remove a quick block or two, like when I'm stuck in hole. Now, I can use my wand instead!
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    It didn't create anything, and yeah other mods have added whole folders of their own info so it ought to work. Do you have a download of those files? I could just nab them and stick them in the right spot.
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    0.63 - One last update for the night!

    I love being able to select materials, but I've always thought the current system is a little clunky, especially with the wand. I don't want you to have to switch away from your wand, ever!

    So, taking a queue from the new Wand UI, I now have a system to use a material based on what you have in your inventory, not just what you're holding.

    Basically, the first buildable material in your active inventory will be your "selected material". Air (an empty space) counts!

    transmute Now uses this for one-click transmuting operation. It's so much simpler!
    fill also adds a variant, fillwith which fills with your selected material instead of the native material.
    --- merged: Jan 25, 2011 5:51 AM ---
    I'm shocked it isn't spewing to the log if it's not able to write files! :eek:

    Feel free to try this out- just copy+paste into a new file, spell-classes.txt:

    # spell-classes.txt
    # Format (groups before users!):
    # group:groupName,command1,command2,command3
    # user:userName,group1,group2,group3
    # 'admins' is a special group that has access to any command.
    # Note that player/class can be used in place of user/group.
    As for the properties file, I could upload one somewhere, but I think it will just use the defaults, so you should be ok- assuming (again) it's not just dieing outright not being able to right a file.

    Honestly, I'm pretty stumped on this one!
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    And that goes in the root folder or the plugin folder?
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    root folder- I don't use plugin folders (yet?)
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    Scratch that, I just rebooted again and everything came up haha. Thanks for the help anyway ;P
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    No problem- any chance I can get you to edit those posts down to reduce the insane over-quoting, please?
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    Np, done.
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    Any plans on adding support for Permissions plugin?

    Would be a lot easier seeing as I have many ranks of donators on my server.
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    Thanks very much!! :D Glad you got up and running.
    --- merged: Jan 25, 2011 4:14 PM ---
    Yes, indeed!

    My current plan is to extend my existing home-rolled permissons system to be able to use Permissions. That way, people can still just use simple flat files if they aren't already using Permissions.

    Wow, great idea! Doling out choice spells (and the ability to use the Wand!!) to donors might be a great way to rake in money ... feel free to throw some in the tip jar if so ;)

    I also plan on allowing customization in the future for spells that have variable variants, such as construct and blast. For instance, I now have superblast, but eventually you could add your own megablast or superconstruct or whatever, making holes or spheres of certain sizes.

    These could be fun to give out. I may also allow fixed material choice- so you could give out a spell that lets someone create a ball of gold, for instance.
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    Am I Stupid or just don't understand, spells doesn't work (something like null error), can't load the file. Can someone help? I am new in this.
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    I may be able to, but I'll need a bit more information than that. Have you tried restarting your server (that worked for the previous poster with issues)?

    Can you copy+paste the "something like a null error" :) The entire "stack trace" (the paragraph of file names and numbers) is extremely helpful to me in figuring out if there's something wrong.
    --- merged: Jan 25, 2011 6:50 PM ---
    0.65 adds:
    shell : Creates a dome (or shell) around your target using your target material.
    paint : A single-block version of fill that uses your selected material.

    I've also made the auto-cavein-protect feature configurable, and off by default. After playing a bit, a felt it took a little of the fun out of it.

    If it's off, the undo system will now attempt to auto-add stacks of gravel or sand above the undo area, so anything that falls down will get put back up. This may cause some sand or gravel blocks to get duplicated in the rewind operation, if they fell down into a space that used to be air I'm not too worried about this, at the moment- though...

    As I type this, it occurs to me that it might be a better idea to make the rewind system cubiod-based instead of list based. Might make that a TODO.
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    Request: A hidden door spell that turns placed doors into the selected block which is then a secret door, and also recurses through adjacent doors to create larger hidden walls, or toggleable floodgates, etc. It'd be neat if using the spell on iron doors made them require some sort of key, but I'm not sure how that would work.
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    This is a neat idea- I'll give it some thought!

    I have a lot of ideas that would really require a persistence engine - a save system, basically. I think I'm going to write one.

    The above is one such idea- I have to be able to remember the door locations after a reboot.

    Another idea I've got is a magic chest spell- a chest that you can summon into the world, get stuff in and out of, and then dismiss (and essentially carry around with you). Also, portable houses would be neat, while we're at it.

    Most of the next-level types of spells I want to make now, in terms of complexity, are going to require some sort of persistence.
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    Hey man, thanks for porting this over from Hmod, but i got something pretty major that needs to be pointed out. The fill spell corrupts maps, i'm 100% about it now. Filling with objects that are not blocks WILL corrupt the map. I've been struggling for days trying to pin-point why my players keep crashing. It looks like you've updated a few times, but i see no mention of it. Thought you might wanta know..
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    I'd suggest you stop using it immediately if you suspect this!

    I've not had this problem, nor has anyone else reported it, for what it's worth.

    I'm sure filling blocks with items is a bad idea- though I have done it once or twice by accident, and didn't notice it corrupting the map at all.

    I definitely apologize if Spells was the cause! I'm going to fix it right away...

    Oh, and finally- not sure if this helps, but if you have not restarted the server since the event in question, you can use /cast rewind <playername> to undo the offending action.... assuming you haven't already restored from backup or something.

    --- merged: Jan 25, 2011 11:40 PM ---
    0.67 Fixes command-line use of spell variants, as well as passing parameters to spells.
    --- merged: Jan 25, 2011 11:46 PM ---
    Annnnddd... 0.68 disallows material selection for non buildable blocks, just to be safe.
    --- merged: Jan 26, 2011 5:15 AM ---
    0.69 Adds something that I think is cool - revert, which is a targeted version of rewind. This lets you undo things you did in the past, without undoing things you've done after that.

    Very useful for building a scaffolding or some other support framework that you easily want to remove. Use superblob to create a big sphere that you can build on, and then remove the sphere with one click for a groovy dome interior. Have fun playing with it!
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    Thanks for the prompt reply, Nathan. I have of course, removed the plugin, and wand as well. Haven't had any issues since.

    Spells were a major part of our server while Hmod was still going, and it pains me to be without them. Our admin were actually using fill as a replacement for cuboid for filling in large areas quickly.. i feel this was probably the likely cause of faulty fills corrupting the map (and kicking players 5 seconds after connection, over and over and over).

    I'm not gonna dictate how you should make the plugin, its yours, but this inventory concept is... annoying, to say the least, especially with spells i'd NEVER give to players requiring admin to lug around water buckets and other random items.

    I prefer the idea of reagents (costs X amount of X blocks to cast X), rather then simply requiring a certain block to be in the quick inven. I understand bukkit is.. well, quite different in its setup, and this may not be possible at the moment (i'm sure you've plenty of other concepts going through your head about how it may be setup). Seriously tho, thanks for the hard work, myself, and my players, appreciate it.
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    NathanWolf thx that you tried to help, but I resolve it by my self (by loading server file from creator of this plugin, from here).
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    Hey, no problem. Don't know if you noticed, but I did fix the issue (v0.68)- I understand if your trust is shaken, though. :(

    You might want to check out the Wandmin plugin. The goal of Wand is to create a gameplay experience- until we get a HUD API, I'm working with what I've got.

    If you just want an admin tool, Wandmin is for you :)

    In the Wand thread, there is a post with my original ideas for the new Wand. The plan was (and maybe still is) for holding a wand to put you in a special magic mode, where your inventory is swapped out for spells- this would address the concern of having to "lug around" items.

    Also, you don't really have to lug them around- just toss them when you don't need that spell anymore, and use /wand <spellname> when you want one back. As long as you don't mind occasional console use, this is a good way to go. It's what I do when I'm "admin"'ing.

    Anyway, all of this should go in the Wand thread, if you want to make suggestions :) But it does sound like Wandmin is better for you.

    --- merged: Jan 26, 2011 2:29 PM ---
    Glad you got it working!

    And, the creator of this plugin would be me BTW =D
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    Torches don't seem to stick to walls if I am tunneling North/South.
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    Anything in the "wip" category is a work-in-progress with known issues :)

    I think I'll remove them all...
    --- merged: Jan 26, 2011 5:16 PM ---
    v0.71 Fixes an NPE that shows up in the logs when you have users that aren't authorized to use spells.

    The bug is benign, but if it's noising up your logs, you should definitely update.

    I've also been tweaking some things... was kind of in the middle of it, but wanted to get this bug fix out. I may update again if I find I don't like what I've tweaked after playing.
    • transmute Is now the only spell that allows selection of air.
    • rewind and transmute are now targeted. If you aim at something you didn't build, they will use the old "last action" behavior.
    • Removed the revert variant, as it's now redundant.
    • blob, fill, bridge, and pillar all now use your selected material by default, or the target material if you've got nothing selected.
    • transmute is now the only spell that allows selection of air.
    • construct removed, blob is the new construct.
    • fillwith removed, now redundant.
    • Tried to make it so no spells use building blocks as their icon.
    • tower, tunnel, stairs removed- anything "wip" removed, basically.
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    Oh, I must have missed that. You don't need to remove it, I still love it and it's vastly useful. It's far better than using WorldEdit and setting everything to 'air'. I don't mind placing torches manually, I just didn't know it was a known issue since it's impossible to search threads. Thanks, though.
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    No prob! I didn't remove it permanently, just until I have a chance to get it working. I decided its just a bad idea to have spells I'm still working on available to everyone, too many scary possibilities :)

    Hopefully I'll get a chance to get it back in soon- in the meantime, blast can be used similarly, it just doesn't create nice pretty passageways for you.

    I think the general search is also a thread search- but everything here is pretty new, so who knows how well anything works in that regard :)

    I did mean in-game, however- anything in the "wip" category (check /spells to see the categories) was removed, until I can get it working properly- this included tunnel.

    Actually, it also included tower, which technically was not in the wip category- but it should've been.
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    Hi, getting this error on .72 spell and git tip compile. Linux server.

    dynmap plugin is running and working perfectly on its own.


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    I freakin love you this plugin is amazing good work NathanWolf
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    Any way to get transmute to work with fill also? I loved being able to clear large areas quickly.
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    Is that only when you use map, or is it every time? Does it break things, or is it just an error? Thanks- I need to tighten up the dynmap integration.
    --- merged: Jan 27, 2011 4:53 AM ---
    Hey, thank you very much! I love comments like this!! :D
    --- merged: Jan 27, 2011 4:55 AM ---
    transmute should work will fill! Just do a fill, then use transmute with air as the first non-spell block in your inventory to clear a large area with fill. I'll test it out again to make sure it works.

    You also used to be able to select air mid-fill (between the two clicks) to fill with air, but that may have broken when I tightened up the restrictions on what you can fill with. I can look into putting it back, because I also love being able to fill with air :)
    --- merged: Jan 27, 2011 2:10 PM ---
    I tried out fill and transmute last night- it all worked as I intended, though it may not quite work as you expected :)

    The important thing to know is that transmute is currently the only spell that will use air in your inventory as an active material.

    So, if you want to use a construction spell to clear (fill with air), it's a two-step process. First, fill and then transmute.

    If this is kind of a clunky process, and you miss being able to fill directly with air, let me know. I'm thinking about an erase variant of fill that is meant for clearing an area.

    My logic, by the way, is that these are construction spells- so they should be meant primarily for construction. However, one of my main goals is emergent gameplay- so if you want to use transmute to turn construction into destruction, then- awesome.

    Anyway, I have to give a big shout out to Dinnerbone for implementing PLAYER_DEATH. This opens up quite a few spell options I've been wanting to explore, as well as it was something I was hoping to have once I started working on stats/experience/levelling.

    So, hopefully to come soon:
    • Make recall auto-drop a marker on death, if you don't have one placed already.
    • Add resurrect spell, target near where a player recently died to tp them back there.
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    only on map cast
    btw spells still says Spells version 0.69 is enabled in console.

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