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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by NathanWolf, Jan 16, 2011.

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    Ty sir, keep me posted :D
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    I click on the link for the Spells.jar but it gives me a zip, and I can't use the mod
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    i have updater so im always up to date
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    /rewind doesn't work on #126

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    Is it possible to made simple properties for this plugin? I mean, something to controll grups, which are allowed to use it. It will be great if each one spell could be assign to each user.

    blink = User1, User2
    fireball = User1, User2
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    Hm- really? I just tried the link (up in the first post), and I got a jar... ? Did you go to github and download the source instead, or... something? I'd like to help!

    --- merged: Jan 22, 2011 4:44 PM ---
    There is one already- Please read the big note in the first post on permissions :)

    If you are actually using the plugin, just check out spell-classes.txt, which the plugin should have created. It comes complete with handy instructions right in the file itself, and you would have already had to touch it in order to make yourself an admin and actually cast any spells to begin with ;)
    --- merged: Jan 22, 2011 4:48 PM ---
    Here's an example of a very simple spell-classes.txt file, taken from my dev server:

    # [blahblahblah comments]

    I've set up two groups, one for builders and one for explorers. I've made the "Player" user (which is the user you show up as when playing offline, BTW) an explorer and a builder, and I've made myself an admin.
    --- merged: Jan 22, 2011 4:58 PM ---
    I was building straight from github source, I'm not sure how updater works or when a build is considered stable enough for it to update to, but arguably the one I just built off a fresh source pull is more up to date :)

    In any case, that bug report was about a week ago now- have you tried a more current version of Spells.jar? It's possible, also, that you just grabbed a bad build- I have, unfortunately, been known to accidentally upload some junky jars from time to time. I'm 99% sure the one that is up right now is good, though! =D

    Update to v0.40: (not working on the Permissions re-factor yet...)
    • Fix the familiar spell! Yay! I was spawning them then teleporting them to you- apparently I need to do it the other way. I think the poor little familiars were suffocatating before teleporting to you. Very sad! Anyway, it should be working now =D
    • Add transmute spell. This one is a bit odd, I'd like feedback on it. The way you use it:
    1. Cast a construction spell, such as fill or construct. (mining spells work, too....)
    2. Cast transmute
    3. Select a block in your inventory, such as dirt
    4. Left-click
    This will modify your last construction to the selected material. It's not rewindable, though you could always transmute it back to whatever you built it with.

    --- merged: Jan 22, 2011 5:36 PM ---
    Note on transmute: I had originally considered making it a targetable operation, and I'm still considering this. So that, if you aim at something and cast transmute, your construction takes on the material of your target.

    However, I wanted to be able to use air- which you can do with the selection mechanism (just punch with no item in hand). So, I went with that.

    I could go with the targeting mechanism, but if you aim at the sky it uses air. You couldn't select air while underground would be the only compromize.

    Any opinions? It feels a little clunky to use right now.

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    Instead of having a separate groups file, can you make it use the current groups.txt? it would be a lot easier like the old magicspells plugin had it where you just add /castblink into your groups.txt permissions for instance. My server uses classes set up in the groups.txt, and adding players to groups via the users.txt so having to edit redundant files for a plugin could get very confusing.
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    There really isn't a "current groups.txt" in Bukkit- it has no built-in groups or permissions.

    I do plan on integrating with the Permissions plugin, hopefully soon. I'm assuming that's what you're using for groups and such?

    I'm not sure if it will fit my needs long-term, but it does make good sense to play nice with it.
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    Gene Myers

    If youd like i can make a video.. i am getting the same error sammie is.. when i click http://www.elmakers.com/minecraft/Spells.jar

    it takes me to a .zip and inside is all uncompiled java :-\ same thing with wand too
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    Hm - I guess if you could make a video... :(

    I'm just not sure how that's happening- I clicked on the link in your post, it downloaded Spells.jar- I extracted it (using Archive Utility on Mac) and I see the "com" folder with class files in it, and I see the plugin.yml ... no .java's or anything. I can't imagine what's going on here! :(
    --- merged: Jan 22, 2011 8:16 PM ---
    To anyone who may have been using my CraftBukkit.jar - the terrible crashing issue with explosions has been fixed (not by me). If you're using my jar for whatever reason, please update to the new one! Thanks. (Hooray for fireball working!)
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    Gene Myers

    I figured out why its hapening.. for some reason when i use internet explorer its doing it.. not sure hwy but its odd.. i went on mozilla and it dosent do it
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    Anyone want to have a wizards' duel (using Spells and Wands)? I think it could be fun! I would recommend the following rules:
    • No changing wands!
    • Both players use the same wand.
    • No console commands!
    • No weapons, swords, bows, etc.
    • No dragons!
    As a first try, we could use the following wand:
    duel : blink, arrow, fireball, cushion, blast, rewind

    Some fun things that could be thrown in the mix:

    familiar ghast, familiar creeper, etc...
    construct, construct 8, etc...

    It would be cool (for me) to implement cool-down, for this to be a little less insane... but as-is, it could be some chaotic fun :)
    --- merged: Jan 22, 2011 8:41 PM ---
    So weird!

    I just tried it on IE, and you're right- IE renames it to a .zip file for some reason.

    It is, however, still the right file- if you look, you'll notice the files in the zip are .class (which are java program files), not .java (which are java source files).

    I didn't try it, but I have to imagine you can just re-name that file to .jar. I assume IE is only renaming it, not actually re-packing it into a zip file!
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    i'm unable to use any spells i get the message saying "mine : cast tunnel" allthought nothing happens did change the spellclass.txt to player=withless:admins is their something i'm missing here?
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    Sounds like you're using the wand- you get that message when you right-click, yeah? And then nothing happens when you left-click?

    If you just use the "/cast tunnel" console command, does it work?
    --- merged: Jan 23, 2011 1:35 AM ---
    I just put together a little "clips reel" that shows off all of the spells:

    Also, I just posted some thoughts on the future of the wand over in the Wand thread:


    Anyone that uses and is interested in the wand is invited to read and comment.

    Every time I make one of these videos, it occurs to me how "noisy" the wand is. I've been working hard to make the spells useable without a lot of console chatter- but the wand is always filling up the screen. I'm hoping to fix that, and I think I have a really elegant solution.
    --- merged: Jan 23, 2011 1:46 AM ---
    Also... now that I look at my permissions plugin, it may be case-sensitive- so try "Withless"?
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    no, I click on the link for the jar and it downloads spells.zip. No idea why its happening to me. I really want to use this awsome mod.
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    Right- it's some strange IE thing, I think. Just rename it to .jar, you should be fine!
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    That was the first thing I tried and it didnt work, the file didnt change it just added the .jar to the end of the name

    nvm, I got it to work. Instead of renaming it spells.jar after I dowloaded it, I renamed it spells.jar when it asked me where I want to downlaod it, and it changed into a jar file. Thanks for the help =D

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    Glad you got it working- enjoy! =D

    0.41 is a very minor update to one of my favorite spells, blink!

    I really, really love this spell. I definitely use it far more than any other.

    The addition of teleporting you up or down through a ledge has been a real blessing. And it got me thinking- why not allow you to teleport through things horizontally as well?

    So, now if you blink while right up against something, you'll teleport through it! Who needs doors?

    This ability can be limited, like the others, in the properties file. Normal disclaimer applies about how, eventually, these would be more "ramped up" versions of the spell, given a progression system, etc, etc.

    More blink plans:
    - Make it smarter about whether to bring you up to a ledge or land you down on the ground when you blink at a wall
    - Fix the "You can't fit there!" message. We'll find a place for you to fit, by god!

    I think if I did the above two things, you could effectively just blink wildly around the world, in and out of caves, through walls, trees, whatever. It might get a little crazy!

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    ye thanks, turns out it's case sensetive

    allthought only /cast tunnel works now still not working when using it with wand

    have myself as admin in the wand file


    also OP on server
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    Check the Wand thread and try the troubleshooting with transmute that I listed there. I'm betting that you have an outdated CraftBukkit.jar - that's usually the case when everything but swinging the wand is working.
  21. Can this plugin be used to spawn monsters like Zombies, Spiders, Skeletors, Giants and so on?
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    Yes indeed!

    Wait, do the giants work/really exist? I see the java file... hm...

    Anyway, just use /cast familiar any
    or /cast familiar ghast, /cast familiar pigzombie, /cast familiar creeper, etc.
    --- merged: Jan 23, 2011 3:20 PM ---
    Right now, each player can only have one familiar at a time, and they get removed when the player leaves the server. This is to prevent griefing / server slowdown- but I could make these behaviors configurable if you wanted to use this spell to populate a dungeon full of monsters for a quest, or something cool like that.
  23. Are you planning/considering to use the system MagicSpells for hMod has?

    - Players can teach spells to others
    - Players can learn spells by finding spellbooks enchanted with a certain spell
    - Spells use configurable reagents, redstone + other

    Hope so :)
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    That would be very cool, I was going to ask for some admin level features on that one... being able to summon some creepers where I want and spiders and such would be a boon.
    --- merged: Jan 23, 2011 3:28 PM ---
    Would be relatively easy to setup since he already has the wands stuff setup to cast and bind the spells.... could change it to using spellbooks and track what a players knows separately. I think one of the spells already uses reagents if memory serves me.
  25. Great. Then this is a plugin I'm looking for.
    The giant does exist, with Hey0 and a monter spawning plugin I was able to spawn the giants.

    EDIT: I installed the plugin, edited the spell-classes.txt, added line

    But I still can't use the plugin, why?
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    Now whenever I try to cast a spell the server crashes.
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    Wow, I'll have to try that!

    I'm not sure :-\

    It wrote out spell-classes.txt when you started up the server? Did you restart the server after editing it?
    --- merged: Jan 23, 2011 5:31 PM ---
    Do you think you could get and post the stack trace from the server logs, please?
  28. Yes, it wrote it up when I restarted the server, and I even restarted after I edited it.
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    when i download it i got many class files and not a .jar please help
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    Hm- what, exactly, are you putting on the console to cast a spell? What spells have you tried?
    --- merged: Jan 23, 2011 6:27 PM ---
    This seems to be a common problem- rename the .zip file .jar. Or stop using IE, it's a crappy browser :p

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