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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by NathanWolf, Jan 16, 2011.

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    hey NathanWolf

    any idea when Magic should be released?! I cant wait lol
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    Neither can I!

    Well, I resigned from my job on Monday... so I've been a bit busy!

    I think, though, as soon as I get through my forum stuff I'm going to go work on Magic for a little while tonight.

    I want to release a "preview" build of all my plugins at some point. There won't be any new features, necessarily, so I don't want to "officially" release them until I know they're stable, and maybe I've added something useful to each plugin (or, at least, for Magic, it be useable by default by maybe customizable if you have some SQL know-how, that kinda thing...)

    Anyway, I'm hoping the "preview" release will be soon, but I'm not sure how many people will really want it :)

    At this point, I just want something to give the people who can't get Spells working, because I don't really want to support it anymore (same code as Magic, basically- it's just hard to go back and debug the old code right now).

    In case you're interested in dev progress, I've got the basic Magic (and Wand) framework building. A lot of stuff is commented out, there is a lot of fixup to be done. And there are just a couple of spells that need fixing:


    Heh- :D

    Once I've got everything building again, it most certainly wont work right away- so then it's about putting the pieces all back together again.

    I knew this was going to be a pretty big deal, but I do wish I hadn't started it right before some big life changes :) And, it also turned out to be an ever bigger deal then I thought. I'm basically trying to do all the refactor stuff I've had in the back my my head all at once.

    So, a lot of the most useful Spells tech is being abstracted and moved into persistence.utilities. This includes the undo and targeting systems.

    I'll also be refactoring the targeting system, possibly just re-writing it. It's going to use bukkit's blockiterator now that that's available.

    And, then, of course- making it all data-driven. It's kind of a totally different mentality- before, there were just "a bunch of spells"- you call one with Spell.cast(player, parameters).

    Now, each player will actually have a list of spells at runtime- each Spell will be an instance of the base spell, just for that player. This way I can more easily save per-player state and such- right now, any spell that wants to save state per-player has to make a map to track it. Now, it'll just be a unique instance per-player, so your data is basically per-player from the get-go. Much easier to work with.

    Anyway, this is all code stuff- the good news is that I am getting closer- a couple more hours of solid work on this and I may have something that runs and casts spells and such. (I don't get that much free time very often, lately, though! :()

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    I'm looking forward to Magic big time, though in the mean time I'm afraid that, even though I got .992 working (finally figured out that it's only checking permissions.yml when a player connects, not when I do a reload. hours of frustration!) I dropped back down to .97. Having recurse work on water isn't worth having rewind not work!

    Also, it seems that Blink is much more temperamental in .992, is this on purpose? I used to be able to activate ascend and descend with ease, now I have to fight with it to get it to ascend and descend appears to move me to the center of the block I'm standing on unless (and I'm not even entirely sure about this) I'm standing on a natural surface.

    Regardless, I still wouldn't be playing MC anymore if it wasn't for spells+wands, all other mods could go away and as long as I still had these I'd still play, the idea of a next gen version gives me all kinds of tinglies! I don't mention the above issues in hopes you'll go back and fix Spells, but rather in the hopes that they could be addressed in the release of Magic when it's finally ready.
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    it don't want to work on my server T_T
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    I use multiplay servers and clanforge So I don't know if it has to do with that but...EVERYONE can cast spells. I have permissions (GroupManager with fake permissions) and the persistance plugin. Don't know if the permissions actually work because EVERYONE can cast any spell and they don't even have the permission only the wizard group I created does....
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    This is mainly for @WolfmasterX, but it may interest all of you:

    FYI - I meant to have something "right away", so I ended up not responding- but I've switched back to the old code for a bit to make sure there isn't something totally broken with permissions.

    I also need to update for latest RB.

    So, there will be another release of Spells, Wand, NetherGate and Persistence soonish.... not what I planned, but oh well. Magic is still coming soon! :)

    Not sure if this is what you mean by "reload", but you should not be using the "reload" console command to reload plugins. On any bukkit plugins, basically ever.

    Permissions are loaded on first player connect- right now there is no console command to reload the file. There will be one eventually, but at that point it will also support multiple files.

    Not at all- I haven't touched the blink code in a long time. Lemme get testing with latest RB...

    Awwww, shucks! :)

    Glad you think so... mainly, once Magic is released, it will become much easier for me to support issues, if any still exist.

    Sorry to hear that, but I'd probably need a lot more information to help you out. Probably worth waiting for better documentation- going to try to put that together for Spells 0.993.

    If it's not working, it's broken the other way. You're about the only person having this behavior :)

    Most people are complaining that they can't cast spells at all...

    Do you want to pastebin your permissons YML, I'll take a look?

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    If there isnt, you should have level ups for this like each level you learn a new spell and make it configerable.
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    hmm? Well more info on this: The plugin thinks everyone is OP or admin because they can cast without using ingredients.
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    I can't get it to work. Don't know how to set up the permissions for this file. I am not really good with computers. ATM I have Notepad++ to edit the .yml files.
    Can you give me a step by step tutorial how to get this file in my plugin (and how to edit and what to edit as a permissions.yml)? That would be great!
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    Is the monster you spawn supposed to be about 20 meters tall? i LOVE it but not sure if its meant to happen..

    Also any way to make it attack anything that attacks you?
    (Also is there also a way to choose what you spawn? I get a Zombie, i'd love a 20m tall creeper though. Purely for the look on the faces of those in the town i attack)
    Final idea on monsters: Using a saddle, you could ride its shoulder and use a bow? Up to two could ride maybe, idk if thats possible...

    Sorry for double post, found a bug:
    Sometimes when using the Frost spell, it cuts a hole in buildings to place snow there.
    (Also is there a way to make it not travel through walls, so if a building is closed no frost will get inside?)

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    can't use spells (with wand and without wand) even if i leave the line for the names empty it don't want to work. it simply does nothing
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    I use reload all the time! So far, or at least until now, I've never had any sort of problem with it. It's really nice for popping a new mod into play while I have friends connected without kicking anybody out. This was likely the only issue I was ever really having with permissions in .99+, I was modifying the permission file and reloading assuming that it would load up the permissions at mod boot time.

    Modify permissions.yml, /reload, swingy swingy swingy.. damn. Modify permissions.yml, /reload, swingy swingy swingy.. rageface. Remove .991, reinstall .97, /reload, swingy BLINK! Hooray!
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    Would it possible to add a configuration for ascend and descend. The ability to list blocks you cant ascend and descend through would be greatly appreciated. Trying to prevent people from going through bedrock and cheating at games. Also from breaking into other users homes with it.
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    Can someone give me steps to get this to work with Essentials Group Manager? I use clanforge so I can't see documention or access the files directly. My server is on the Host MultiplayServers so that is why. Anyway, freshly installed everyone can cast spells. So if someone happens to read this and has it working with Group Manager please tell me. It's very important that I get this to work on my RP server. I will love you forever. Great plug-in either way though and It would be sad if you never finished polishing it up.
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    Thank you!

    I'm not sure if that's just pastebin, but the spacing looks all kinds of wrong in that file! Like this part:

        default: false
       - Spells.cast.recall
        - Spells.cast.peek
        - Spells.cast.cushion
    The indentation in YML is very, very picky- you have to have everything line up, and each "level" is two spaces in from the one "above" it.

    Are any of your permissions working?

    Reagents are not yet implemented- that will be in Magic... some day, when that gets released.

    Might make an Experience plugin for that one day. Let's get Magic out the door first, though :D

    Mmmm... excellent idea.

    There is a materials list already for what you can ascend/descend through, but I think it's empty now. It was originally "not bedrock", but then I couldn't get back in my nether when it respawned me on top :p

    I want all of these material lists to be configurable per-user (or globally) eventually, via the new permissions system, which supports things like material lists reasonably easily.

    Well, YMMV- it has crashed every time I've tried to use it :)

    Maybe it works better now, but I was told in the past specifically not to use it.

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    is (Are) your download link(s) broken?

    Can't seem to re-download your plugins... Also, do you have wget friendly links? (IE: static)?
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    Yeah it's just pastebin that does that for some reason. All my permissions are fine and I use Geany to edit my yaml files. Even if they weren't working spells shouldn't be on by default. It's too bad though I really wanted to have a Wizard class. :(

    I don't have direct access to files from my host so I can't fix it myself. Stupid Clanforge!
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    I'm changing ISPs, all download links are prolly going to be broken for a day or so.

    If I have anything useful to release, I'll dropbox it if I have nowhere else to put it by then.

    Not sure what the second part of that was about... "static" links? My links should be wget friendly, as far as I know? Can you elaborate?

    Update released for latest CB build (577). Update all jars, or grab elBukkit.zip.

    Also, all the download links and such should be fixed now, if that wasn't clear :)

    Barring any propagation issues (things are looking good for me), I think my DNS migration is complete. No more shelling out to a hosting provider- sweet!

    Do note that the links all changed- should be "static", now, I guess- though I make no guarantees I won't move them again. It's now "mine.elmakers.com/plugins/releases" instead of "www.elmakers.com/minecraft". If you have bookmarks or auto-downloaders or anything, you'll want to update those.


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    Where does one find this materials list? Ive searched through spells.properties. Perhaps i am missing something.

    Also how is the progress going for spells not working on blocks that have zone protection like in worldguard or izone?
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    *sigh* another plugin dev getting ahead of the recommended build for craftbukkit.
    Updating beyond 556 breaks 85% of my plugins...

    Awaiting more compatibility before proceeding...
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    Sorry, man- people complain it doesn't work with latest. I'd rather it work with latest then with some random old build, even if it's "recommended".

    I guess the problem is people are running builds past latest RB, but really that's just way too much for me to keep track of. I can't even test (in my dev env), easily, at a specific RB- I can really only get latest and test with that.

    Sorry. Things will hopefully settle down- frankly, this last round of changes was a big bunch of BS, IMO. Do we really need to change the tense of event names at this point in the Bukkit API lifecycle? Bleh.

    There are several lists in the properties files, but most were disabled because people broke their worlds by using items and non-sticky materials and other things, and I don't want to be held responsible for that.

    The ones I was talking about will be permissions-driven, and don't exist yet :)

    It's.... not.

    Way, way, way, way down on the list at this point, thrown on a big pile with a bunch of "other devs' plugin compatibility" issues. Sorry.

    Oh, also, it's really not as dramatic as all that :)

    My old builds are always available here:


    Just... you know.. don't update. There are no new features here, this was just a compatibility release ;)

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    noted, hope I didn't come off as being rude. I'm up to like 6 different .jar files that I had to temporarily remove from my auto-updater until CB updates their recommended build...

    still watching the threads though :)
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    No not at all :) I was just a little frustrated, myself. I really want to spend my limited time on Magic, not having to fix up all of my plugins for some nebulous bukkit changes :p
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    spells.properties is deprecated now?

    I need reagent material configurability for each spell. Also your JavaDocs is still down!
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    Deprecated is a good word, actually, yes :D

    A lot of the material lists were removed several versions ago, and Magic is (hopefully) not going to have a properties file- it's all permissions-based.

    Javadocs? Are you making a Spell plugin? PM me if so- this will be different, hopefully easier, in Magic.

    If not, you don't need the JD :)

    Reagents are coming in Magic, hopefully TBR soon-ish.

    The code is here, reagents not in it yet, no JD generated yet, either:


    Feel free to poke around a bit prior to release :D

    The code is mostly there, SpellVariant is where I'll be adding casting costs, cooldowns, and other data.
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    Ah I didn't see that you were refactoring, ookay. Thanks!
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    I am! Sorry about that- really, it should be the same interface, minus some useless functions (don't need to specify wand support), and eventually plus a whole lot of new functionality.

    BTW, nice Leon avatar! :D
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    Regardless we still use allot of these spells because only a few can interfere with zone protection. Thanks for the update.
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    I can't get it working and I'm wondering if you can help, i try typing in /spells and nothing comes up, i try /wand blast and it says it doesnt exist! :(

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