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    Great bug report! I'll get that fixed straight away.

    I haven't used the construction spells while other people are using them on the same server, I've tried to think about that, but there are clearly some variables that are not player specific :)
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    I'm not sure if using wands will fix it or not, haven't had the chance to try it with other people yet...
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    I just downloaded Spells.jar from the link and re-launched my server. The startup log says I'm using SpellsPlugin 0.27, though, instead of 0.28:
    2011-01-20 13:30:33 [INFO] SpellsPlugin  version 0.27 is enabled
    I am running CraftBukkit #95.

    When I /cast alter on a block of wool, it works great (thanks for this!). It seems odd though that I see this on the server console:
    2011-01-20 13:47:16 [INFO] miome issued server command: cast alter
     2011-01-20 13:47:16 [INFO] Unknown console command. Type "help" for help.
    /rewind put back the bridge I accidentally broke, but not the minecart tracks on it.

    /stairs produced something odd, not sure I'm using this command correctly ...

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    Updated to 0.29:
    • Fixed fill (and canceling a fill) when used by more than one player at a time- thanks fuzzyhunter!
    • Added mine spell, which destroys a vein of ore and then drops the ore blocks. It's not rewindable, because I can't figure out how to make it not be a super-obvious resource spam with undo... but maybe since I have an "absorb" spell I shouldn't worry about it? Anyone have an opinion on this?
    • Added "quiet" and "silent" properties file options, for less or no console spam.
    And speaking of spam, here is yet another video! This time, showing off mine, and also showing off that I am finally figuring out the compressor settings on my screencast program... :)

    Yeah, it's kind of a repeat of the last one... but less blurry!
    --- merged: Jan 20, 2011 7:40 PM ---
    Oh, I also meant to mention that I improved blink- as demo'd in this video. It's much better at finding a place for you to go, and it's much better at not dropping you and killing you, which is, you know, nice.
    --- merged: Jan 20, 2011 7:46 PM ---
    Sorry, yeah- I hadn't noticed that the upload failed. I just updated it to 0.29 anyway, so if you want you can try it again :)

    Hmm, that is odd- I'll look into this. I actually really need to do more testing on alter- I'm worried that it might break peoples' maps. I don't know, for instance, what happens if you alter a tree past its valid states. I'd be careful with it.

    Yeah, at least for now, it's not smart enough to detect things that are attached to the things you break. This gets really complicated, actually- with sand and gravel and stuff really making things hard to put back.

    I am considering doing a general "bubble" of one space around everything in the undo queue, though- just to make sure I can put back the attached things.

    Heh... yeah.. it doesn't work at all right now :) I'll make a note to better mark the WIP ones in the help list, so you don't have to check this forum to know what should work and what shouldn't...
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    HeroSpells will be released soon - these will 1) require reagents and 2) mana to cast. Our coders will post the source in this thread for the developer and others to take from.
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    Awesome, thanks!!

    v0.30 Released- two new spells:
    arrow: Fire a magic arrow
    tree: Grow a tree. This one has some options, right now only one works :)
    big (the current default): Grows a big tree naturally. Not rewindable.
    standard: Grows a standard tree naturally. Doesn't seem to work currently.
    normal, birch, redwood: I plan on implementing my own, very simple, tree algorithm- possibly making it scalable. These trees would be rewindable, too. Not working yet, though.
    --- merged: Jan 21, 2011 2:15 AM ---
    I've got a tree spell now! :)

    v0.31: added frost spell. Freezes water! Stone-ifies and obsidian-ifies lava! Snows up other stuff!
    --- merged: Jan 21, 2011 3:12 AM ---
    I just added frost, which I think does what you want! It also affects lava as if water had touched it.

    v0.32: alter will now recurse on certain materials, for instance keeping trees and leaves consistent. Also, I've now tested it fairly extensively and I think it's pretty safe.

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    I got this error starting CraftBukkit #114, Wand 0.21, and Spells 0.32.

    2011-01-21 00:19:56 [INFO] Loading wand-commands.txt
    2011-01-21 00:19:56 [INFO] WandPlugin version 0.21 is enabled
    Jan 21, 2011 12:19:56 AM org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer loadPlugins
    SEVERE: com.elmakers.mine.bukkit.utilities.PluginProperties.getBoolean(Ljava/lang/String;Z)Z (Is it up to date?)
    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.elmakers.mine.bukkit.utilities.PluginProperties.getBoolean(Ljava/lang/String;Z)Z
            at com.elmakers.mine.bukkit.plugins.spells.SpellsPlugin.loadProperties(SpellsPlugin.java:80)
            at com.elmakers.mine.bukkit.plugins.spells.SpellsPlugin.load(SpellsPlugin.java:103)
            at com.elmakers.mine.bukkit.plugins.spells.SpellsPlugin.onEnable(SpellsPlugin.java:125)
            at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPlugin.setEnabled(JavaPlugin.java:135)
            at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader.enablePlugin(JavaPluginLoader.java:285)
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(SimplePluginManager.java:175)
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(CraftServer.java:60)
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugins(CraftServer.java:45)
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.e(MinecraftServer.java:153)
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.c(MinecraftServer.java:140)
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.d(MinecraftServer.java:104)
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:177)
            at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:512)
    2011-01-21 00:19:56 [INFO] Done! For help, type "help" or "?"
    I get the same error with builds #95 and #107.
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    I can't get the wand and spells plugin to work together, when i right click the next spell just comes up in chat but left click does nothing. I can still create wands and all that i just won't cast it.

    The spell plugin is fine it just doesn't like working with the wand. Time of day also doesn't work with the wand either.

    not sure which to post on, so i did both =D

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    Eek, sorry! I think I can imagine what that could be- I'm got two of the same classes in those jars, and I let one get out of date.

    I'm guessing if Bukkit happens to load Spells first, it's ok- otherwise it breaks.

    I just updated both jars- can you try re-downloading both and let me know if it works, please?
    --- merged: Jan 21, 2011 11:00 AM ---
    This may be related to the same issue the above poster reported, which would make the two jars not play nice together.

    I wonder, is Wand working on its own? I think the conflicting plugin you mention in the other thread may be Spells, unfortunately! Did you try Wand just using the General plugin?

    Definitely re-download both jars and let me know if that's better, please.

    v0.33 : Underwater update!

    Added gills spell- this spell will heal you constantly, as long as you're moving underwater. It makes underwater living possible, though annoying (you're constantly getting hurt and healed.)

    It's configurable, you can make it last as long or as short as you want. You can also set it up so that you can lazily roam about underwater, or so that you're like a shark and have to keep moving to survive.

    I also modified most of the spells to work well underwater (or from outside the water- you can now construct underwater buildings with magic, while on a boat- awesome!)

    fill and pillar will now target through the water, and pillar will pillar up or down through water.

    torch will now take a look at where you're trying to place it, and if it's underwater (or attached to ice, snow or glass) a lightstone block will be placed instead of a torch.

    blink now blinks you through water- and glass! You can still ascend or descend to the surface of the water, or to a glass platform - this is whether you use blink to do it or not.

    I think that's about it for now- enjoy your underwater magic!
    --- merged: Jan 21, 2011 1:01 PM ---
    Got you covered on both of these now! =D

    v0.36: Added familiar, which creates a little animal familiar. Each player may have one at a time.
    They don't do anything special or even follow you around yet, but it's still pretty neat.

    It will automatically create a squid familiar for you if you use it while underwater.

    You can also specify parameters to create non-animal familiars: any (will randomly choose one), cow, sheep, chicken, pig, creeper, pigzombie, skeleton, spider, squid, zombie, ghast.

    This should go without saying, but be very careful creating a creeper or ghast!

    Cast again to dismiss your familiar.

    Hm, familiar is not working on my public server :( It works on my development server. Let me know if it does or does not work for me, would you?

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    I did and it works now! :)

    Doesn't appear to work for me. I do /cast familiar and it says it created a cow familiar, but I don't see one.
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    Request: Learning System

    Wondering if your will include a 'learning' system into this plugin? If so, any chance it will be looked into soon?

    Just to clarify
    Learning through something like: /wand teach <player> <spell>
    Where the player receives permission for the spell if they belong to a group with the same spell permission.

    Oh and familiar isn't working for me, either.
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    Alter is working ok, although it appears there is some oddness in the recursion. I attached a screenshot of a couple of trees I altered. There's a few blocks that are still the original light color, even though they're attached to the others on two sides.

    Fill doesn't work with alter'ed blocks. See the second attached image - I clicked on the yellow block to set it, but it filled with white. Ignore the green, I placed it previously.

    Tunnel sometimes fails to attach the torches to the wall. I wasn't able to tell anything different about the sections where it failed, so I'm not sure how you'd duplicate this one ... Also, what's the expected behavior when you try to tunnel straight down? I tried it and the output said 26 blocks were removed, but I didn't see any. I dug around a bit but couldn't find them. One more thing, it didn't remove any blocks that were coal or grass.

    I jumped off a cliff to test Cushion, but the water fountain spawned some ten blocks forward of my actual landing spot. Note to self - chose a lower cliff for testing next time!

    Arrow seems to have trouble hitting things. I was aiming at a cow, and even up point blank I couldn't hit him. At some point I managed to cause some damage, but I'm not sure why. Maybe the arrow has to land on the block the cow is standing on?

    All the other commands worked as described. ( I didn't test any on the in-progress list. ) Tree it particular I'm really excited about. :D Looking forward to birch & pine!

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    Excellent! Glad to hear that's coming out soon. Without a reagents or mana cost system, magic is just a fancy word for admin powers.
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    Seconding this! I'd particularly love it if I could place bookcase in a dungeon and have it so that if a player finds and clicks on it, he or she 'learns' a spell. Like a grimoire! I should check if someone has ported triggerblocks ...
    --- merged: Jan 21, 2011 6:42 PM ---
    Alter says you can't alter minecart rails, I wonder why?
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    Thanks for your reports on familiar, everyone! I need to figure out how/why it's working on my dev server. Hopefully it's not spawning a big pile of animals in some random location in your world... (anybody see The Prestige?)

    Eventually I want to have an XP system for players to be able to earn access to spells in pre-defined ways... However, that's a pretty long ways off. So, for now, yeah- it'd be pretty easy to add some console commands for creating groups and group management and such.

    I might take some time and extract the permissions/classes code into its own plugin first, though- I plan on re-using it. The Wand permissions are already getting fairly complex, and that's much simpler than this stuff.
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    What about using the Permissions plugin that is being used for General right now? Not sure how easy it would be for you, but it may be worth looking into...
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    Man, thanks for all the great bug reports!

    This one is probably just the recursion depth- I have it set fairly low so as not to bog down peoples' servers, and it looks like you've got a pretty big bunch of conjoined trees there. Hm.. unfortunately it looks like that's not a configurable parameter- I've added a TODO to add that one to the properties file. It's set to 16 by default, it looks like, which is pretty deep, so I am a little surprised. I might see if I can find someone else's recursion code and borrow it :)

    I noticed this myself- that should be an easy fix, I just need to grab the data as well as the material of whatever is being filled.

    Yeah- the torch thing is a bug. I think I know why, I think it places and then breaks them- I need to build the tunnel then place the torches.

    As far as straight down- tunnel is not actually aimed in that sense. It should tunnel at the block you target, in the direction you're pointing. Not sure why it didn't show up with anything.

    It does not tunnel through grass by default- the idea was to keep the tunnels underground. It doesn't tunnel through much, actually- the idea being to leave the ore behind for you to mine. If you'd rather this be a pure destruction spell (it's really a mining spell), you can change the materials it will destroy in the properties file: spells-tunnel-destructible.

    And, if you wand something that is aimable- try blast! It also has its own, separate, property for destructible materials.

    Oop! Yeah, cushion is aimable- you've got to point down and use it! Sorry! Hm, I think it'd be nice if the help text of each spell could easily indicate whether it's targeted, facing-based, instant, or continuous. I wish I could use colors!

    Well, you do have to back up a bit, I spawn the arrow a few blocks in front of you to make sure you don't hit yourself. Anyway, I just discovered that there is a fireArrow() method, which will probably work a lot better than the manual spawning/aiming I'm doing now- should be fixed soonish :)

    Thanks! And thanks again for all the info- it's really valuable to me. I don't get to test this as much as I'd like, most of my free time is spent writing code :)

    I am also really excited about tree- I'm going to have fun writing my own tree-making algorithms. Does anyone want some Dr. Suess trees? Palm trees? Pine trees?
    --- merged: Jan 21, 2011 8:30 PM ---
    I thought about that- I wasn't sure how widespread the General plugin was. Does everyone pretty much use it?

    I know that, long-term, I want a hierarchical class system with more fine-grained controls that other systems I've seen.

    For instance, I'd like to be able to set it up so that a "level 1 wizard" class can use fill up to 16 blocks at a time, but a "level 2 wizard" can use it up to 32, and so on.

    I also want permissions to be able to apply to any arbitrary token, not just a command. So, "does this player have permission to use a wand?", that sort of thing.

    The end goal would be for this to tie into an experience system, so that players can earn their abilities instead of being given them. "Teaching" or being "taught" by a bookcase is just a fancy way of doing admin stuff, too.

    So, I'll probably write my own permissions system, but I do plan on shopping around a bit first.
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    The Permissions wouldn't really work long term, but for short term, it doesn't need General to use, it's completely separate, just that it was made to expedite the Bukkit system. Apparently it works the same way as Bukkit will later on.

    Love the ideas for the future though, keep them coming!
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    From the little I know of it, what I threw together should suffice as well as Permissions. It allows you to create any number of classes, each with any number of abilities that can overlap- and each player can be in any number of classes. The only thing I need to add are console commands (that only an admin can use) to manage users and groups so you don't have to edit files.

    The other feature I would like is for it to auto-set the admin to the first person to login the first time the system ever starts up (with this plugin installed). That way, you'd never have to edit a file- just drop the plugin in, restart your server, and login (quickly! ;))

    I'd have it ask something like "are you the admin?", and you'd have to reply yes- but of course there's no way to make it secure without editing a file in advance.
    --- merged: Jan 21, 2011 8:58 PM ---
    Of course, the idea with bukkit is to have different systems that work together harmoniously. There's already a mana plugin out there- not sure about reagents.

    For now, I'm just providing the fun tools to play with- I don't want to box anyone into a certain way of using them.

    That being said, I do, naturally, have my own ideas on how they should be used. There are two things to think about:
    • How do players earn spells?
    • How are spells limited?
    The systems I plan on creating to solve these two problems are:
    Experience (and a Permissions/Class system if I can't find one that fits)
    • I want different types of experience, configurable
    • As many events as possible that can provide one or more types of experience - plugin-able, of course
    • Events that can remove experience, to maintain balance
    • Example: Placing a torch gets you 1 construction experience, 1 exploration experience and 1 general experience. Breaking a torch removes that same experience.
    For the class and permission system, I don't want a player to have to choose a class. I want them to be able to invest experience in any direction of the class set/tree they want. Obviously, the idea is you can only spend "exploration" experience on exploration spells, etc- so you'll naturally progress in the direction of whatever you do most often.

    The spell-limiting systems, as I mentioned, are kind of out there. If I can't find one I like, I would probably go for a Mana-driven system, with Mana that regenerates (based on player stats) over time. I could also get behind a system that uses or falls back on health- where a player can cast a limited set of spells using his own life force.

    In any case, I'm very interested to see what HeroSpells will offer!
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    Permissions is seperate from General btw ;)
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    I just looked over the main post describing Permissions, is sounds excellent!

    Are there console commands to manage users and groups? If not, are there plans to add any?
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    Ok, I'm sorry for this but-

    Where is the documentation that shows how to use the spells?
    What arguments does alter take? How do I type them in?
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    Most of the spells don't take arguments- alter doesn't take any. The only documentation is the first post (so far), and what appears in /cast (which, for the most part, does not yet include parameters)

    The parameters are generally meant to be optional, and ultimately represent different versions (or more powerful versions) of the same spell.

    Most of the spells, alter for instance, are targetable. Just aim at something and use alter, and that something will get altered. Keep altering it to cycle through states. (I do plan on making alter smarter about knowing which states are valid for what materials to save you, for instance, having to cycle through 13 of the same wood states).

    The main goal of this plugin is to abstract away as much of the console as possible- Wand is meant to take care of getting rid of the console completely.

    Just point and shoot! :)
    --- merged: Jan 21, 2011 10:58 PM ---
    Updated to 0.38:
    Address many of the bugs listed above:
    • fill now fills data, so colored wool can be filled properly.
    • I can't get absorb or selecting a different material while filling to work with different data- I don't think the ItemStack data access is working, I'm not sure.
    • I increased the default recursion of alter, and made it configurable in the properties file. Careful setting it too large!
    • I modified arrow to just use the built-in fireArrow() function, it works much better now. Though, I will be keeping the manual method in my back pocket for later- can you say rain of arrows?
    Also added the construct spell, which for now can only create spheres. Takes a parameter for sphere size, and defaults to a nice small ball.

    After looking at Permissions, I'm fairly convinced that I want to use it. This may be the last release until I do some refactoring.
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    Hey I know this may be a truly noobish question but i am having the hardest time getting the plugin to work My terminal displays the unknown command error, I have wand working and I am testing it with /cast blink and /cast familiar however nothing happens can anyone help?
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    Sounds possibly like a permissions issue- did you set up wand-commands.txt so you're in the admins group?
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    Hi Nathan. I've installed your plugin on my server, however, upon starting it, the txt file is not being created. Any advice?
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    Hmmm... I just double-checked the jar I most recently uploaded, and it looks good. Does anything show up in the log at all?
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    Yeah and I have been using wands for other things however even when manually give the command it doesn't cast. I thought I had the permissions right in the spell.properties, it should be like this right?:
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    Negative, nothing in the log. I've restarted the server and such. MyWarps and General are both working. Spells, not :(
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    Sorry, I meant spell-classes.txt, I'm getting my plugins mixed up! Hm, that does look right though. Sounds like you and Andraszao are both having problems with this build- if the wand plugin is working, it shouldn't be an incompatibility problem. I'll upload a new build right now.
    --- merged: Jan 22, 2011 12:58 AM ---
    Ok, I think I see the problem- I may have somehow left out the plugin.yml file :(

    I just uploaded a new one- I'll PM you both, since you seem to be online =D

    This is sort of a "dev build", but there shouldn't be anything (more) broken in here.

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