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    How do you disable the description when you right click while holding an item?
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    Yay, forums are back! I'll come in soon and check in on everything, but have a lot OP's to update .. please update ALL my jars for 1.3 support!
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    Should be in wand.properties- I think I added that a while back.
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    I am a huge fan of Avatar, the series, so don't get me wrong here.

    Actually, if my "ultimate goal" of convincing my friends to run a D&D campaign using my server as the framework does not pan out, it's not farfetched to see it totally transformed into an Avatar world. I could use the new tile-generation stuff that Dinnerbone is delivering to partition up my world into the 4 elements.... make myself the avatar... might be kind of a power trip, actually, maybe not a good idea.

    This could be really cool, though. Maybe you can choose a nation, and then your spawn gets set to somewhere in that nation, the Experience plugin adjusts your available progression trees to be confined to that nation (so, you get fire spells if you choose to be a fire nation person, etc- these could manifest as firebending, maybe using some kind of wand-less Wand....)

    So, yeah... I'm definitely up for supporting that, is my point :)

    Now... the movie... don't get me started, there. I really used to like M. Night :p

    If you're interested, start with Spells! I have a thread around somewhere that talking about writing your won Spells plugin, and there's a sample spell plugin (I think it makes an "absorb" clone) to get you started....

    There are guides on the bukkit wiki on the basics- how to get setup with Eclipse, git, Maven, etc. It's fun! :)
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    Since you all asked so much :)

    Version 0.96 has three new spell variants, early versions of two new spells:

    • lava : Should probably be "lavablast" or something as the variant. The lava spell, right now, takes a radius, and fires a jet of lava out of your hands. Right now, it ignores the radius, but the idea is it could be a thicker column one day (if you were insane...). The stream itself is "temporary", but since lava drips, until I start controlling physics (same as for guyser and cushion), this is going to be a very messy, very dangerous spell! Be warned!
    • fire : The default variant for fire is a single block of fire. This is really where I got started, and then got a little distracted :) I've wanted to put this spell in since I started working on NetherGate, as a quick way to "light up" a portal with magic. If you have not yet learned, all it takes to build a portal with just the wand is a single block of obsidian, fill and pillar. Depending on where you want to build it (into a wall, etc), disintegrate may make your life a bit easier, since my new material cycling system is broken :( But, a freestanding portal on level ground requires only fill and pillar, and now fire to activate it.
    • inferno : Some "show off" variant of fire, which takes a radius parameter. I think it's 8, maybe? Anyway, this spell is also fairly dangerous ;)
    EXAMPLES HERE: My Picasa Album for Lava + Fire

    Ok, enjoy, all you pyros- I know you've been waiting for this release :D Please update to CB431 or higher to enjoy the wonderous beauty that is MC 1.3.
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    Yay it is back up! :) Watching a movie at the moment we can discuss on irc later about spellbook and the quests thing :D
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    SweetCraft Girl

    Hi, sorry, i am a bit confused... Where exactly is the .96 download? I see the title of the thread says .96 and the bukkit version, but i see no where on this page (17 for me) any post at all that is a download link. Correction - I do know there is a .95 download link. But there is nothing i can see that points to a .96 download.

    Where am i failing?

    Edit to add:

    Found my fail:

    Thank you for the repository Nathan. :D
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    Adam Shefki

    Thanks for the reply re: item consumption for spellcasting. I know it sounds silly and hyperbolic, but not having that as an option is the only thing holding my PVP server back right now.

    Spell ideas:

    Gust. Blows enemies, players, or physicsblocks up and backwards 6-ish blocks. Maybe aiming at your feet would propel you upwards.

    Fire Shield: Makes the player immune to ignition and damage from fire sources including lava for 5 seconds.

    Orb: Summons up a temporary, small, hollow glass sphere around the player. Would be useful for blocking other spells.
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    What? I dunno. I'm actually playing vanilla with a few friends I trust, so permissions and protection etc isn't neccessary so I haven't looked into it. :p
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    SweetCraft Girl


    Can you please add a "heal limit"?

    In an attempt to create a healer class, I am finding that the spell "heal" restoring 100% health is over powered. Is there anyway to add a data value variable that defines how many hearts are healed per cast of the spell? Or how many times the spell my be cast in a 10min or X minute cycle?

    I apologize for asking so much of you, as so many already before me have asked you for eve more time and effort, which you do give quite a bit of, and thank you for that. I do appreciate you doing this for the community and those who love it, especially us GM/admins.
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    That could be made even better with reagents. You could have different levels of the spell that heal different amounts but cost more reagents and also take longer to recharge :D
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    Yup, I know! It's not hyperbolic at all, no more than, say, saying that the lack of Permissions support makes this plugin worthless ;)

    The idea, for me, from the get-go was that up until 1.0, Spells was a test platform. I do have the desire for Spells to be a useable gameplay system, I promise :)

    Liking it- fitting in with the current Avatar kick I'm now on... Need some more airbending spells :) (though I think blink makes a really nice airbending-esque movement spell, if kept dialed down to short ranges!)

    Yeah, once I've got a system in place for this, I'm probably going to make some sort of damage-immunity spell that can protect you from any number of different types of damage- this will fulfill a lot of requests for things that all basically amount to the same spell (gills, safefall, fireshield, invincibility, etc)

    There is a "shield" spell on the books that will do this- it will make either a full orb/dome shield, or an aimable disc.
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    Nah, it'll definitely be a param (may be already- a number representing how many half-hearts to heal)- but until the spell variant system is in place you can't really take advantage of it anyway :)
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    That's the idea, exactly- once the variant system is there, you can make as many versions of heal (cure, cura, curaga, etc) that cost more but heal more effectively/efficiently per resources consumed.
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    Adam Shefki

    Okay, I absolutely do not mean to derail this thread at all, but I had to bring this up.

    You mention you're on an Avatar kick, and your status says:

    I need to talk to you in private, because this is basically what I've been dedicating my free time to in the past two weeks. Like, exactly this. We're calling it Nations at War, and it isn't directly lifted from Avatar, but the general concept is that there are four nations (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) fighting over contested middle land. I've put together a map that, if I can skip the humility for a minute here, is absolutely amazing for this whole thing, with themed island nations as the starting point for each group and some epic battlegrounds on the middle contested lands.

    If you're interested, you're more than welcome to be a part of it. The map's all done, the playerbase I have over at the penny-arcade.com forums is chomping at the bit to play, but we're just waiting on functional spell implementation so that we can really have some PVP fun.

    Contact me - [email protected], or Machine Instinct on AIM. I don't see a private message function on this forum, or else I would have sent you this directly. I want to talk to you about this, because I've been working on it for quite some time now.
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    Sounds awesome! Want to see!

    Yeah, for sure! I mean, I have limited time, and it's mainly devoted to plugin dev, but I'd love to join and play around- I'm sure it'll give me lots of ideas, and I'm sure that'll mean you get the spells you want :)

    There is a PM function - it's sort of Google Wave like, in that all "messages" are really threaded conversations that can involve any number of people- anyway, under your "Inbox", go to "start conversation"- I also sent you a gmail invite that it looks like you responded to :)
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    Yay the new fire/lava spells are just great!
    So nathan, if you just replaced the lava with ice, it would be pretty similar to old frozone spell :)
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    This one would be a bit far fetched but maybe one that could incase your enemy in ice? :D
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    See "encase" in the issue tracker ;)
    --- merged: Feb 24, 2011 2:10 PM ---
    Good call! Well, sorta- I don't actually do the 'dripping' myself, that's just lava dripping :) I think that helps with the "stalactite" effects.

    A lot of these spells are going to be made more generic in the transition- maybe there won't even be a lava spell, for instance, that could just be a variant of some sort of "magic column blast???" spell or something that just uses "with lava", so you could easily do "with ice", "with water", etc for a variety of fun elemental spells.

    I really, really wish I had so much more time to work on this stuff... so excited about the future of Wand/Spells!
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    Ah I see, well maybe if you could target the entity and then use getPlayer you could spawn ice on then for a certain amount of time and suffocate them as well as freeze them :)
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    Eh, you can already just use blob with ice if you want to do that ;)
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    I LOVE YOU :) <3

    Now I know what I'll be playing around with the next hours ;)

    And as you have fire spells now .... maybe firewall .... a wall of fire in front of the caster to defend himself against monsters and/or other players on a pvp/rp server ... or on your dream, an Avatar server =P
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    And, now that I thought of it, maybe an fire/lava version of encase, if that isn't planned already :)
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    Encase will have a "with" parameter, so you can make variants using whatever you want. I'll probably have default 'glass' and 'ice' variants- lava is too evil :D

    I like the idea of a "wall" spell- maybe a variant of pillar can do that- I want to expand that to be heavily parameterizable as well- all of the current construction/destruction spells are really meant to be building blocks for ... greater things.

    Imagine a super-high-powered version of pillar called mountain....
    --- merged: Feb 25, 2011 5:26 AM ---
    Testing out a new spell variant- recurse, which uses the new "recurse" parameter to fill.

    The recurse spell uses your selected material to do a mspaint-style "fill bucket" on the target, recursively filling any surrounding blocks of the same type (to a for-now-not-configurable sane degree).

    I think it's pretty fun, and it should be no more complex than mine, but since it's potentially affecting many more blocks, I want to test it a bit before releasing.

    Feel free to come and play! If you crash my server with it, please come here and let me know.... :)

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    Great work^^. but I have one problem.
    When I cast "Fill" it removes blocks, doesen't fill.
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    All construction spells now use the right-most material in your inventory. If you have no (buildable) materials in your active inventory, they will default to using the "natural" substance- whatever you're targeting.

    Finally, if you have materials in your active inventory, but your right-most slot is empty, they will fill with air.

    Hope that clears it up- the idea is maximum flexibility.
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    Can I have a little healp with permissions?

    I currently use groupmanager, I downloaded your groups.jar and put it on the folder. When server starts it reads groupmanager first and your plugin after. Your plugin recognizes that permissions is instaled, yet everyone can do any spell they want with wand. If they try /cast <stuff> they cant
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    I'm not sure what groupmanager does?

    Unless it's broken, Groups.jar should be a complete passthrough for Permissions when you've got Permissions.jar installed as a plugin- I can't speak for anything groupmanager (if that's a plugin?) may be doing that's getting in the way :)

    I haven't really tested Groups much, to be perfectly honest- but I think someone mentioned it was working...
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    Groupmanager is a permission 2.0 alternative. It has 2 jars, groupmanager and fakepermissions.jar.
    By the way it works, the fake permissions.jar fool the plugins so they act with groupmanager in the same way they would act with permissions.

    Groupmanager has been inserted into essentials some time ago. I didnt have problems with any plugin thast used permissions yet. I really dont know where is the problem, I tought it was your groups.jar confliction with groupmanager, but I get no errors at all.

    Also, if I run bukkit with only spells, persistence and wand (no permission, no groups, nothing), I still cant do /cast <spell> but I can use them with the wand. I checked the spells.properties already, the allowcomands is true.

    help plox [​IMG]
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    Hmm.. going to need a bit of time to look at all this, but sounds like maybe permissions in Spells is broken?

    Spells 0.97 Released

    I haven't had time to look into the Permissions/permissions issues yet, but 0.97 does add some fun stuff, including the recurse spell.

    Please download a fresh Spells.jar and Persistence.jar, and also NetherGate.jar if you use that.

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    J. D.

    Is there anyway to get this to work with Essentials and Group Manager? I can get it functioning, but I cannot restrict users from accessing the spells.
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    Yeah, no idea- someone else complained about this as well.

    Anyone trying this with core Permissions? If permissions in general are broken, I'll definitely fix it.

    However, I'm really going to have to say that one off-brand permissions framework is all I'm willing to support until the real thing is here- sorry. Not sure if this Group Manager is new or what, but people should have been more vocal about it, at least vocal enough to drown out the Permissions support requests/demands, if that's The Thing I'm supposed to support now.
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    Ill try with permission 2.0 and see if it works, but Im pretty sure it doesnt. Groupmanger is compatible to every plugin that works with permissions 2.0, at least everyone I already tryied.
    I'll report results in some minutes.

    EDIT: OH CRAP, seems download link to permissions is broken. :(

    EDIT2: Tested with permissions 2.2, same thing. No erros at all, everybody can use wand to cast every spell, nobody can cast spells by /cast <spell>. Seems its not permission/groupmanager bug.
    If I could sugest you, make it compatible to permission 2.0. This way it will be compatible with both groupmanager and permissions automatically. :D
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    Far as I know, I was using "Permission 2.0", whatever that is- I think it was 2.0 before I ever started messing with it...

    Anyway, sounds like Groups.jar is broken- hopefully when I fix it to work with Permissions it'll work with Groups Manager was well. Meantime, I guess if you need permissions support, you're going to have to live without spells for a bit. Sorry!
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    Guess ill have to wait then. The spells are dangerous to be free for all on my main world. Maybe ill put it to work on my secondary server meanwhile. Thanks anyway. Hope I can use your plugin again soon :D
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    Ok, Spellsters, can anyone help me out?

    Trying to test Permissions support- I think I've got it working again, it's at least blocking me correctly- but I can't seem to get it to give me permissions.

    Now, caveat, I'm running in offline mode now as "Player" because the login servers are down. However, this has worked fine for me in the past.

    Here's my config.yml

    What am I doing wrong? I don't think it's my code (anymore)- I've traced it down to the Permissions.Security call, it's got the right player (Player) and the right pnode (Spells.cast.blink) - but I get denied. I think Player is a "Friend" which inherits from Default, which has Spells.cast.* ... right?

    pleeasssee haaaallllppp

    I will say, this, though- it's working a lot better. It almost seems like it's just that the group inheritance is broken? Am I Doing It Wrong?

    Now that I can login as NathanWolf, I see that I still have access to nothing (including what I should inherit from "Default")- but I do have access to "su", the one thing I specifically granted myself... and the only thing I need :)

    So, I'm happy enough to put this on my public server this way- and you can, too, if you think maybe my problem is in the YML. Just update Groups.jar and Persistence.jar (grab the latests Spells.jar if you want, too, just to be on the safe side...)

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