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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by trusebruse, Sep 24, 2012.

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    Gravity Retired Staff

    Keep this on-topic please.
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    Or if you're really unlucky ;)

    I think I'm still being DDoS'd daily, despite having been on a completely protected solution for several weeks. Poor guy, he doesn't realize that it's not doing anything.
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    Infamous Jeezy

    I was wondering..
    Would it be possible to make a plugin to limit how much the server is pinged by an ip in a period of time?

    I assumed that a white list would help but I decided I was very wrong.
    With that thought in mind I don't think a plugin that limits the amount of connections
    from an ip in a period of time would help either, am I right?
    I don't have access to the box of the server, only bukkit console so I can't make any third-party script for it.

    I suppose I'm getting my hopes up a bit asking this although part of me knows the only real solution is to get one of those expensive ddos "protected" servers or sort of service which I don't know any compatible with my hoster.
    Being quite happy with my hosting, I don't want to change and I'm not sure how to if possible use JavaPipe for it with only access to the bukkit console. So would the above methods have any affect at all?
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    Gravity Retired Staff

    Well sure, but pinging your server isn't how they are going to bring it down xD
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    Infamous Jeezy

    Oh I thought that's how some ddosers bring servers down. :eek:
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    Gravity Retired Staff

    If you want to ddos someone there's much more effective ways of doing it than pinging their Minecraft server.
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    Infamous Jeezy

    Yeah I wouldn't doubt it, I just feel a lot people are gonna get angry with the server often
    if I have an instant permanent ban system. Fairly nervous about going public. ><
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    I'm thinking of starting a DDOS-mitigated Minecraft server hosting service. (reasonably priced)

    How does that sound
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    Nathan C

    Yep, just as easy at it sounds too.

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    I already have a few dedicated servers with DDOS mitigation on it.

    /not actually sarcasm
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    Hmm.. DDOS Protectted Dedicated servers. GG.
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    Gravity Retired Staff

    Keep ontopic please. This thread is about ddos protection..
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    Sure, but the sheer amount of processing power required to reject all those connections at once (250,000+) is enough to bring your server to its knees.
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