DCP - A Download control panel/tracker and Auto-updating class

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Kalman Olah, Jul 7, 2011.

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    Kalman Olah

    Try replacing the old OKUpdater.java with this one:
    Note: I haven't tested this, but it should save the updated version as daisy.jar or whatever the file you uploaded is.
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    Thanks, edited it further to completely replace the plugin.jar
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    Kalman Olah

    Great. You should keep in mind that not all server owners want to update their plugins, though. If you plan to release "Daisy", you shouldn't force them to update.
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    I've got an interesting error, its displaying oddly on the new console:
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    Kalman Olah

    It's supposed to be that way. The ones with names but no versions are the main downloads: viewing these logs/deleting this will get logs for all versions or delete the whole download. All versions.
    The ones with version numbers but no names are versions of a download. Deleting this/viewing its log will only show a log for that version, or delete that specific version.

    EDIT: Check out this picture:

    Thanks a lot for this. It's being used by DCP as of v2.0.0. :)
     * @author Kalman Olah
     * By: cronikkk @ Bukkit forums
    safe($s) {
    $s preg_replace(sql_regcase("/(from|select|insert|delete|where|drop table|show tables|#|\*|--|\\\\)/"),"",$s);
    $s trim($s);
    $s strip_tags($s);
    $s addslashes($s);
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    ah ok, i thought it was a bug
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    Haha thanks :p
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    The download-link is broken :( I need this :( Could anybody give me a working link/version??
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    Let us wait, he was last online in January, so he had not even seen my post above yours. ;)
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