[DayZ] Requesting a couple plugins.

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by sumusiko, Sep 22, 2012.

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    the 5$ extra is to play for a week earlier but yea I think I'll change it.

    EDIT: Changed
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    Just finished the ZombieAwareness, Testing now
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    I'd be willing to help out with 3 and 4 (there is a charge if the plugin is not a public plugin). Also, a cool feature would be stats.

    I can do web development in Ruby too (not designing).
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    Now i'm waiting for the bandages plugin , i think its the only one left!

    4 is already made, need 3 though.

    Also need a plugin to store the zombies a player kills and make somekind of ranking. Longest time alive , most zombies killed and such. also a website would be good.

    However I cant pay since all the money is going into the server to get slots.
    But if you do it ill gladly give you one of the best donator packages once server comes out.

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    I'll see what I can do. Also, do you have a current server we can check out?
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    Hoolean Retired Staff


    sumusiko -_Husky_- Sushi

    I already have these features so on't worry about them:
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    I have done 1. Zombie detection if not crouched
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    You mean as the chance that a zombie can see you gets higher the bar will be filled up?
    I'm confused.. somehow MrBluebear's project and the one sumusiko suggested are getting mixed?
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    ATM I own a zombie survival server which is the one I'm using to build the structures/map , I will get the server down for maintenance a couple days before release , I'll upgrade it to a bigger server if we get alot of people which will be hard without alot of advertising.
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    Hoolean Retired Staff

    Hello, here is what I've done I will post a dev version up now!

    Show Spoiler


    • Custom speed
    • Custom attack
    • Custom health
    • Move and attack in packs

    • Coloured name-tags on killing or healing
    • Can heal others with bandages (custom id)
    • Players have thirst (xp number)
    • Players have detection level which effects mob attacks (xp bar)

    • Can set the world to always be night
    And more that I haven't mentioned plus more to come!

    - Thirst messes up on reload (fix coming soon)
    - Zombies have massive knockback (fix coming soon also

    Additional info:
    - Requires TagAPI


    Some other people also seem to have tried to add features I have already added :/ ! I already have the detection system with the XP bar on my plugin! Anyways!

    P.S: Please tell me of any bugs + More features coming soon

    Sushi -_Husky_- @sumisiko

    Want to all work together and make a massive project? I see @sumisiko has already added some features but it would be great if we could all collaborate! Also np98765 Would you like to help?
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    Sure why not?atm we are building the server but need opinions and stuff because its hard to decide which buildings to choose and stuff.
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    Hoolean Retired Staff

    Great! I think it would be best if we work off my source code, just because I have added a bit more to my plugin so far! Anyone know the best way to collaborate on source code?
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    You could try to code a ranking for who kills most zombies and stuff :)
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    Could I be of any assistance, as well?
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    The best way is Git...
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    Damn, you ninja'd me. :p
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    Sure, set up a GitHub repo and let's go. :3
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    Then it would be open source.
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    private GitHub repo*

    (Although I'm not sure if you've paid for the stupid suscription...)
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    I could.

    I still believe that if we are not getting paid, it should be a public plugin.

    I also think the Bukkit community would like to have such a plugin.

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    @sumusiko @-_Husky_- @Sushi
    Do you need weapons or anything. I can help if you need anything.

    By the way Sushi, all of my friends want a plugin just like this, I was going to do it, but now this is out, and I'd love to help.
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    Wait wait... I was under the impression that this was a public (but closed source) plugin. I'm not going to really be willing to help if it's private, I have way too much other stuff to do. I actually want to contribute somewhat to the Bukkit community with this.

    I thought that MrBluebear3 was already making this and just decided to speed up development/link the OP to his plugin.

    I'm confuzzled. :confused:
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    I'm still wondering if I can help...

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    Me too...
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    MrBluebear3 will be here soon; please hold. :3
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    It's a private plugin. If it was a free plugin, I don't really see a point in making it closed source.
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    I was under the impression that Bluebear was releasing a Bukkit plugin, CloneZ, that happened to be what sumusiko wanted.

    He did post a dev release right here instead of PM'ing it. :confused:
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    Well, we can ask if it's a public plugin, but I doubt it.
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    Hoolean Retired Staff

    Public. Definitely. Also anyone who wants to help can! Does anyone know how to setup a github thingy?
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    Good; I'm very happy it's public and I'd love to help. :)

    I do know how to set up a GitHub... If you'd like to send me everything, I can set it up.

    If you want the repo to be private, where only a few people can see it, then you'll have to send it to Sushi instead. ;)

    This is going to be one fun project! :D
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