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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Dark_Serpent, Nov 17, 2017.

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    Plugin category: Role Playing

    Suggested name: D20

    What I want: A very simple plugin. The user will type in the /roll command to initiate a roll. Some argument examples:

    /roll d20 This command will "roll" a 20-sided die and broadcast a random number between 1-20.
    In Game: "Dark_Serpent has rolled a D20 = (15) = 15!"

    /roll d20+5 This command will do the same as above, but then add 5 to the result.
    In Game: "Dark_Serpent has rolled a D20 = (15)+5 = 20!"

    /roll d20 Acrobatics This command will print out a random number between 1-20 and append "Acrobatics" within the message.
    In Game: "Dark_Serpent has rolled a D20 = (15) = 15 for Acrobatics!"

    /roll 2d6 This command will roll 2 D6 and add them up.
    In Game: "Dark_Serpent has rolled a 2D6 = (5+5) = 10!"

    /roll 4d6d1 This command will roll 4 D6, get rid of the lowest roll, and add them up.
    In Game: "Dark_Serpent has rolled a 4D6D1 = (3+5+5+2) = 23!"

    (Strikethroughs will appear using Minecraft's color code.)

    /roll 5d6u2 This command will roll 5 D6, get rid of two of the highest rolls, and add them up.
    In Game: "Dark_Serpent has rolled a 5D6U2 = (15+15+5+5+5) = 15!"

    /roll 5d6=5 Roll 5 D6 and report back if any of the rolls equals 5.
    In Game: "Dark_Serpent has rolled a 5D6=5 = (1 2 1 5, 1 success) = 1!"

    In Game text will be colored yellow, while the name of dice rolls (i.e D20) will be colored aqua. Results will be colored light green, not counting any appended text (i.e "for Acrobatics" would be colored yellow, not light green).

    D20.roll (Gives permissions for the entire plugin, not just a D20)

    When I'd like it by: Whenever is applicable. Thanks in advance!
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    Just letting you know that I'm working on this.
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    Shovels how do you do so well with plugins. I'm learning but, some things are way to complicated. Also, what is reflection and that SNP or SNM or whatever it was. And what are packets? Random questions from all over this thread.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @Eccentric_Gamer Reflection: nasty method that can do weird stuff, keep away from it.
    NMS. Net Minecraft Server. Minecraft internals, can access it from Bukkit.
    Packets: communication between server and client.
    For other things related to the points above: please make a thread for it.
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    Where do I make a thread for stuff like that?
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    Thank you! I wanted to reply here because I realized something pretty major, and perhaps I wasn't that clear:
    • The commands above were examples. It would be possible to roll more options than just those. You could roll a d5, d6, d7, d8, d9, etc and get a random number between 1 to (5,6,7,8,9).
    • You can add/subtract any number to any roll, i.e d20+9, d8+5, d2-2, d8+9, d7+2, etc.
    • You can add any word after a roll. Not just acrobatics. It could be /roll d20 Insight, or /roll d20+5 Perception, or /roll d8 Sleight of Hand. The word itself is not a command, but simply what will be input into the empty space.
    • Of course, this all goes for dropping as well. D and U can be applied to any of these rolls. /roll 2D6U1+5 Athletics, or /roll 5D20D2 Stealth, as well as =, i.e /roll 5D9=9 Animal Handling.
    • As shown above, the third argument can be multi-word.
    Hope that clarifies things, and sorry that I wasn't clear!
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    You have to be specific as to what you want the plugin to do, and how you want it to be done.

    Specifics such as what commands you want, not just a range the actual commands. How you want certain aspects handled.

    So if you would like this to be attempted please include all that is needed.
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    In the original post, they were indeed listed as "examples", not the core of the plugin. I understand I wasn't clear on what I wanted the core of the plugin to do, and for that I apologize.

    To explain what I originally wanted from the ground up: The main command is /roll. There are two arguments afterwards, the first being the dice, the second being a phrase.
    Visual example: /roll <dice> <phrase>

    The dice can have two inputs, a better way to visualize it is two inputs: [input a][input dice][input b]. Input A consists of any integer, which defines how many dice are "rolled".

    Input B consists of any calculations to be made after the dice is "rolled". Addition, subtraction, division, or multiplication all work here.

    A complete command with two inputs would be /roll 2d5+5. Both inputs are being used here, and the result is two numbers between 1-5 are chosen, added up, and then 5 is added to the total.

    Both the inputs and the phrase are optional. /roll d5 is a complete command. If I added a phrase afterwards, i.e "My name is Dark_Serpent", it would change the way the message is printed out.

    The default message is: "(player_name) has rolled a (<dice>) = (result)!".
    If more than once die are rolled, or a calculation takes place, this message changes to: "(player_name) has rolled a (<dice>) = (calculation) = (result)!"
    If a phrase is added, this message changes to either "(player_name) has rolled a (<dice>) = (result) for (phrase)!" or "(player_name) has rolled a (<dice>) = (calculation) = (result) for (phrase)!" respectively, depending on if there was a calculation that needed to be made.
    While it may seem unnecessary, the "natural roll" (the number rolled from the die) is an important part of D&D, and that is why the plugin would print out the calculations.

    In conclusion, it was my fault for freely assuming all of this could be possibly inferred. I'll mark this thread as Filled and not inquire more on the subject. Thank you.
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