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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by xXRamboNoobXx, Jun 15, 2011.

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    I am requesting a Very simple plugin, all I wan't it to do is Cycle through a block's data using the command /pcycler since "/cycler" is in essentials.

    The command would look like this /pcycler <Time Between cycle> EX. /pcycler 1 witch will cycle the block ever one second. Then The command will echo "Block will cycle every X second(s).

    If the block can not be cycled EX. Wood, dirt, ect. Then it will echo "Block can not be cycled"

    Then have a node for permissions/Group Manager witch should be "CyclerPlugin.pcycler"
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    I saw your name on the most recent member thingy, so Im going to be nice about this one, but this definitely is NOT the place for plugin requests.
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    There's no need to be a dick about it at all,even if he wasn't new.The guy didn't know,chill your balls.
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    How's the view from the backseat, captainawesome?
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    What did I do that made me sound like a dick? The forum description is "Submit new plugins here!". There is obviously a plugin request subforum, and it is pretty visible on the Forums page.
    @xXRamboNoobXx You should probably take at least 5 seconds scanning the forums page before you just go ahead and post a thread in the wrong section (<- if I said that first, I would understand teling me to chill my balls). Like Sammy, it seriously irritates me when people join and in 5 seconds already have posted a topic in the wrong place. I could have sh*t on this kid way harder, especially because every time I play a game/interact with people online, and their name contains: xX, Xx, Sniper, cod, PR0z0r, EPIC, etc, I take a dump on their lives.
    Chill you own balls, that wasn't in any way a harsh comment. You should probably work on not taking offense when people say "definitely" and put a word like "not" in all caps. Its called emphasis. Any intelligent person would have taken at least a few minutes to locate the correct place to post their thread, and if they thought they found the right one, they could have at least looked at other threads to make sure of that.
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    Lol? Wth, that makes no sense ... If sense and cents were the same thing you would be a very poor man.
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    O shit I JUST noticed wrong spot
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    look what you started.....
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    You should remember there are some uneducated people on the internet.Or ignorant people.Not everyone is on par with grammar,intelligence,or anything having to do with knowledge.So just because you may know a thing or two about reading or following directions,doesn't mean everyone in our world does.Besides that,You aren't in any way apart of Bukkit staff,which shouldn't give you any right to tell him he's posted it in the wrong section.Let a member of the Bukkit staff handle something like this,not you.

    @Walker Crouse
    Thanks,I appreciate the kind words.
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    Thank you for making me laugh and bringing joy to my day.
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    @IIGoldII lol. Im not a member of the bukkit staff, so I have no right to let somebody know that he postd in the wrong place? If only moderators were allowed to do that, theywould definitely have their hands full.
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    Yessir, if nobody were permitted to do that, there would be no moderators..
    Most moderators are recruited for these actions
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    Jeez, a guy posts in the wrong section, somebody told the guy it is the wrong section.
    Bunch of dramaqueens?

    If you see a person on the street who is pickpocketing an old woman, are only cops allowed to stop the thief?
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    Yes , atleast you should call the police. You may not know if the thief has a weapon
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    Very well then. Please stop replying in this manner
    to people correcting and thus teaching new members what to do.
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