Customisable exp from mining

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    Plugin category:
    Admin Tools/Fixes/Mechanics

    Suggested name:
    Can't think of one for now, so I'll just use "pluginname" for everything relevant. :p

    What I want:
    A plugin that lets you modify all amounts of exp orbs that you get from mining blocks in Minecraft 1.3.1. So customisable amounts of exp orbs from ores and mob spawners. It would need a config file to be able to change the amount of exp orbs (obviously :p).

    Ideas for commands:
    Maybe a reload command (/pluginname reload) to reload the config as some server's have a lot of plugins and reloading everything can be slow (that's definitely me :D).

    Ideas for permissions:
    A permission to reload: pluginname.reload
    A permission to bypass the exp changes: pluginname.bypass.blocktype
    A permission to bypass all exp changes: pluginname.bypass.*

    When I'd like it ready:
    As soon as possible. (It's already in the bukkit API, right?)

    Thanks for reading! :)
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    I can do this. Give me like a day, sleep is required to make plugins. :p
    But its very simple.
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    Awesome, thanks! I really appreciate it! :)
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    You did search, oh sorry xD
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    It's fine. :)

    No need to make it now, I found a plugin that meets my needs already.

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    ah, okay, np

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