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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Lightyblue9, Feb 13, 2015.

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    Hi, I am looking for a plugin that is a bit complex yet simple at the same time. How it would work:

    An item with the lore "&cDamage: #" (# is replaced by a number) would do that amount of damage.
    Ex: &cDamage: 5 (this does 5 damage, similar to attributes)

    An item with the lore "&cDamage: #-#" (# is replaced by a number) would do a random amount of damage within the given numbers. Ex: &cDamage 5-7 (would either do 5, 6 or 7 damage)

    I also would like XP Permissions.

    An item with the lore "&6Lv. min: #" would require the XP level of the player to be the given number to use that item. If you try to left/right click with an item above your level it would say "&4You need to be level # to use this weapon!" (# is replaced by the level of the item you are trying to use)

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    What about XP restrictions?
    It doesn't work the way I need it plus outdated.

    I'll be a bit more specific, I need a plugin that supports MythicMobs so I can make the mobs drop items changing the damage and XP restrictions depending on the LORE. Thanks :)
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    I do have a plugin for this but it does contain more than just the Damage thing it also needs some other plugins like vault and stuff. Only works for 1.7.2 for some reason.
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    Is it possible to update it? I don't mind how long it would take :)
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    I didn't make it so i don't think so.
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    Hi, it seems you have found the plugin I am looking for.
    I need a plugin that allows any item to do damage.
    So if I were to change Wool then it would do more than just 1 damage.

    I tried Item Lore Stats but it seems that one only works on tools and not just any item like a fish.

    So do you have a plugin that allows me to modify the damage a fish does for example?
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