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    I had an idea where commands would accept variables in their parameters, that were modifiable separately.

    For example, we can create a var in the command console
    /var hello "123 232 267"

    Here var is the command, hello is the variable, and the next part is the variables value. Now if we use this variable in a command, let's do the /tppos example from essentials.

    /tppos hello

    hello would be replaced with "123 232 267" when the command is entered.

    The reason for wanting this mod is I use command-signs and various other plugins where I would like to use variables to save me typing them out, and when I want to change certain elements on multiple signs without having to rewrite them. And also at the spawn of my server, like many I have signs with a list of commands etc. I may want to change the location that commands teleport to, and not have to modify the signs at all (me being slightly lazy ;) ).

    Forgive me if this plugin already exists, but I couldn't find any similar on my searches.

    If such a thing wouldn't be possible, could we not do /varex tppos hello So we are using the command of the plugin, to create a command with the replaced variables if we couldn't do it directly.
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    Thanks for that,

    It's a bit more complex that what I would have hopped for though, I would rather a very simple mechanism such as x = 5. /give person x

    I don't really think that's what I'm looking for.

    Would it be possible for someone to make a plugin with simple syntax?

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    How is this not what you are looking for? It does exactly what you are asking and more.

    You can alias commands with variables like this:
    /i $data [$qty=64] = /give player() $data $qty
    /to $player = /tp player() $player
    You can make macros for entire commands like:
    /kit gold = /give player() 284 64 \ /give player() 285 64 \ /give player() 286 64
    or even,
    /tppos random = /tppos 123 456 789
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    Hmm,i could make a plugin if that 'alias' thingies not ok for you,i just want to know the variables would be global or saved for each player?
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    CommandHelper relies on a config, a don't want that. I would like to dynamically change variables in game.

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