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    Plugin category: EXAMPLE

    Minecraft version: 1.19.4

    Suggested name: CustomStatisticsnMobs

    What I want: Looking for a plugin that uses different formulas to calculate:
    • Health
    • Damage
    • Strength
    • Crit Damage
    • Defence
    • Effective Health
    It should also include some bonus stats such as:
    • Ferocity
    • Health Regeneration
    • Crit Chance
    • Attack Speed
    The player by default has 100HP, and stats from this plugin should increase that if that item is set to do so. In order to avoid clutter, health should use a different system to vanilla Minecraft, as otherwise large values would cover your whole screen. The player should have at most 2 rows of hearts.

    Defence can also be applied to items, on its own it is just a value, but when paired with the effective health calculation, it is very useful.

    Effective Health
    Effective Health is calculated by:

    Effective Health = Health * (1 + Defence/100)

    For example if I have 100 Health, and 100 Defence, I would have an effective Health of 200. Mobs from this plugin would use this number as what gets damaged, however x% of the health bar would also show damage.

    Damage uses another formula with Strength, Damage and Crit Damage. It can be found below:

    Final Damage = (5 + Item Damage Stat) * (1 + (Strength/100)) * (1 + (Crit Damage/100))

    So if my item had a damage, strength and crit damage stat of 50, I would do ~124 damage.

    Ferocity gives you a chance for your attack to hit twice, this extra hit would be shown by a red streak going diagonally against the mob.

    100 Ferocity means that I have a 100% chance to hit twice. 400% Ferocity means that I have a 100% chance to hit twice 4 times. This stat should cap at 500. Ferocity should proc every 0.25s against a mob.

    Health Regeneration
    Health Regeneration works the same as Ferocity. 100 Health Regeneration means I'll heal 100% faster. This stat should cap at 100.

    Crit Chance
    Crit Chance makes it so the crit damage part of the damage calculation only has a x% chance of being a part of the calculation. Unless I have 100% Crit Chance, there will always be a chance that this is removed from the final damage. This stat should default to 40, and cap at 100.

    Attack Speed
    Attack Speed would determine how long it takes for my hits to register against a mob. If I have 50 attack speed, it'll be 50% faster than the default. If I have 100 attack speed, my attacks will register 100% faster. Attack speed doesnt affect Ferocity (its on its own timer).

    Custom Mobs
    Along with the stat system, mobs that follow the stat system should also be included. I should be able to set custom HP, name, level and what the mob looks like. The health display should be as follows:

    [LvX] Mob Name CurrentHP/MaxHP


    Mobs should also be saveable via command, and resummonable with another command.

    Ideas for commands: Here are some commands that should be included:
    • /stat {add | remove | set} (This would modify the held item only)
      • /stat add {damage | health | defence| ferocity | health regeneration | crit chance | attack speed} x
      • /stat remove {damage | health | defence| ferocity | health regeneration | crit chance | attack speed}
      • /stat set {damage | health | defence| ferocity | health regeneration | crit chance | attack speed} x
    • /enemy {create | remove | summon}
      • /enemy remove {name}
      • /enemy create {level} {name} {health} {save: true | false}
      • /enemy summon {name}

    Ideas for permissions: No need for permissions.

    When I'd like it by: June 7th 2023
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