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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by forteo, Jun 24, 2023.

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    Minecraft version: 1.19.4
    Suggested name: MelonSpawners (Anything with spawners in it is fine, the name of the server is melon smp so that is why I said melon.)

    What I want: I am requesting a plugin that modifies spawners behavior in Minecraft. Instead of spawning mobs upon placement, the plugin should open a GUI when a player clicks on a spawner. The GUI should display information about the spawner, including the number of spawners and the spawner type in the name of the gui. The GUI should have three buttons: one for viewing the amount and type of items currently stored in the spawner, one for displaying the number of spawners with the corresponding mob head icon, and one for claiming XP.

    Players should be able to claim XP by clicking on the XP button, and clicking on the other two buttons should reward players with both XP and the money generated by the spawner (using the Vault plugin). The spawner should generate a set amount of items and XP every minute.

    Additionally, the plugin should have special behavior for placing and breaking spawners. When a spawner is placed or broken normally, it should take or add one spawner respectively. However, if the player is holding down the shift key while breaking a spawner and there are 64 or more spawners in the stack, it should remove 64 spawners from the stack and add 64 spawners to the spawner stack.

    The server version is 1.19.4. If you need any further information, please let me know.

    Ideas for commands: Maybe a /setspawner command, to set the amount of spawners the person is looking at (for staff only)
    Ideas for permissions: spawner.set

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible, but I got time so no need to rush.
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    I can do it, do you want the plugin to paper spigot or bukkit
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    Mathias Eklund

    I previously created a similar feature for a private custom items plugin, which automated farming, which gave XP and the drops that the mobs drop when killed.

    Sadly I don't have the time to make a different version according to what you want, but I can say that the way to make it is to save persistent data on the spawner, to store xp, drops, money, etc. then you update that info when someone right-clicks it based on the time since the last click on it.
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    Hello, sorry for the late reply I was busy with school, but I want it to be paper.
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    Are you still able to make it?
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    Dude, that plugin sounds awesome! It would make gameplay so much more interesting. Good luck finding someone to create it for you, I hope you get it soon!
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    I'm interested in implementing your request, but I have a couple questions:

    1. should a player be able to combined different spawner types (e.g. spider and zombies) in one block?

    2. why view items when the player can only collect money and xp?

    3. why the button when it's already written in the title, or am I getting something wrong? But If you like I can implement both...

    4. wouldn't an extra button for this make more sense?

    5. how should a player be able to change the spawner type?

    Huge thank you to @Mathias Eklund your implementation idea is really good!
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    Hey thanks for the reply! And I am sorry for the late reply I was on vacation, and still am. But anyways, here are the answers:

    1. Nope, all different mobs should be in different stacks.

    2. Items are sellable in /sell, so for example if someone finds a bone in the wild it will sell for the same price as 1 bone in a spawner.

    3. It is just for making it more easier and understandable.

    4. I think it is good like this.

    5. They wouldnt be able to. They can buy spawners from /shop and then place them but they cant change spawners from zombie to skeleton for example.

    Thanks for the reply, and I am looking forward to your next reply.

    (Sorry for keeping it so short, this is my second time typing this.. on phone)
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    Just realised I didn't reply to you, I don't know if that changes anything but here.

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    Hey! It has been a bit, are you still willing to make this plugin? Are you still active on here?
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    Been a while since I last looked at it but it might fit your needs⚡ultraspawners⚡spawner-stacking-monster-stacking-upgradeable-holograms-gui-1-14.84886/ , made it a while ago and tbh can't tell if it lacks anything, you can give it a look on 1.19 as well, don't see why it shouldnt also work

    But still keep in mind I don't really work on plugins often so if a problem occurs its better to ignore the plugin and wait/look for other
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    That is not really what I am looking for, I don't want the mobs to actually spawn. Thanks for trying to help though!
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