Custom skins for Citizens alternative to Spout?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by theharboguy, Nov 2, 2013.

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    I'm wondering if anyone has ever made a mod/plugin pairing for custom skins that would not require SpoutPlugin. I wish not to use Spout because in my experiments it has a demonstrated a tendency to max out CPUs. If there is no such thing then does anyone know of a list of player accounts with certain skins that make them useful for NPC skinning and heads?
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    I would wish to hear of this too if anyone finds out.
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    +1 they could at least make it so you can /npc setskin <playername> and /npc rename <any name> so the you can use all those nice skins that have horrible player names but have a nice RPish name.
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    You can't reskin a player without renaming them.
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    I'm am specifically talking about the citizens plugin I'm very certain with coding (since anything is technically possible) they could use player names to set skins for the NPC's while allowing the NPC to have a different name

    player uses command:

    /npc setskin <playername> (this effectively uses any players skin that corresponds with the name used, but does not display the name above said NPC)

    /npc setname <any name> (this effectively uses anything that you type in <any name> for the "display name" of the NPC just like msn you had a Display Name but your email was what pulled your information.)

    and it could store that name hidden and not displayed while displaying a separate name purely for the visual effect of the NPC having a custom name and custom skin
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    s32ialx You cannot simply hide the name, as the one that applies the skin on the player is the client.
    The name of the player entity decides the skin, and will appear overhead.
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    there has to be away around that... that to me sounds like the easy way out of making something great into something amazing. I don't for a second believe that when programming something "cannot" be done.
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    Well, sure, if you are looking to modify the client, but this is not supported here.
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    The problem is custom skins are served up by Mojang and irrevocably connected with the username. I hear rumor that Citizens dev team is working on giving npcs a secondary display name, but that still leaves you open to the possibility of the player changing their skin, and suddenly you have Mickey Mouse running around your kingdom instead of that awesome knight...

    I would like to see implementation of random mobs as a workaround to this. Yes, it requires Optifine/MCPatcher, as well as forcing your players to dl and use your resource pack, but I feel like that is a fair tradeoff (especially since A. most people use Optifine and B. the random mobs can run subordinate to the player's preferred resource pack in 1.7 and later). If I created a custom texture pack with 100 versions of "villager" and could then select "villager25" which is my awesome knight, I could name him whatever I want....
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    Never tried before, but can u give them a /nick with essentials?
    Edit: ....prolly not gonna work the more I thought about it :/
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    This is impossible, the server can tell the client what users is there and then the client does the skin lookup. Servers cannot use custom skins without a client side modification. You can however give a name other than the users name as its nametag.
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    LevouOyoto Are you sure? I thought random mobs were random...

    I did say mod/plugin PAIRING, a bit like the MorePlayerModels plugin for the movement. I am well aware that it is impossible without client-side modification, I'm just wondering if such a thing exists for Citizens.
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    Client mods are not supported here, so im not sure what are you looking for.
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    Funny...I just had one of my ops try this yesterday...not so much. User has to be actually logged into the server. ;)

    They are, but one of the devs seems to have found something to work with there. :D Stay tuned for updates...

    You can change display name?! :O Do go on.....

    There are plenty of instances where something "cannot" be done when programming. Especially in this scenario when the program is reliant on 1. another existing program 2. key assets being served remotely, and 3. bukkit's api restrictions.
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    Never mind then I suppose.
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