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    Plugin category: RPG/FUN/MECH

    Suggested name: CustomSounds (Or something like that :) )

    What I want: If possible, a plugin where you can set certain regions (along with global) custom music. I've seen it done before, but it would require spout, or a special client, or be restricted to certain sites. The way this would work though, is that you would be able to define a region with WorldGuard (or other region plugin) and use a command (like /CustomMusic <URL>) to link that region to a URL in a web browser, or have it set to that the music could be stored serverside. Like in MusicService, you could setup a URL that links to your server to play custom music, but that plugin would restrict it to 2 website.

    The short version:
    - A player can join a server.
    -Can open his/her browser and go to the link provided by server (like a link dynmap uses.)
    - The plugin would determine when a player enters/leaves a certain region and the plugin sends that data to the link and gathers the music from the URL (or from a sound file in the server files) and play that through the browser.

    A simple and easy (to operate, maybe not to make) way to here custom music in Minecraft with no need for restrictions or special clients!

    Ideas for commands: A reload command, a command to connect the music to the web browser and the music source link.

    Ideas for permissions: Maybe some to decide who can hear and who can't, and who can add music and who can't.

    When I'd like it by: If you would be willing to do it, anytime you want to finish it :)

    Similar plugin requests: None that I have seen...

    I hope someone takes this up! It could be huge! :D

    I probably wasn't clear on some parts of this, so if you want to take this up and have a question on what I meant in some parts, just let me know :)
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    So what do you want exactly ie what differanterates this from musicservice? If you just want one feauture I suggest u request it from the plugin dev
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    That's a pretty good idea. I should have thought of that before requesting XD



    Newb here, how do I delete a thread?
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    I'm the plugin dev of the music service plugin. I'm adding support for Spout that can play custom music right off your hard drive, it will be optional so people can still use the shoutcast/icecast to stream music through a browser instead if they don't want spout. Spout only supports ogg and wav, so that will be a limitation.

    As far as streaming sounds directly from your hard drive without Spout, you can do this with DNAS/Winamp or SAM software from Shoutcast, or with open source Icecast servers. Basically, I decided not to reinvent the wheel because there were already ways of streaming music from your hard drive.

    I guess what you're suggesting I do is write a custom music streaming server, perhaps one that sends UDP datagrams to clients. And, then the client has to have a custom player, maybe written in Java or C# on their side that they run to receive the custom stream. Or, I'd have to write a flash or java applet or something in the browser that can receive the custom stream. Am I right?

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