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    Hi I need a plugin where at spawn, it could play Custom Music. One server has this but I CANNOT find the plugin. It has all these songs on jukebox, type /song for a list of songs. /song (song) or /music stop to stop music. The songs were Viva, What is Love, Call Me Maybe, Big range of songs. And it was loudest in center ( Spawn Point ) and got quieter when you walked away. IP of Server: I WANT THIS PLUGIN SO BADLY. Does it already exist? If so, what's it called? Can somebody make it if the plugin is private? Thanks in advanced,

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    CraftBook can play MIDI files, but actual songs are impossible.
  4. the plugin you need is "JukeIt" and go to <removed non-bukkit download - Iroh> to get it.

    if you are using forge, you can use the custom NPC's mod to play custom music.
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    Cleaned up thread. Keep in mind people all downloads must be approved bukkit plugins and the links should be to the bukkit plugin page. Also do not link spout plugins. And finally monetary offers are not allowed here so if you are going to make them don't do it here.

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