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    Hi i'm Aug88 server owner of

    I'm looking for more information a advanced mob system that allows pre defined mob spawning, giving them playerheads, items, control over health and damage.

    At the moment we use citizens and sentry but this wont fit the bill, the best explanation would be something similar like Dungeon Realms has for their mods

    As a placeholder we use citizens and sentry but this wont do the trick, because sentry basicly creates NPC's and those even lack sounds and animation on death.

    I'm not quite sure how Dungeon Realms got this functioning but thats the issue im stuck withSo if anyone wants to help out or just has some words of advice for me it is highly appreciated.

    Kinds Regards


    anyone perhaps got any idea or wish to help us out ?

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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    aug88 How about asking Dungeon Realms what they are using?
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    I allready did all they said it was a custom plugin, a fair and honest answer but that didnt answer my question :)
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    Aug why don't you ask One of your Three Custom Coders for it?..
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    you know why ;) I could probely ask you to cant I ;)
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