Custom Item GUI / Mob Spawning (Like in Herobine's Mansion)

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    This would be a plugin and a seperate tool program. A simple GUI would allow you to name items and create item (and mob) tables, which could then be exported as a file to the plugin, which then calculates area drops, set bonuses, mob spawn areas.

    --Area Drops--
    This is a defined area that allows certain items to be dropped by mobs in it. Configurable block protection.
    /plugin area define [name]
    /plugin area add [name] [item table]
    /plugin area [active/inactive]

    --Set Bonuses--
    Fairly self explanatory, it would just be that having a full set of one type of armor would give a small bonus, such as a small speed or mining increase. A command would list sets and their bonuses.

    --Mob Spawn Areas--
    Similar to area drops, within an Area Drop area, select a single block to be a mob spawn point. Then name the monster(s) that it will spawn and the maximum amount. A config file would handle the respawn time. The monsters, when spawned, would have randomized armor and drops based on the table that was assigned to the Area Drop it is in.
    /plugin mob [monster] (additional monsters) [max spawn]
    then right click to select the block. Destroy the block to remove it, configurable spawnpoint protection.

    If you think you can/will make this, tell me, I have an idea in mind of the Tool layout, and I will make an image if neccessary. Thanks for reading!
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    Can't do GUI.
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    I said a GUI as a separate Tool, where the files could be imported from.
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    So you want an entire outside application for a simple yml editor? A GUI is a graphical user interface, meaning flashy buttons, drag and drop etc.

    I think this can easily be done in a simple .yml file (which is what the GUI would output).
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    I think he means something like this.
    But I'm not exactly sure.
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    Similar, but it would include mob spawning too, I could make a stupidly long denizen script in Citizens 2, but that would be a waste of RAM. The GUI would just have to be a few drag bars for enchantments and a few input boxes for item names and info, it wouldn't need to look nice, I just want it to be understandable.

    Also, RingOfStorms, if it would be easy to make it without the GUI, then why not do it? I would be happy if I could just make the items and make stuff spawn with them. I could eventually make a GUI myself, but it in not necessary as long as I can understand a .yml version.
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    Anyone willing to do this? It would be ten helpful.
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    Frown, I was so happy there.
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    Is bumping against the rules of this forum?
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    You can use my Itemizer plugin for the items, but for the drops, you can use a McEdit filter.
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    Check my mob spawner modifer plugin. It's everything you can do with MCEdit plugins relating to mobs, just in-game. :)
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    dmillerw, can you post a link to your plugin? On your page it says you dont have any plugins.

    EDIT: Nevermind, they were hiding from me. :)

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