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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Sprindex, May 17, 2015.

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    As far as I know there is no current plugin that does what I need it to do. I'm fully aware of creating help.txt with essentials, but that only gives you 1 set of help pages. I, like many others have many groups with many permissions and that doesn't quite cut it. My request is fairly (hopefully) simple.

    A help.txt for many groups. Each group has a different 'help' permission and when they do /help a help text file for that specific group is shown.

    So the plugin folder should contain a .config file where you can create your own permission nodes and you can create your own text files.

    {player} variables for the text files would be awesome, but is not major.

    Is this possible?? :)

    Many thanks,

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    @Sprindex Have you checked this plugin == <Edit by Moderator: Redacted not allowed paid resource url>
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    @raymart23 Please don't link Spigot resources on a vBukkit thread, as there is no guarantee they will work.
    It's also just a Skript script. The average scrub who wants a plugin like this doesn't want a huge plugin like Skript to eat up a huge chunk of memory, and it's considered more professional not to hook into any plugins if you don't have to
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    @raymart23 I don't think that quite does what I'm after.

    I need a plugin that brings up a different .txt file depending on the players permission. So if a default player did /help and they had the permission help.default then it would bring up default.txt in the plugin folder. If a Mod did /help and they had the permissions help.mod then it would... You get the idea XD

    Is that possible?
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    @Sprindex hmmm seems legit but at the config it would be diff word

    and the possibility is no page .. but I am going to research on how to add page .
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    Rascal Two

    I'd code it in my head with everything in a single config.yml file, where there would be a String list, and in there would be a string list for every /help to be shown

    Here's what I mean:
    2. HelpFiles:
    3. - Newbie:
    4. - Do This To Rankup
    5. - Do That To Make Money
    6. - Player:
    7. - Do That To Rankup
    8. - You Can Now Use This Warp
    9. - Mod:
    10. - Ban People This Way

    I know this is a probably a extremely lazy way, but It's the first I thought of.
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    @Sprindex I can make this.

    EDIT: Finished. Config's self explanatory. Just make the files and put them in the plugin folder. I did in fact add a {player} variable. The config.yml has a top-down order of inheritance. Do not put any permissions as keys if they already exists; all permissions must be custom. You may or may not need to add a /help override to commands.yml in your server folder.

    Make sure to tell me if this plugin works. If it does I might submit it to DBO.
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    @pie_flavor Awesome! I'll be sure to test it out and get back to you if there's any issues. Is there a download link?
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    @pie_flavor Hey, just uploaded it then. Slightly confused though. In the config I have:

    customhelp.diamond: diamond.txt

    for the diamond group. In the customhelp folder I created the file diamond.txt which just says "This is the diamond help" for the time being. However, when I add customhelp.diamond to someones permissions and they do /help nothing is returned.
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    @Sprindex Hmm. Let me see. Are there any errors in config?
    Also, what permissions plugin do you use/
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    Hey, i think that you can use essenentials help.xt for that :)
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    @pie_flavor The plugin loads and enables just fine. I tried again and it did work for a bit, then I changed the config and it stopped again. I think I found the problem though:

    [Server] WARN plugins/CustomHelp/defaulthelp.txt (No such file or directory)

    Whole error:

    It says it can't find the defaulthelp.txt file. Shouldn't do, because there isn't one. This was one of the original files. Was I not meant to delete it?

    This occured when I did /help where my accounts permissions were only the default permissions + I got rid of * and op for the test. My config is:

    customhelp.help1: help1.txt gold.txt
    customhelp.default: default.txt
    customhelp.diamond: diamond.txt

    and all those files exist except help1.txt All the .txt files simply say "This is the <group> help". Instead it returns nothing because it's searching for defaulthelp.txt I do not have the permission for this anyway.

    Thanks for your help!
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    @Sprindex Make sure you only change stuff while the server is off.
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    @pie_flavor Sorry. Haven't had a lot of time to play around with it yet. Hope to get it set up this weekend. Will be doing it when the server's off this time! Just wanted to check a few things first though. It's top-down inheritance, so would I have default at the top of the config file and admin at the bottom? Also how would I go about creating a second page of help for a group (ie /help 2)?

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    @Sprindex Other way around. Also I didn't build that in.
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