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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Sprindex, May 14, 2015.

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    I'm interested in updating my essentials help because I've added quite a few ALIAS commands that I would prefer players used instead. I also just want the /help page to look a lot cleaner than it currently does.

    I understand that you can create a custom help page using essentials (Placing help.txt into the essentials folder), but how do I make sure players can only view the commands they have permissions for?

    If this is not possible with essentials is there a plugin where this is possible?

    PS. I have already looked and came up empty handed. Just asking in case I overlooked something :)


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    Another option could be to use "NewCommands". This allows you to make commands that display text, and therefore you could set up your own help pages for each group.
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    I saw this on the essentials page. It appears you can set up the info files for each group. So, I assume you could do the same with the help file.

    However, If you can't have per group help files and can only have per group info could setup a info for each group that is ACTUALLY the help. Then use the bukkit commands.yml file to make /help an alia of /info and then it should work as a help per group, but you may be able to do per-group help files anyways :D
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