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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by Sneaky03, Apr 9, 2015.

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    Is their any plugin where when you enchant for example a diamond sword it could give you any normal enchant and with like a freeze effect or poison enchantment to it and the higher of enchantment the longer it lasts or worse it effects?

    - Poison
    - Freeze
    - Blindness
    - Dizziness[​IMG]
    - Slowness
    - The wither effect
    - Harming

    -Friendly Effect:
    #This would be something you could maybe hit teammates with to give advantages of winning[​IMG] the battle!
    - Swiftness
    - Strength
    - Water Breathing
    - Regeneration
    - Fire Resistance

    Could their also be mob/animals effects on certain mobs suchas:
    Zombie - Poison - 2 seconds
    Pigmen - Harming
    Slime - Slowness - 5 seconds
    Magma Slime - Slowness - 5 seconds
    Enderman - Blindness - 1 seconds

    Or when killing a animal / mob gain:
    Cow - Regeneration - 3 seconds
    Sheep - Regeneration - 3 seconds
    Pig - Regeneration - 3 seconds
    chicken - Speed - 2 seconds
    Wther - Regeneration - 7 seconds
    Squid - Water Breathing - 4 seconds
    Wolf - Swiftness - 7 seconds
    Pigman - Strength - 2 seconds

    I would love this plugin because I think it would create intense battles on my factions/mcmmo/pvp/raiding server!
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    @Sneaky03 What's up with the random links to the home page?
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    Not even sure how you got the little green link picture, assuming you manually linked it.
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    Umm, what random links to home page?
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    Oh IDK it happens sometimes just ignore it. :)
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